What does it mean when a coupon says “Do Not Double?”

Jun 7 2011
Posted by deidre 12 Comments
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You all all know from my “Double Coupons” post that stores get fully reimbursed for coupons.  If a $1 off coupon is doubled to $2, the store gets $1 back from the manufacturer, and pays for the $1 doubled out of their own pocket.

I often post deals with double coupons, and how when you double it you get a great deal.  But someone notices sometimes coupons saying “do not double” or DND on the coupon.  Coupons often say this or “Do Not Triple” on them.

What is the reason a coupon says “Do Not Double”?

Sometimes a coupon says “5” as their first number.  This means that even if it says “Do Not Double” on the coupon, it will still double automatically! If it says “9”, it will not double automatically.  In the video I show you where to look for that number on the coupon. It is up to your store’s coupon policy to determine if your store will double those coupons or not. UPDATE: It doesn’t matter anymore about that as the new barcode system is out.

The reason some coupons say “Do Not Double” is because manufacturers want to be clear that they will not cover the costs of the doubling, and are only reimbursing the store for the face value of the coupon. There are certain cases where a coupon may say $.50, and a store will double it, and the manufacturer will reimburse the store the whole $1!  But in most cases, they will only reimuburse the store $.50, and they put “Do Not Double” to be clear that is how much they will reiumburse the store.

When a store has a double coupon day or always does them, they know they are not going to be reimbursed for anything other then the amount on the coupon.  So the store should accept that coupon in their store promotion since nothing is different about the amount they will be reimbursed as opposed to any other manufacturer’s coupon.

Here’s a list of store coupon policies and if they double or not!  Example: Kmart will double DND coupons.

What are your thoughts on this??? I’d love to hear them!

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  • Olga

    IF my store doubles coupons, do I have to tell them to double it?

    • deidre

      Some stores – like Walmart in Utah County, yes because the register’s don’t do it automatically. Others, like when Kmart does their double coupon days, the doubling comes off automatically. Most stores it is automatic but you would have to ask the cashier and they should know.

  • Y

    if the coupon says do not double does that only refer to doubling the amount or face value of the coupon, or does that also mean that u cannot combine 2 coupons??? Example if I have a walgreens coupon for an item n I have a manufactures coupon that says do not double, can I use them together??? I am new to couponing

    • deidre

      It does not refer to coupon stacking at all. You can still use a store coupon with the manufacturer coupon.

  • Linda

    What do you mean double a coupon??

  • angie

    this help

  • angie

    this was helpful

  • ambernicole8484

    Doubling coupons is confusing for people sometimes. You explain it very well here!

  • Rhonda Martin

    Oh great tip I had no idea the store may actually double if it starts with a 5 I just assumed that the particular coupon would not double even if the store does. Thanks for teaching me all these great tips~!

  • courtney

    can you double the buy one get one free coupons and how does that work

    • deidre

      You can this week at Kmart, if the product is under $.99, you can buy 2 use 1 coupon and BOTH are free

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