Posted: September 11, 2012

This change seems logical, since many CVS stores already were operating this way:

CVS/pharmacy will not accept third party manufacturers’ coupons with another retailer’s logo note: a manufacturer coupon that states “available at” with no logo WILL be accepted.

So if it says “available at walmart” but with no Walmart logo, you can still use it at CVS.

View the CVS coupon policy.

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  • MrsA518

    That makes sense to me.

  • ann

    “available” & “redeemable” are “suggestions”. This is ridiculous! “redeem” is a command and I can understand this. C.V.S. will eventually loose business.

  • Jen

    Hmm no talk of No coupons on clearance items.. Store here claims you couldn’t.. =)

  • Mysci

    Coupon policies around the world are going to change drastically because some people are just ridiculous. They are ruining it for everyone.

  • Dee

    My CVS has been telling me this for the past two years, no joke. I guess he said it enough a lie became the truth.

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