Posted: August 25, 2013

Dollar General deals can be regional, check your ad for the image above.  Deals start 08/25 (today!)  If it’s at your store, here’s some deals for you:

Thanks, frugality for less

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  • nancy

    I wanted to check and make sure I am seeing this right- on ibotta there is Kool-Aid liquid drink mix offer up to .75, Kool -aid canister up to .75, MiO up to .75 back- and then under redeem Dollar General is listed as a store.
    Can I use one of these or more?

  • nancy

    I pulled on the on-line ad and it states if you buy Kraft cheese you get free bread, so does this mean if you buy 3 cheese packs you get 3 loafs of bread free –
    Thank you for posting

  • Ann

    In my DG ad, on the next page, if you buy 1 kraft or velveeta cheese singles, you get 1 bun or bread free. Do you think you can get 3 free buns if you buy 3 cheese singles?

  • Wrennifer

    does anyone know if we can price match this to Walmart????

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