Posted: March 21, 2012

I love to browse around Home Depot!  I always need something and find great deals!  Remember each Home Depot may have different deals, but it’s worth checking out if you are looking for any of these items!

Here are some I found today:

DampRid Sachet Moisuture Absorber, 6 oz, 2 pk, $0.25!! (Clearance – Near the registers)

Roman’s Stick-Ease, Wallcovering Seam Repair Tube, $0.25!! (Clearance – Near the registers)

Behr Premium, Deck & Mildew Stain Remover, 1 gal, $1.73 (was $6.98) 75% savings!!

8” Adjustable Wrench/Wide Jaw, $13 (was $24.96)

Vinyl or Latex Disposable Gloves, 10 pk, $0.43 (was $1.98) 78% savings!!

RotoZip X Shield Cut Guard Attachement, $9.93 (was $40.97) 75% savings!

RotoZip Zip-Wheel Cutoff Masonry Wheel, $1.33 (was $5.57) 76% savings!!

RotoZip ¼” Grout Removal Bit, $3.73 (was $14.97) 75% savings!!

Everready 2 pack flashlitghts/LED + Batteries, $6.40 (was $9.97)

Quickfire Torch, Bernzomatic, $44 (was $59.87)

Sentry Safe  Laptop Safe, $37 (was $49.88)

Bosch Detail Triangle Assorted Sandpaper, $0.93 (was $3.98) 76% savings!!

Dremel Sanding/Grinding Guide, $3.73 (was $14.97) 75% savings!!

Lufkin Pro Fiberglass Tape, ¾” X 100’, $19 (was $39.97)

I was able to pay with PayPal at Home Depot, too!  First you have to register your PayPal account for in-store purchases (only takes a few min).  Then all you do is enter a phone number and pin!  You don’t need a card to do it!  I LOVE PayPal!

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