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Understanding how CRT’s and Catalinas work at Kmart

Kmart has CRT’s and Catalinas, these are complicated and before you extreme coupon at Kmart, please read my post detailing how both CRT’s and Catalinas work, they are different! 80% off all the questions I get about Kmart are answered in that post!

Kmart Store Coupons:

    • You can only use one Kmart store coupon per transaction.
    • Some Kmart Store Coupons say they can’t be stacked with manufacturer coupons, others don’t say this. So it just depends on the coupon whether you can stack it with a manufacturer one or not
    • Shop Your Way Points w/ Kmart Coupons Transaction: SYWR points which look like this: “Spend $20, get 5,000 points” have a rule where the deal must be over the specified amount, in this case $30, AFTER all Kmart Store & Member coupons are scanned and BEFORE tax is calculated. These coupons print on the CRT or cash register tape and not on the catalina machine. Kmart confirmed this on their Facebook page.
    • If a deal says buy 1 get $1 in points, but doesn’t say a limit, go to and add 2 items to your cart. Then see how many points back it says you are getting, if it shows $2 in points, then you know you can buy multiples and get all your points in one transaction.

Kmart: Which Shop Your Way Coupons Will “Stack” And Which Ones Will NOT!


How to Double Coupons at Kmart – UPDATE: Kmart no longer doubles ANY coupons!

How to tell if deals not in any ad are regional:

IF there is a sign up, but not in an ad, it is regional if the price ends in 4 or if the tag is blue.  If it is red tag and 4 it is also regional.


How to Pay Using SYWR Points Online

Learn how to use Kmart points in-stores. 


Earn 10 Points for every $1 you spend, and for every 1,000 points you earn from qualifying purchases, you’ll get $1 to spend in-store or online.  There are often bonus promos where you can spend $30, get $30 in points.  So points can add up very quickly! These points are like cash and can be spent online at or, and in-stores as well.  Online, just make sure to apply your points on the very last page of checkout, click the “redeem points” button.  Instores, just give your phone number at checkout to have your account pull up and tell the cashier you’d like to pay with points.


$10 DOWN LAYAWAY DETAILS: Offer valid on in-store, online and mobile Kmart layaway contracts. $10 due at contract initiation. All fees nonrefundable. Service and cancellation fees apply. No cancellation fees in Ohio. Requires biweekly payments. Total layaway contract amount spread over 4 biweekly payments for an 8-week contract or 6 biweekly payments for a 12-week contract. Maryland, Washington D.C., online and mobile offer 8-week contracts only. 12-week layaway option available on purchases of $300 or more.


With a Shop Your Way MAX membership, Military & Veterans receive the following benefits:
*FREE 6-month trial exclusively for Military and Veterans new to MAX
*FREE 2-Day Shipping on many Sears and Kmart items
*FREE Standard Shipping on millions of items
*No obligation to continue and no automatic charge



Get FREE $3 (on the 1st of the month that expires the 14th of the month) if you have a yearly paid membership.  Plus snag FREE 2-day shipping on all orders of $35+ that are sold by Kmart or Sears (not by 3rd party merchants.) You also snag 5% cashback in points. Sign up for SYW Max. 

How many transactions or coupons can you use per day at Kmart?

On TLC’s Extreme Couponing, they showed a shopper doing 23 transactions.  I don’t know which coupons she used in each ones, maybe she had transactions without coupons.  Or maybe she used her husband’s card on some of them.  But, I just wanted to alert everyone that if you use more than 25 coupons per 24 hour period at Kmart, their policy says they will suspend your card. Reader Hobbstrio commented on my site that her card was frozen after 3 transactions in one day, and it took 2 weeks to unfreeze.  So be very careful when doing multiple transactions that you don’t use over 25 coupons.  This doesn’t mean 25 doubled coupons, this is 25 overall coupons used.

Does Kmart take printable coupons?

Mine still takes them, but some don’t take them. It’s up to individual stores to make their policy on that.

 Paying with Points:

I suggest newbies just pay with points on deals where they don’t expect to earn any points back.  If you are used to Kmart and want to try it, here’s more info on paying with points while trying to earn points.

Let’s you you are trying to get $4 in points wyb $15 of Olay Products.  If you redeem points on that purchase, it will subtract from each item the cost.  So you will need to be at $15 AFTER all points for those items, to get your $4 in points.

Let’s say you are scanning a coupon for $10 in points wyb $50 and are paying with points. You need to be at $50 after you pay with points, to qualify to get those points back.

Let’s say there is a deal, buy 1 gillette razor, get $2 in points. You can pay with points, and as long as you pay $.01 OOP before taxes, you’ll get your points back.

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