$2.50 Mt. Dew & Dr. Pepper 12 Packs + Avengers Movie Ticket Deal Update at Kmart!

Apr 29 2012
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UPDATE: These are 4/$9 at some Kmarts  – like in Sterling, IL

View my previous post on Kmart Ad Deals this week for more information about the following deals below.

My store was stocked up for the big Pepsi sale, and guess what?

Mountain Dew and Dr. Pepper are included in the 4/$10 sale!

I don’t understand why Dr. Pepper is included since I didn’t think it was affiliated with Pepsi, but that is what it rang up for me!  I read online in some parts of the country it is distributed by Coke and others by Pepsi, since it is owned by Cadberry.  So I am not sure if the Dr. Pepper will be 4/$10 everywhere or what.   Please comment if you know more about that.

Avenger Ticket Deal

Also, I tried this deal scenario (I had other items to get to $25 – these are just the items important to the following info I found out):

Buy 4  Hershey’s candy bags 9.4–15-oz. $2.69 
Use 2  $1/2 Hershey’s Chocolate Bags, exp. 5/31/12 (SS 04/15/12 #2)
Pay: $6.76 after doubled coupons ($1.69 each)
Get: $8 Avengers Movie Ticket - -didn’t trigger!

There are several Hershey’s items that are $2.69 on sale, but don’t have Avengers pictures on the packages.  I only bought ones with Avengers pictures on the packages since those are the ones that qualify.  But my code for the FREE $8 Value Avengers Movie Ticket didn’t print.  Customer service said it is a glitch.  It isn’t printing for anyone.  So if you plan on doing that deal, I’d wait a few days until the glitch is fixed.  They gave me a $8 Kmart gift card instead – which is fine with me.   Made it a moneymaker deal!

I scored a new (to me) CRT!

I got an awesome “Spend $50 on any merchandise, get $10 in SYWR points” CRT!

I got an interesting new CRT I’ve never had triggered before!  Usually they are for 5,000 points, and have restrictions like “Spend $50 in groceries excluding beauty,  get 5,000 points” .  But the one that printed for me was “Spend $10 on any merchandise, get 10,000 points.”   Notice that it is good on anything!  That is sweeeet!  I think it  is because I shop at Kmart so much, it seems like I’ve been getting better and better CRT’s.  I am not sure, but maybe you just get better ones the more you shop.  I don’t know what triggers them, but I was glad to get it.  Made up for having to wait at customer service to figure out why I didn’t get my free movie ticket :)


Pantene is BOGO 50% off, the price in-store is $4.79.  So if you use the BOGO free coupon, you’d pay $4.79 for two because they’d give you the cheaper one free, and so that is $2.49 per bottle, so not a great deal in my book.  I know some of you were asking about that.

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