Posted: August 20, 2012

CUCKOO!!  This week until 08/25, Glade Expressions are BOGO FREE, plus buy 2 get a $1 catalina coupon!

Scroll down to view my shopping trip pic from today!

My Big Kmart had Lunchables for $2.59, I wasn’t sure if these were included or not in the buy 10 get $10 catalina deal, but I tested and it printed, so they must be included!

Here’s the deal I did – and my picture!

Keep in mind my total was over $25, so my coupons $1 or under doubled!  This deal can be done until 08/25:

Let us know how your Kmart trips go this week!

View the Kmart Weekly Ad with the Kraft Foods $10 Catalina Coupon Deal & learn all what items are included. 

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  • teenie

    are you allowed to buy 4
    Glade Expressions Oil Kits and use 4 $5 off coupons? i thought they wouldn’t take coupons on free items?

    • yes you can use 4 like coupons per transaction, so you could do that. But there is only 1 glade catalina per transaction, I only got one glade catalina. Yes you can use coupons on the free item! Make sure to have fillers because it worked fine for me.

      • teenie

        great the catalina is just bonus to me. cause i’ll basically be getting paid to get the glade expressions and i like that :) also thinking about picking up oxy face cleaner and some other odds and ends. i was looking for the Hershey coupon you posted for the weekly deal but i couldn’t find them. i live and Oklahoma, do you know if i should have gotten it on sunday?

    • yes they do take coupons on free items. They scan fine. My kmart takes them, but in the past other readers have said their cashier gave them a hard time and wouldn’t try scanning the coupon.

  • Tami

    I went and bought 4 Glade oil infussers and 4 Glade refills and a ream of computer paper for $4.59 not only did the $1 coupons double for me I only paid .55 for everything or $2.03 after tax!!!

    • SCORE! Yes, even the free items count towards your $25 for doubles, so this deal makes it easy to get to your $25 for coupons to double!

  • Zarismommy

    Was the Bogo Glade in the weekly ad?

    • No I didn’t see it in my ad. I doubled checked too. I have only seen it in-store.

  • its not resetting for me :(

  • che

    My Kmart gave me a hard time. Cashier only allowed 1 $5 coupon. : ( I noticed that for the past few weeks, they’re difficult to deal with when it comes to coupons. They won’t even double it. In the past I was able to get double coupons and good deals but now it’s hard. I won’t shop there anymore with coupons.

    • did u do something to get it reset. it did not work for me :'(

  • lisae6622

    Do you know if a Rx at k mart counts towards the $25 double coupon?
    Thank you so much!

    • HelperJen

      Prescriptions do not count toward the total.

  • Choppette

    My Kmart seems to have a different coupon policy eveytime I go in. The last time, I showed the manager on the Kmart Facebook page where they had responded to a question saying a certain coupon could be used and she told me that cooperate handles facebook but each store makes their own policy. In the very next breath, she then told me that my catalina didn’t print because I used coupons and that cooperate made the decision to make you hit the $30 after coupons.

    • The cashier is misinformed. It is $30 before manufacturer coupons, has always been, and worked for me just last week. If it doesn’t print, usually one or so items you bought was accidently not put in their system to trigger the $10 to print, this happens often. Ask them to ring it up without coupons, and if it didn’t print before, it won’t print again. Other readers have said they had to do that to show them it wasn’t coupons affecting it.

      • Choppette

        That’s what I did last week and it was the Huggies wipes not triggering it but my Kmart is not a coupon friendly store. Almost everytime I go in there, there is a problem and a manager comes over and then questions every coupon. It’s not usually the cashiers that are rude, it is the managers. I figure if I keep going back that eventually they will figure it out. I don’t think a lot of people in my area coupon at Kmart but that might change since we can now double 10 coupons per day.

  • Tanya Blais

    I went today and bought 2 mist refills, 2 difusser refills, and 1 mist starter kit. I used 1 $1/1 mist Q, 1 Buy mist refill/get free starter kit Q, and 2 $5/1 difusser Q. They ended up owing me .2 at the end of the transaction and I got the $1 cat. Q! Thanks for the deal!!!!

  • You can buy 2, use 1 BOGO free coupon, and both items would be free.

    • Erika

      Why was the above comment hidden – I have never posted anything other then that question on this site??????

      • I don’t know how to hide comments, I think another reader must have marked your comment as abusive, I un-marked it.

  • Shavon

    Has anyone been able to roll the $10 Kraft coupon to buy more and it print another?

    • Usually catalinas roll at Kmart – but I have not personally tested this one.

      • Shavon

        May try it today…..also in the Glad Oil Kits, there are coupons inside the box. My mom found them after I gave her one last night!!!

  • Maddie

    I tried to buy the Glade Oil kits today, the first $5 scanned fine, but the second one beeped and the cashier couldn’t get it to go through. Did your coupons scan without problems?

  • bertie

    Went to Kmart & they really stink! At my Kmart their supposeably “COUPON POLICY” says they can only take 4 coupons. I said so how can i double my 5 coupons if i can only use 4…..the Mgr said that is the policy….Ugh frustrating!

    • Email corporate and they will send you the official policy, the one I have on my site, it is limit 25 coupons per 24 hour period.

  • Laurie

    I found the apple scented Glade Expressions Oil Kits (the ones in the red box) at Wal-Mart last weekend on clearance for $4, so it was a $1 moneymaker!

  • I also purchased a dozen of eggs but I’ve already refridgerated it. Not in picture.

  • soloelamor

    went to kmart here in saginaw, MI, last week and this cashier lady said we cannot take free coupons,called person in charge and she nope no free coupons, I said not free its b1 refill get starter kit for free, she said in the past kmart has been burned…not by me per say. I am so calling corporate, they said the same about Biore strips and get cleanser for free, she said nope.what a bummer they need to redo policy or stick to one!

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