Posted: April 22, 2012

UPDATE: my helper Jen had some got2B coupons and she went to test out buying a bunch of got2b products and infusium.  NONE of the “free” items counted towards the $50 to get the free Kmart gift card.

So to clarify, the free items do count towards the spend $25 and get your coupons to double, but they don’t count towards the $50 Kmart gift card deal. Crazy!

All the following Kmart deals are 04/22-04/28 2012. I already used my got2b products coupons, otherwise I would have done this deal:

Got2b Glued Blasting Freeze Spray, $5.29 or Super hold gel, $5.49, BOGO FREE
Use $3/1 Got2B Full Size Product, exp. 5/12/12 (RP 02/12/12)
Final Price= 2 for FREE!   Kmart doesn’t do overage, you will not get overage. 

Here’s the deal I did do, to show that using coupons on both items in BOGO free sales does work at Kmart:

I forgot to get the FREE Nestle candy bars – oh well I still got a great deal, and hip hip horray a spend $50 get 5000 points coupon printed, which I can stack with the FREE $5 kmart gift card wyb $50 at Kmart this week!

Deal Scenario (I’ll include the free nestle bars so you don’t forget either!!)

Buy 4 Infusium, $6.49 BOGO FREE
FREE Nestle candy bars – coupon in monthly ad
Use  $1/1 Infusium23 Shampoo, Conditioner or Leave-In Treatment, exp. 5/13/12 (SS 04/15/12 #2 R)
Use coupon for free candy bars
Pay: $4.98 + tax after doubled coupons!  $1.24 each!

My total after tax was $5.59, and I used a $5 Kmart gift card from the Scott deal last week to pay just $.59 OOP!  Wish I got those Nestle bars though, this preggo lady loves chocolate!  Probably a good thing I didn’t though…

How does BOGO Free promos work at Kmart with doubling coupons?

As my receipt shows below, I was at $25.96 BEFORE factoring in the BOGO free promo.  And my coupons scanned!  This means:

  • Items that are free in BOGO free promos count towards your $25 total.
  • You can use coupons on the free item.
  • Coupons will double on both items.

OK so here are some more pricing updates that I think you’ll enjoy:

Got2B Spiking glue, $6.49, BOGO FREE
Use the  $3/1 Got2B Full Size Product, exp. 5/12/12 (RP 02/12/12)
Final Price= 2 for $.49, or $.25 each!

Pert Plus $3.49, BOGO free
Use the $1.50/2 Pert Plus, exp. 5/13/12 (SS 04/15/12 #2 R)
Final Price= $.99 each  is that a good price for this?? I never buy it…

The Pert Plus and Got2B deals are great because you don’t even need to double coupons to do them!

View my full Kmart Coupon Deals list this week!  It is in the printable lists format!

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  • abby

    i LOVE your site!!!! i plan on doing the infusium deal as well!! had a question of the hot dog deal…buy a pk at .88 get the beans and 2 liter free…will this deal work with the shampoo deal? or do i have to spend $25 in just groceries??

    • Well it is buy 5 packs and get beans and a 2 liter free. It will work with the shampoo deal though.

  • Lilmunn2002

    That is a really good deal on the pert! 

  • Cindy

    OK…so this is my thought.  I have a 10000 point “coupon” when you spend $50.00, so couldn’t I buy 4 Infusiums, 4 Pert Plus and 3 Cottonelles/Vivas ($54.56 before BOGO) and then use 4 $1 doublers for the Infusium plus 2- $1.50 coupon for Pert, and then I would get a $3.00 “catalina” back from the Cottonelle/Vivas, $5.00 Gift Card for “spending” $50.00, 10000 points (equaling $10) for my coupon listed above and plus subtract out the BOGO for a total of $19.96 ($6.98 for Pert, $12.98 for Infusium)? I think that if my math is right, everything will cost me about a $1.00.  I have the P&G $10 off $10 coupon from last week so my OOP should be pretty low too.  Think that this will work?  I am specifically wondering if I can get the $5.00 gift card for spending $50.00 plus the 10000 points.  Would love to know if this can work.  Thanks again for posting these Kmart deals. 

    • They usually will not let you use the P&G coupon from last week AND the get 10000 points coupon in one transaction because they say “Kmart Savings Coupon” and are both printed on CRT tape, and say can’t be combined with other Kmart Savings Coupon on them. normally you can’t use 2 of those in one transaction. I would use the 10000 points one and the other one expires next Sunday so hope there’s a deal you need next Sunday? I mean you could try, but I tried once and it didn’t scan. Also, scan you coupon for 10000 points before all your other coupons.

      • Cindy

         That’s good to know.  Do you think that I will get the $5 GC and the 10000 points?  Just curious.  I’m kind of new to shopping at Kmart.  Thanks again!

      • Elizarae

        For the Viva/Cottonelle deal, is it a catalina that prints or is it “instant savings”?  If it’s instant savings, do you know if the before or after instant savings applies to our minimum purchase requirement (e.g. $25 to double coupons or $50 to get a gift card)?

  • Melpink531

    AWESOME! Thanks for posting!

  • Kim

    Do you know if they are still only doubling on certain days or if it everyday?

  • Mommakp831

    Is this for this week sale or last week? And since you mentioned that it doubled the coupons So it appeared you went either Wed or Saturday of last week? I would LIKE to get Infusium hair treatments.

    • This sale is this week, and this week the ad states coupons are doubling everyday!

  • Cherbear

    THANK YOU!! I just got back from a big haul at Kmart.  I combined the infusium deal with getting 4 got2b products – the $6.49 ones were the ones I needed actually so I didn’t ge the cheaper ones, and the free nestle crunch bars. my total was over $50 so I got the free $5 kmart gift card too!  Total was $6.81 oop plus got the $5 kmart gift card, so $1.81 final price, that’s a CUCKOO DEAL!!

    • Elizarae

      WOW!  That is a great deal!  So, it looks like you were able to get the $5 Kmart gift card on your $50 total BEFORE coupons…does the register prompt the cashier or do you have to ask for it?

      • Hobbstrio

        the register prompted it for me today

    • honaker13

      What was your whole scenario at Kmart? Thanks!

  • honaker13

    Hi! You said you could stack the Spend $50 get a $5.00 gc with your spend $50 get 5000pts….what deal scenario are you planning on doing? Thanks!

    • well my helper Jen had some got2B coupons and she went to test out buying a bunch of got2b products and infusium. NONE of the “free” items counted towards the $50 to get the free $5 Kmart gift card.
      So to clarify, the “free” items do count towards the spend $25 and get your coupons to double, but they don’t count towards the $50 Kmart gift card deal. Crazy! Anyways after I found that out I decided I don’t want to do another trip this week to try to use the 5000 points coupon with the $50 gc as I don’t have enough coupons.

      • honaker13

        Gotcha! Thanks for letting me know that information! I was going to try the infusium to get the giftcard. I guess I’ll just get 3 viva and 2 infusium and use 3  .85 vivacoupons and 2 1.00 infusium coupons plus my $5.00 gc and either my $5 off $5 from last week or my spend $20 get 5000points. Should be under $4.00 oop either way :)

      • Anita

        I also had this happen to me!  So frustrating.  I complained to the manager who actually gave me a gift card.

  • Msalazar91487

    Ok I am sooooo confused. Planning a trip for later in the week….
    One person on here said they combined the got2b and the infusium deals and received the $5GC when you spend over $50, but Cuckoo said her helper did not get the GC….. any one else try this yet?

  • Melpink531

    I got some of the infusium and did the cottenelle deal and got 2 packs of the arm and hammer. Those both had mail in rebates on them. So will get 1 free. But also they had easter clearance 90% off! So got baskets and grass from .15 to .39!!

    The cashier noticed the infusium was B1G1 and was like I don’t think you can use 2. Coupons for it but we will try and it worked fine!

    I had 1.00 cottenelle peelies I’ve been saving and was great time to use them! They all doubled and got 3.00 off for the deal. So basically 3.00 for 3 -12 packs of TP!!

    I spent 8.11 OOP used 10 P&G coupon from last week I got.

  • Hobbstrio

    Just FYI Kmart Shoppers!! I went today and my bogo infusium did alert the $5 gift card when i spent $50, also check the COTY perfumes, heidi klum, faith hill, halle berry etc… they were on clearance for 2.84. There are peelies on a display outside the makeup for $5 off!! they all scanned perfectly and even gave me the overage on the 2.84 perfumes!! I didn’t know if it would work or not but I tried it. and the cashier didnt even say anything (So I didn’t either) Karma was in my favor today because the last P&G deal I did it didn’t print my $10 crt!!

    • Msalazar91487


      • Wow I will be sure to look for those $2.84 clearance perfumes next time I am in!!!

  •  got 4 infusium for 5.69 TOOP i think it was!!

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