Posted: March 13, 2012

What are the differences from catalinas and CRT’s?

CRT= cash register tape.  CRT’s print right after your receipt on the receipt paper – not on the catalina machine.  Similar to a catalina, but they are slightly different.  Because CRT’s can roll, where as catalinas usually don’t.  CRT’s roll if when you get them, they say they are usable right away.

CRT’s don’t roll if they say they are usable on a future date, such as the P&G CRTs that often print at Kmart.  Each week in my Kmart Weekly Deals post I tell you whether they are rolling that week or not.

Deidre’s CRT Tips:

  • If you get a Kmart CRT for “Get $10 in points wyb $50” you must spend $50 after all Kmart store coupons are scanned, but you CAN drop below $50 with manufacturer’s coupons and still get your $10 in points.
  • Kmart Bonus Rewards, called Shop Your Way Points, which look like this: “Spend $20, get 5,000 points at checkout” have a rule where the deal must be over the specified amount, in this case $30, AFTER all Kmart Store & Member coupons are scanned and BEFORE tax is calculated.
  • If there is a weekly promo, say spend $75 get 10,000 points, with no coupon necessary, and you have a CRT coupon for spend $75 get 8,000 points, you will get 18,000 points in one transactions! I spent more than $75 after coupons to earn my 10,000 points…and then I used a CRT that said get 8000 Points when you buy $75 or more….and sure enough I got 18,0000 points!

Catalina= prints on a machine as shown in the image above.  At Kmart, these work just like at Walgreens.  They typically don’t “roll” and they will count in your coupon-to-item ratio.  If it doesn’t scan when you go to use it, you’ll have to get a filler item.

Deidre’s Catalina Tips:

  • Catalinas will be triggered when you buy certain items, but you can’t use that catalina to pay for an item from the same manufacturer and have another catalina print *unless* the catalina that is supposed to print is for a different amount then the catalina you used to pay for the item!
  • Can only use one per transaction.  Bummer I know, but that is the same with CRT’s, they are one per transaction.  You can luckily stack using a CRT or Catalina with using bonus points and kmart gift cards though.
  • I have paid with a catalina before and it didn’t affect me getting my points for my items that I was supposed to get points for.  I still got my points on my receipt.

View My Receipt – I Earned CRT’s and Catalinas in One Transaction!

Click here to view my receipt  – click on it once it opens to see it bigger. I paid $13.44 OOP and I got a $10 CRT  PLUS a $4 catalina to use next time!  This is an example of how awesome Kmart deals can be.

Some questions I have got about how Kmart’s CRT’s work: 

Question #1: “My CRT didn’t print”

Answer:  “Did you scan your shop your way rewards card?”

reply: “no, what is that??”

my answer: “Kmart is just like CVS and most grocery stores, if you want your rewards, or offers, you must always, always, scan your Shop Your Way Rewards card! It is free and you can sign up in store.”


Similar Question: “My catalina didn’t print”

my answer: “I always tell the cashier before I start to make sure the catalina machine is on.  Half the time it’s not even turned on!  Also,  if you did everything right and your right guard catalina didn’t print, call catalina marketing at (877) 210-1917 to get yours.”

I post at the top of all my weekly Kmart posts that you must use your Shop Your Way Rewards card, but I know people just read the deals and miss that important info.


another reader’s question: “Is the $30 before or after coupons for the CRT’s?”

my answer: “First scan your shop your way rewards card. Then watch the total on the screen.  I put only qualifying items through the register at first, until it shows $30 before taxes.  Then I know I qualified.  Then I hand over all other items and then scan coupons.  As my receipt shows, my total was much, much less then $30 after my coupons were scanned and my CRT printed.”


Another reader’s question: “I got a question about the “bonus” you got in your pics. I also gotten it but don’t know how to use it. Its the earn 5,000 points or $5 your next $20 dollar purchase. How would you use it? It states it can’t be combine with any other rewards coupon. Does catalinas count as rewards coupon? Also with kmart catalinas like the $10 and $4 we get from the deals. Can you stock them up. Like if you got 1 $10 and another $4 can you stack both at the same time for the next transaction? Also can you use the earn 5,000 points combine with the catalinas?”

My answer: “Like Walgreens, the $4 Right Guard catalina will count in your coupon-to-item ratio.  Unlike Walgreens, the CRT’s will roll.  You can use them both in the same transaction, you just might need a filler item. ”


Question: If a CRT coupon offer that printed for you says “get 5,000 points when you spend $50”, is that before or after coupons? Let’s say my total is $50 before taxes, and then I use $20 in coupons, would I still get my points?

Kmart’s ANSWER: You only get the Bonus Points based on the net total. So if the amount is $50 and you knock off $20 using coupons, then the net toal is only $30; therefore, that transaction won’t be eligible for Bonus Points. HOWEVER, they mean in-store Kmart coupons, not manufacturer’s coupons. Here’s an extreme in-depth post on this here complete with receipt pics. HOWEVER, if the promo is “spend $20 on maybelline, get 5,000 points” you must spend $20 after all manufacturer’s coupons have been scanned. So it depends on if the promo is one where you have to spend a certain amount on certain items, and get the points, that is after all coupons. If it is a CRT you are scanning that printed from your last purchase, it is after Kmart store coupons are scanned but can be before manufacturer’s coupons are scanned.

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