Posted: August 21, 2011

Kmart’s ad is up and the deals are cuckoo! Confused about where to get coupons that aren’t printable – learn how to get those coupons!

Watch my Kmart Video to learn how Kmart doubling works!

  • Kmart will double up to $.99 manufacturer’s coupons!
  • You may only purchase 4 of the same item using double coupons
  • Only 1 coupon will be doubled per item.  So if you buy 50 items, 50 coupons will double in one transaction.
  • You must scan your shop your way rewards card to get your coupons doubled
  • Kmart won’t give you overage.
  • Note: Items which are priced under $1 will be 2 items FREE with a BOGO Free coupon!  I tested: B2G1 Free means you buy 3, get 2 free!

Final prices reflect coupons being doubled!

Shop Your Way Rewards Card: Must be scanned to get most deals/rewards at Kmart. Every 1,000 points is worth $1.00. These are easy to redeem – when you are checking out just say you’d like to pay with the rewards you have on your card. I just used $12 in rewards the other day!

I’d take this Kmart Coupon for $5 off $50 in-store purchase (exp: 8/31/11)

*****Cuckoo “Stock Up” Prices are in pink!

Save $5 Instantly wyb $15 or more Scotts Products
Earn 5,000 points ($5) WYB $20+ Maybelline New York or Garnier
Kmart Super Coupons
Pet Deals
School Supplies
Other great deals

Click on the “display all matchups” button under the matchups to view the full list!!!

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  • Natalie

    Are all Kmarts participating in this?

    • deidre

      90% of them do. It should say in your ad on the front page in small letters if yours is participating. Don’t ask Kmart employees as they never know – it doubles automatically.

  • Melissa

    you said you can only get 4 of the same item and only 1 coupon will be doubled per item.
    my questions are…can I go back later and get 4 more items or does the card keep you from doing that? and if I buy 4 items and use 4 coupons they will all be doubled or just the first one? Just trying to make sure I get it right before going to the store.


    • deidre

      It is 4 of the same items per transaction, I believe you could do a separate transaction the same day and be fine.

      • Melissa

        Thanks so much :)

    • Malorie

      My store in Corvallis, OR doubled all of my like coupons (19) so they didn’t have to do so many transactions.

      The manager had to do it because I had $.75/2 power aid which were $.79 each & the computer was only doubling up to the $.79 so watch out for that. They DO NOT give overage at Kmart and they computer doesn’t know if a coupon is off 2 or 1!

  • michelle

    I was wondering could you use the 4.00 catalina for Degree on another 4 Degree and still receive another 4.00 catalina? Do the first one and just use the 4-75 cents off q’s and then the second transactions use the 4-75 cents off q’s and the 4.00 off cat -would I still receive the 4.00 cat off the second transaction?

    • deidre

      YMMV – Kmart catalinas DO roll, except in some cases the start dates to use the catalina aren’t for another week. But if the start date is as soon as it prints, it should roll. IMPORTANT: Like Walgreen’s, you will need a filler item to attach that catalina to!

  • Angie Gordon

    When you say they double one coupon per item, are you saying they only double one coupon, ie you can only buy one deodorant and have one coupon double then the rest would be face value? Or u just can’t have multiple coupons double on the same item?

    • deidre

      No, it’s per item. So if you buy 50 items, 50 coupons will double in one transaction.

  • Andrea

    Last double coupon event I went to at Kmart they refused to double my coupons because they said my discount was going to be over 75% of the original price so they refused to double it and I complained to corporate and they agreed with the manager.

    • deidre

      I get free items all the time at kmart, and they are taken off automatically at the register no problems.

  • Connie

    Is there a way to find out other than the paper to find out if they are participating here in Jax Fl, I didn’t get to get a paper today, went on website and can’t locate anything about doubling etc.

    • deidre

      Call the store, tell them to look at the first page of the circular

      • Connie

        I called and they said yes, yahoo! we never get this in Florida, scrambling now trying to pull coupons.

        • corinne gonz

          How true that is Connie, iam south of you and hate that about our area

  • Niada Cradle

    do you have a link for Kmart’s coupon policy?

  • shannon

    With the scott TP and paper towel deal…I think they are the right items to use to get the Kimberly-Clark cars 2 promotional deal as well. Has anyone verified this in person yet? It would make for a better deal, as 50 points = $10 Visa prepaid card.

    • deidre

      I didn’t see any of them when I went in with that packaging

  • Amanda

    I was checking the back of the supercoupon booklet I got from Kmart on my last trip and mine says that this event “excludes Buy One, Get One offers, Kmart Savings coupons and Kmart Store coupons.” I’m assuming this means that I cannot use my BOGO manufacturer coupons?

    • deidre

      They always say that, and it does exclude Kmart coupons, however, automatically the BOGO free coupons for products under $1 will double, I personally test this at every event :)

      • Amanda

        Awesome. Thanks for the quick response!

  • bekah

    Hi, does anyone know if I buy 6 cans of alpo and used 2 B1G1 coupons, would I be able to use a $1.00/4 coupon as well? Thanks

  • MIchelle

    Skinny Cow single serve candy .99
    use BOGO free Q (up .99) 7/31 RP
    Final Price: Free
    (Coupon ‘pays’ for one, double pays for the other)

    Betty Crocker Cookie Mix Pouches 1.79 (Price Drop)
    use .40/1 8/7 General Mills Insert
    Final Price: .99

    • Malorie

      Is the skinny Cow singles part of the b2g1 free nestle singles deal??

    • Erin Arnott

      The Betty Crocker Fudge Brownies are 1.25 per box right now – used .75/2 from 8/7 general mills insert and it doubled. I bought 4 boxes of brownies for 5.00 and used 2 75/2 coupons *which doubled* which made the brownies a total of 2.00 – divided that by 4 and the brownies were .50 a box!

  • Jennifer

    Cool! I even got a $2 Catalina on the Scott deal. It can be $1, $2, or $3 depending if you buy all tp, a mix of any 2 tp/pt or wipes or $3 if you buy from all 3 categories! Awesome thanks

    • bekah

      I thought this catalina promotion has already ended?

      • Jennifer

        I got it yesterday!! he Catalina says to purchase by 09/04 so I assume it is on til then??

        • deidre

          Ya that probably should roll, remember to get a filler item

  • Michelle

    There is a BOGO coupon available on their facebook page for the Alpo in case anyone needs it!

  • Sherry

    I bought a box of Huggies yesterday and was pleasantly surprised to receive a free $5.00 gift card. The cashier and manager was just as surprised as I was.

    • deidre

      at kmart?

  • lara channell

    how does this work? Is there another discount other than the coupon?

    Charmin Basic 12 double rolls bath tissue, $5.99
    $0.25/1 Charmin Product, exp. 8/31/11 (P&G 07/31/11)
    Final Price= $4.49 or $.18 per single roll! – my stock up price

    • deidre

      the coupon is doubled

      • Holly Aasby

        I believe Lara maybe meant because the price after the doubled coupon looks like it would be $5.49 not $4.49.

      • Michelle

        with the double coupon it would be $5.49 not $4.49

  • corinne gonz

    ok dumb question? what are catalina’s

    • Holly Aasby

      I believe Lara meant because the price after the doubled coupon would be $5.49 not $4.49.

      • Holly Aasby

        Sorry! Replied to the wrong post! :)

    • Kelly Stephenson

      Catalina is a register coupon or coupons printed at checkout.

  • Sandy Ogzewalla

    Hey the nabisco cookies and crakers in the little container are 1.00, buy 10.00 and get 3.00 back.
    and you can use the .75 off 2 doubled to 1.50 off 2. makes for some cheap treats for the kids lunch.

    • erica

      I was wondering where can I get that coupon for the nabisco cookies it wasn’t in my paper

  • Nifty Nanna

    Mens Hydro Shave cream – non advertised sale – $1.99. I had 75 cents off coupon that doubled = 49 cents!!

  • Karen

    Today at our Kmart the personnel manager told the cashier that she could not accept my web printed coupons because Kmart does not allow it. I also had coupons mailed from bricks for products I couldn’t print and she called those web printed coupons also! The cashier even asked her when did that policy start because she had checked people out all day with web coupons and all she would say is that they don’t accept them.. When I asked to see where it states that at of course she said she could not find the policy book! What gets me is there were customers before me that used printed coupons. I just don’t understand what the deal is. I did write to Kmart but have not gotten a response back yet.

  • Andrea

    So I went to KMart tonight, and NONE of my coupons doubled. The manager was called, and she told me that the BOGO coupons would not double. I had 4 for Skinny Cow, and she called another store and they said BOGO did not double. The other coupon I had was .50 off Peter Pan peanut butter, she said she would manually double that one. I also tried to do the paper towel deal, but the computer would only accept 2, not 3, of the coupons. They said that was because the coupon said $1 off of 4 rolls of Scott towels, so I had to get 4, not 3, which didn’t make sense to me because 2 of them rang up. Does anyone know if that was the right coupon, or where I can find something saying that they are accepting BOGO? Thanks

  • Andrea

    Oh, Corrie, a catalina is a coupon that is good on your next purchase. So if you get a $1 catalina, if your total before coupons is over $1 you can use it.

  • Lynne

    I dont see where it says anything about doubling coupons on my circular… you’d think they would all be doing it if one is, to save on printing costs, tho. Hmmm…

  • Sarah

    If I have a $1 coupon will they double it to $1.99 or will it not double at all?

    • Cindy

      It will not double at all. Only coupons up to .99.

  • Amanda

    Do you know if Kmart accepts catalina coupons from other stores? I’m thinking the answer is no since no one does…but I’ve got a B1G1 Alpo can coupon from Kroger that’ll be trash otherwise. TKS!

    • deidre

      I don’t think they do

    • jill

      I thought Walmart started accepting these?

    • Nikky

      If it’s a manufacture coupon they should but seeing as how the last time I tried couponing at kmart the manager didn’t even know the difference between a store and a manufacture couponI’m betting the won’t go for it.

  • erica

    if the coupon says do not double will it not double because I found the nabisco coupon and it says do not double

    • deidre

      they double automatically even if they say that

      • erica

        thank you thats awsome

  • Lisa

    This may seem like a silly question but please forgive me I am new to couponing. With this Kmart double coupon event. I dont actually need two coupons? My coupons will just automatically double at the register?

    • deidre


  • Ivy

    Degree Deal Scenario
    Buy 4 Degree Men’s or Women’s anti-persipirant & deodorants, $2.96 each
    Use 4 $0.75/1 Degree Men or Women Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant, exp. 8/28/11 (RP 07/31/11)
    PAY: $5.84 (because those coupons will double to $1.50 off each!)
    GET: $4 catalina (remember to log into CouponNetwork to see if your area is participating- mine is!)
    Final Price= $1.84, or $.46 each!

    I do not understand this. If coupons only double to .99 is there something different about some coupons that allows them to double to $1.50, and how do you know which will only go to .99 and which will actually completely double. Thank you so much. I am learning a lot!

    • deidre

      they double .99=$1.99, so $.75=$1.50

  • amy

    OMG…Kmart was a bust for me….first of all this was my first time ever shopping at kmart and probably last. First of all the store was trashed!!!Then i couldnt find hardly any of the advertised deals….so i settle for 5 cans of schick shaving cream….I get to the register, apply for the rewards card, and proceed to check out. none of my coupons doubled and it clearly states on the front of their flyer—coupons double up to 99 cents. After calling over the manager and all of that hassle…I just left. I enjoy saving money but not at the expense of my sanity.

    • deidre

      Sorry you had a bad experience! Did they scan your rewards card?

  • lisa

    Where do you get the monthly ad for kmart? My kmart is in the next town so it would have to be a really great deal but I need the ad first. Thanks

  • Laura

    Is the Degree Catalina over? i swear it showed up on my catalina deals earlier this week, but it’s not there today!

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