Posted: March 26, 2013

So I got poked in the eye with an elbow.  I was going for a rebound at our church regional basketball tournament. I fell to the floor; it was a bad punch really.   This was last Thursday.  Friday my eye was nearly swollen shut.  Saturday it seemed to be getting better so I didn’t go to the doctor.  The swelling went down, but the red stayed.  Saturday, Sunday… then Monday it was still blood red, all except the Iris (the colored part of the eye).   I don’t enjoy taking my 3 kiddos to the eye doctor, but I decided I’d put it off long enough.  I went in, found out it was infected and got a prescription.

I went to pick it up at Kmart because every time I get a prescription, I scan my Kmart card and get great CRTs.  The pharmacist told me everyone seems to get them.  This time I got a $5 off $35.  But that’s not why I’m writing this post.  As I was waiting for my prescription, I browsed through a little health booklet with a cat on it (shown below) and found the amazing coupon for 20% back in points on health/beauty for a year, with a NEW or transferred prescription!  We all know about the coupon in their monthly guide for $25 gift card with a transferred prescription, but it doesn’t include new ones.  I used the coupon and am excited to get 20% back the rest of this year.  It will end in 120 days if I don’t refill a prescription or get a new one, but I am sure I will need something else by then.

kmart prescriptions coupons

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  • dhachem

    That’s AWESOME!!! Thanks for sharing! Can’t wait to go tomorrow to see if I can also find them! Hope the eye gets better, soon!

    • There was a shelf full of free pamphlets, it was on that. coupon on inside of back page.

      • dhachem

        If I’m unlucky tomorrow I will be back to ask you for one! :-)

      • dhachem

        Thank you again, very much! I found these today and grabbed one extra. If anyone has a problem finding them I’d be happy to share it!

  • Taylor

    Question– I was at Kmart today (been awhile since I have been there)– I was checking out and used just one coupon (I wasn’t expecting it to double since my total was below $25) . But here is what was weird– I handed her the coupon and she said that she had already pressed “total” and that the computer would not accept it. So she ended up voiding the entire transaction, reringing everything, and then scanned my coupon before hitting total. What’s up with that? Is she misinformed or is this a new policy?

    • That is actually at all Kmart’s I think, so I always let them know I have coupons. For some reason after they hit Total, they can’t scan coupons, it’s not the cashiers it is the registers. I think it is because when they hit total, it prompts them to scan $5 kmart award cards if they have earned any, and they don’t want you scanning Kmart store coupons after processing those award cards because that could affect if you should have got them or not. I know that manufacturer’s coupons no longer affect whether or not you get the award card, but either way still can’t scan them after they hit total.

      • Taylor

        So let’s say I purchase $51 dollars (before tax) of items– and before they push total I hand them coupons which reduce my total to $36. Are you saying that once they hit total, the computer will still prompt for the $5 awards card? That’s what I was wondering about when that happened today!

        • Michelle

          Yes it still will. It happened to me a couple weeks ago I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t have to fight for my award card.

  • I used a 10.00 off 35.00 at Kmart today….I don’t see where it came off my transaction. How do these work?

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