Kmart: How Getting Poked In The Eye is Giving Me 20% Back in Points All Year!

Mar 26 2013
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So I got poked in the eye with an elbow.  I was going for a rebound at our church regional basketball tournament. I fell to the floor; it was a bad punch really.   This was last Thursday.  Friday my eye was nearly swollen shut.  Saturday it seemed to be getting better so I didn’t go to the doctor.  The swelling went down, but the red stayed.  Saturday, Sunday… then Monday it was still blood red, all except the Iris (the colored part of the eye).   I don’t enjoy taking my 3 kiddos to the eye doctor, but I decided I’d put it off long enough.  I went in, found out it was infected and got a prescription.

I went to pick it up at Kmart because every time I get a prescription, I scan my Kmart card and get great CRTs.  The pharmacist told me everyone seems to get them.  This time I got a $5 off $35.  But that’s not why I’m writing this post.  As I was waiting for my prescription, I browsed through a little health booklet with a cat on it (shown below) and found the amazing coupon for 20% back in points on health/beauty for a year, with a NEW or transferred prescription!  We all know about the coupon in their monthly guide for $25 gift card with a transferred prescription, but it doesn’t include new ones.  I used the coupon and am excited to get 20% back the rest of this year.  It will end in 120 days if I don’t refill a prescription or get a new one, but I am sure I will need something else by then.

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