Posted: October 28, 2018

Our favorite halloween tradition is making a new art or craft each year as a family. Two years ago we painted the pumpkin picture (shown above) as a family, and last year we made the witches hat (also shown above). Both projects were thrifty – I got all the supplies for the hat at Walmart and it totaled $6.98! I made the bow myself and had my kids glue each decoration on the hat. It’s fun to enjoy Halloween together! We also like to set a blue pumpkin on our porch, so trick-or-treaters know we have non-candy items for those with allergies. We think this is a fun way to make sure everyone gets to enjoy Halloween. What Halloween traditions does your family have?

We also have a tradition of limiting our kids to 10 pieces of candy to eat on Halloween night, and 5 pieces per day until the rest is gone. Crest recently did a Halloween Survey, and they found that 72.7% of mothers limit their children to a maximum of 10 pieces of candy on Halloween. Fathers set their child’s candy limit a bit higher, with over 60% setting limits between 11 – 31+. We make sure to brush our teeth extra in the days after Halloween; in fact the Crest Halloween survey showed 70% of parents enforce stricter teeth brushing/routines on Halloween. I’ll be posting deals on Crest toothpaste products all week long to help you stock up and save!

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