$0.29 General Mills Cereal at Rite Aid! 11/28 Print Coupon!

Nov 27 2013
Posted by Kaila 10 Comments

Stock up on cereal while you can at this great price at Rite Aid on 11/28!  Print your coupon now before it’s gone!

Here is the deal:

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  • Robin Adkins

    This is a great deal, thank you!

  • stephnaie Stone

    How many can you get with the reward? I never shop there so I don’t know their rules.

    • HelperJen

      I rewrote the deal to make it more clear. You will only be able to do the deal I wrote up one time.

  • celestial032

    What the limit?

    • HelperJen

      Its 2, but I rewrote the deal to make it more clear. You will get (2) $1 +Up offers.

      • Rose

        We tried this one and got the $1.79 deal, used the $1.00 coupon, but never received the Up rewards. Has this ever happened to you? And customer service is horrible at the 2 stores we went to. The clerks dont have answers about the rewards. They literally say….I dont know, and think thats as far as they need to serve the customer. It was a hassle.

        • HelperJen

          When that happens the store usually gives you the credit right there. Or you have to call customer service and they will credit you.

          • Rose

            I emailed customer service. And all I got was trouble. Had to submit receipt. Then take pics of the box. Ugh! This is too much for a silly deal. Rite Aid has terrible customer service. They wrote me back to say Chex is not cereal, its a snack. What?!

  • celestial032

    ok thanks you guys are working hard.

  • Teresa

    Yes, I love this one!

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