Fresh + Sexy Wipes by Playtex Coupon Deal = Better Than FREE at Rite Aid!

Mar 15 2013
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We have had a lot of readers leaving comments about a monthly +Up offer at Rite Aid I had to go check it out!  I did find tags on the Fresh + Sexy Playtex wipes that said Buy $10 Get $3.00 +Up (limit 4.) This is a monthly +Up offer good thru 3/30!  The Wipes were located near the pharmacy where they keep condoms and diabetes testing supplies.  The tag also says $2.00 off wih in ad coupon, but there isn’t an in ad coupon to use!  I asked the manager if he would honor it and he said yes.  They will only take it off one item since in store coupons are only good for one item.  Put this deal together with a high value manufacturer coupon and they are FREE! If you have a Gold or Silver Discount they become a money maker!

NOTE:  Our manager removed the $2.00 off in ad coupon sign after I did my deal.  I guess they didn’t want to do it for everyone. Bummer!

Also, normally you have to have your total over the $10 (to get the $3 +Up) before coupons, but the way they are ringing in the $2 off it doesn’t track towards your total.  You will see below that I keep the total over $10 After they remove the $2.

Here are the deals:

Thanks for the heads up from all our Readers!

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