Posted: September 21, 2012

As of September 2nd Rite Aid implemented the NEW Load2Card +Ups System Nationwide.  This means you cannot ROLL your +Ups like we used to do.  The +Ups you earn in one day cannot be used until 6 am the following day.  Instead of making daily trips to Rite Aid to do transactions I have put together and New System of Scenarios.  This is how the transactions can give you the most benefit:

Look at how many +Ups you earned the previous week.  Pick the transaction scenario that is the closest to that amount (just a little over).  Use that transaction for the smallest amount of Out Of Pocket Costs and greatest amount of product.

For example:  If I had $12 +Ups to use I would pick the $15 transaction and have around $3 OOP expenses after +Ups.

If you don’t have any +Ups to use then pick the scenario that fits you best depending on how much you want to spend up front or Out of Pocket.

For example:  If this is my first time shopping at Rite Aid I would pick the $5 transaction and have about $5 expenses to pay for my first trip.  The next time I got to Rite Aid I would have +Ups to spend!

Learn the Coupon Lingo if any verbage below confuses you!


Did you view:

The Rite Aid Deals list for next week HERE? 

I posted it to FB but hardly anyone saw it, did you see it?  Jen spent hours on that list and hardly anyone saw it :(

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  • chantal

    They don’t consider the candy corn a holiday candy? The coupon says not valid on holiday products.

  • janene2003

    when I put in area code 43420 the keeps telling me there are no coupons for this code….help me please

    • HelperJen

      After you put in the zip code click the tab at the top of the page “coupons” to go back to the printable coupon page.

  • DeSha

    Geesh I wish we still had Rite Aid in South Florida!! These scenarios are AWESOME!

  • tin

    the One Touch Verio IQ is $30 off of retail ($69.99), there was a $45 MQ for this a while back. my overrage went through and covered for my other items. sometimes the cashiers will adjust it, but today mine went through.

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