$0.50 Windex at Walgreens (Surprise Rewards!)

Jan 9 2014
Posted by Helper Jen 6 Comments


At Walgreen’s this week Windex Trigger Bottles are producting (2) Register Rewards!  That’s on top of points you will earn.  They are on sale 2/$6 and you can use the printable coupon $1.00 off any TWO Windex Products with the deal.  This means 0.50 Windex!

Here’s how the deal will look:

Thanks Wild for Wags!

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  • greenthumbgirl

    I tried this today on the original Windex and it did not print anything…nothing printed for any of my RR and the points did not credit, do you think they are resetting some things?

    • Heidi Johnston

      I did this deal earlier this morning about 10:30 on the original Windex and everything printed for me. Not quite sure what happened in your case though.

      • denise

        I bought one original windex and one multisurface windex and it worked for me.

      • greenthumbgirl

        I may go try again, this is a stock up price for me as no stores in our area double coupons, except Kmart.

        • Heidi Johnston

          Just to make sure that it doesn’t happen again, try to see if the catalina machine is on. I know at my Walgreens there is no way to tell because the machines can’t be seen from the other side of the counter. But it never hurts to ask the cashier to check and make sure. If it doesn’t print again click on this link and follow the directions on what to do. Be sure to also complete it for the first transaction that you did. HTH http://queenbeecoupons.com/my-catalina-didnt-print-what-to-do/

          • greenthumbgirl

            It was just weird, everything was on, green light go, nothing worked, I am a regular shopper/couponer at Wags and the manager knows me and was super helpful, she even credited me the “unadvertised” deals like the windex, I told them they were unadvertised and she did not blink. I did not try to repeat it and reshelved the items so they were not bothered by it. Love my Wags. Thanks for your suggestions!

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