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Walgreens is quite the store to figure out!  There are Balance Rewards Points, Register Rewards, and Every Day Points..oh my!  However, this is a guide of things to know when you are shopping at Walgreens to help you have a quality shopping & saving experience!

Wags Monthly Booklets

First Stop: The Walgreens Weekly Ad & Monthly Coupon Booklets full of IVC’s (Instant Value Coupons – what Walgreens calls their store coupons.)  This is generally displayed near the entrance area of the store.  Make sure to have these items to help maximize your savings!  For quick reference of the coupons available in the Walgreens Monthly Coupon Booklets, please check the Table of Contents as it is in ALPHABETICAL order.

Walgreens Beauty Counter Modified

Next Stop: Head over to the Beauty Counter!  Get to know your Beauty Counter Walgreens personnel.  Many times, they have FREE samples behind their counter or even displayed.  In addition to the FREE samples, you MAY be able to get additional coupons that are also kept behind the counter.  There are times that these are store coupons, but there are many times they are  a good manufacturer coupon (sometimes even a high value one) that they don’t have out for everyone to see. These items vary based on availability at that specific location, but it is always worth asking to see what they have!

Now that we have gotten through the first few steps into the store, let’s look at the different displays & tags!  There are many different tags & displays all over the store, so find the ones that best serve your shopping needs!

Walgreens Balance Rewards Displays Modified

Here’s a special product display that has a special long-term (usually a month) deal.

Walgreens Balance Rewards Display Tags Modified

Then, if we look closer at the actual tag, we can see how the final price drops after the Balance Rewards Points have been given.  Note that when a deal will earn Balance Rewards Points, that the icon for Balance Rewards is usually on the tags/displays!  For this example deal, you could earn 3,000 ($3) Balance Rewards Points for every 2 U by Kotex products displayed.  Unless there is a limit posted, you can earn additional sets of 3,000 Balance Rewards Points for every 2 U by Kotex displayed in one transaction.

Walgreens Balance Rewards Tag & Sale Modified

Occasionally, you may see a special sale like BOGO 50% in addition to earning Balance Rewards Points, like this example for Axe Body Sprays.  In this deal scenario, you can earn 5,000 ($5) Balance Rewards Points for every $15 spent (before coupons).  Now, if you want to do this deal multiple times, you would have to do multiple transactions (unless a limit is posted) since this is a threshold deal ($15 spent) to earn additional points for this deal.

Walgreens Sale + RR earned modified

Keep your eyes out for their regular sales tags for additional savings called Register Rewards.  Register Rewards are Catalina coupons that print at the end of your transaction with your receipt.  This is like “Walgreens Money”, but is counted as a coupon and as part of your Coupon Ratio (1 coupon per 1 item in the transaction), so you may need a filler item if you are using Register Rewards in your future purchases.  For more information on Walgreens Coupon Policies, click here.

Walgreens Sale & RR Earned Close Up Modified

As we look closer at the sale tag with Register Rewards, you can see how much the Final Price would be when calculating in your future savings of the Register Rewards.

Walgreens Yellow Tag with IVC modified

If you see a sale tag, like this, that says “Less Coupon”, that is an Instant Value Coupon (store coupon) or an In-Ad Store Coupon.  Don’t forget to get the amount taken off for these by having your Walgreens Ad & Walgreens Monthly Coupon Booklets with you!

Walgreens Clearance tags Modified

Many times, you can find some HOT deals when you see ORANGE tags in the store.  This indicates CLEARANCE items!

Walgreens Last Chance modified

Watch for even greater savings when you find the ORANGE clearance tags that say “LAST CHANCE” on them.  These are items that are at their lowest price!

Walgreens Yellow Tag Sale & Balance Rewards Deal separate items modified

Make sure to double check where the tags are and what products/deals you are looking for when you go to get that great deal!  Usually, the tags are located UNDER the products.

walgreens dates on tags modified

Something to be mindful of is when the sale date ends!  Here are some examples of the different dates on the tags and where to locate them on the tags.

Walgreens Booklet Group Modified

Make sure to keep an eye out for the Walgreens Information Booklets that MAY have additional coupons (store & manufacturer) in them.  Sometimes these books may have the phrases “Coupon Savings Inside” or “Over $15 (or other amounts) in Savings Inside” on the front covers.  Check these booklets out for more possible coupons on items you may be looking for to find additional savings.

Walgreens Heart Burn Relief Closeup Modified

Sometimes these are located high and sometimes low, but MOST of the time they are near the area that is described in the Walgreens Informational Booklets.  See here that the Heartburn Relief Informational Booklet is found in the Heartburn Section of Walgreens.

Walgreens Manufacturer Coupon Display Modified

While keeping an eye out for the Walgreens Informational Booklets, you may see special Savings Machines that have either Store Coupons or Manufacturer Coupons in them.  These are usually located near the item(s) that the coupon is for, like this one for Halls Cough Drops.  These will pop out one at a time, or you may find some in the little holder part of the machine for people to put them “back” if they didn’t want them.

Walgreens - Quick Reference Guide for Points & RR - Updated August 2016 with watermark

This may be the BEST part of this article!  This is a Quick Guide to understanding Balance Rewards Points & Register Rewards.  I think you will find this a very beneficial tool for shopping at Walgreens!

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