Posted: June 14, 2018


Imagine this: You have some extra money and you want to buy some beauty items. Here’s the hard part. Do you go to Target or Walmart? Unless you have a favorite store, you may have a hard choice to make. Both of these merchants have reward programs and e-coupons on beauty items. Which program has the best the best deals?

Rewards Programs: Walmart vs. Target

Target’s reward program, the Red Card, gives you 5 percent off your total off your purchase price. To obtain a Red Card, you must either apply for a Target credit card or link the card to a debit card. Also, Target has a coupon app you can download to your mobile device called Cartwheel. Check the app of a wide range of beauty department discounts.  Also, when Target offers gift cards when you purchase certain items, this makes them cheaper than Walmart’s low prices.

You may have heard of Savings Catcher. This is a new app introduced Walmart. It allows you to scan your Walmart receipt to the app. Walmart will cross match the prices from other retailers for the same items listed on the receipt. If the app discovers a cheaper price on the item somewhere else, the Savings Catcher refunds the amount to you via an e-gift card. The e-gift card can only be used at Walmart. Anyone can sign up for Savings Catcher and use it via the app or online. Savings Catcher is available on iTunes and Google Play.

Beauty Box: Walmart or Target

Another new feature Walmart recently rolled out is a beauty box. It is supposed to rival Target. The beauty box features new hair care, skin care and cosmetic samples. One full-sized product is in each box. Most boxes also include coupons on the samples in the box. The down side of the beauty boxes is that it is seasonal. It is $5 including shipping. When you sign up for the Walmart Beauty Box, you automatically get a new shipment each season.

Target spontaneously releases its beauty boxes. The box features hair care, skin care and cosmetic samples. You also get coupons. The reason why they are considered “spontaneous” is because there’s no set time for the release. They are usually seasonal. The cost of the beauty box is $7. Shipping is free.

Walmart and Target In-House Brands and Exclusives

Both Target and Walmart have in-house brands. These brands are typically priced lower than equivalent to the brand names they stock. Target’s in-house brand, Up & Up, carries beauty and health items like makeup remover wipes, sun care and shaving cream. Equate is Walmart’s in- house brand. Its brand includes health, beauty and pharmacy items like lotion, aspirin and shaving cream.

Both stores carry a vast selection of items ranging from beauty brands, products and certain type of children’s clothing. To find these items you may have an easier time checking The Children’s Place promo codes, Old Navy and Victoria’s Secret coupons.

Let’s take a further look at the exclusive brands offered at Target and Walmart:

Target’s beauty exclusive brands consists of:
1. Pixi by Petra: Cosmetics brand that is cruelty-free that features items like infused botanicals.
2. Sonia Kashuk: This is another cosmetics brand that features high quality products at a mass merchant price.
3. Laneige: This is a skincare company that features products for hydrating skin.

Exclusive brands offered by Walmart includes:
1. Salon Perfect: This is a salon themed beauty brand that features products like eyebrow grooming products, nail lacquers and eyelashes.
2. Hard Card Cosmetics: This edgy brand is geared towards Walmart’s younger customers. It features outerwear, cosmetics and glasses.
3. Flower Cosmetics: Flower Cosmetics is another cruelty-free brand. It only features natural ingredients.

Price Comparison: Is Walmart or Target Better?

You’ll find some price comparisons below. These are 10 favorite beauty products you can find at Target and Walmart.
Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 9.21.48 AM
Yes, you may have noticed that both retailers’ points don’t differ a lot. One item may be cheaper at Walmart. Another item may be cheaper at Target. Shopping with coupons will help make the up the difference if you like shopping at one company over another.

Here’s the question. Are you a Walmart fan or a Target fan?

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