Posted: March 28, 2011

UPDATE: here’s my list of for sure participating locations: Lindon, American Fork, Cedar Hills, Springville, Saratoga Springs.  Leave a comment below if you find out about Orem.  Also, I hear it is taking a long time to checkout so keep that in mind when planning your trip.

Holy smokes!  You better checkout my ongoing walmart deals list and boogie on over to Walmart tomorrow!

Melea verified that ALL Walmarts near a Ridley’s Market will be Doubling Coupons on Tuesday in order to “price match” with Ridleys. Any coupon under $1.00 will be doubled.


  • $.25 off will be doubled to $.50 off
  • $.30 off will be doubled to $.60 off
  • $.50 will be doubled to $1.00 off
  • $.75 will be doubled to $1.50 off

The Cedar Hills Walmart has verified this promotion, so if you’re customer service manager at your local Walmart won’t let you double, head on over to Cedar Hills as they will for sure.

Please leave a comment below to let other readers know if your Walmart is participating. There was a regional meeting about this, so all the ones near a Ridley’s should be participating.

Also, Melea’s readers have stated:

Cedar Hills said it’s just the Walmarts in that area, so Lindon, Pleasant Grove, etc… that are doubling.

Parrish Lane, Centerville, Bountiful are not doubling.

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