Posted: February 22, 2011

Today I got a strange phone call – “We’re from Lowe’s home delivery and we just wanted to make sure your home, we’re on our way there with your new freezer.”

I was like, what?!?!?!!?

It turns out, that today is my 26th birthday.  I had forgot, but my mom didn’t.  She got me a freezer for my birthday!  I have seen so many awesome deals on frozen juice, ice cream, frozen chicken, etc… and wasn’t able to stock up because I didn’t have a separate freezer (just the one that is with the fridge – and mine is unusually tiny).

I am so excited! I’m already planning on doing freezer jams and feeling so blessed today.   What a great unexpected surprise to make my day!  And it’s the standing-up kind that take up less space, how thoughtful is my mom???

Ask CCD Readers: Has anyone ever surprised you on your birthday?

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