Posted: April 18, 2013

CONGRATULATIONS TO SAMANTHA, our Cuckoo Shopper of the Week! Check out her Cuckoo Rite Aid haul above!  Although a seemingly small haul, Samantha’s savings were BIG! She was able to score some fantastic clearance deals and saved almost 95%! Here’s what she said:

I didn’t score the biggest haul at Rite Aid, but I did save TONS of money thanks you your site! Here’s a break down
2 Always Pads, 16 ct. Orig. 4.69 each, cleareanced to 1.17 each
Used on $3/2 coupon from Always Girlie Goodies
Tampax Radiant Trial Orig.1.99, clearanced to .49
2 Tampax Radiant Tampon, 32 ct, Orig. 9.29, clearanced to 4.64 each
Used $3/1 coupon from another box I had bought previously,
and a $2/1 coupon from a different box I I had previously bought.
1 Cotonelle Fresh Wipes, 42 ct Orig. 3.29, clearanced to 0.82
used $1/1 Printable
1 Puffs Cube Orig. 2.29, on sale for 0.97
Used $1/1 Coupon I received in the mail
2 Arm and Hammer Cat Litter, Orig. 9.49 Each, on Sale for $5
Used to $3.50/1 Printables
1 “Tattoo Bands” 3.99
1 Bayer Contour Meter, Orig. 20.99 on Sale for $10
1 Epic Balloon $1

Used 22+ UP from last week

Brought my total to 0.89!!!

In return, I also received a 10 +UP for the Bayer Contour Meter, 2 $1.50 +UP from the Tampax Tampons, and a 2 +UP for the Cat Litter.

When I got to my car and checked my receipt, I noticed I had been charged 3.99 for the Tattoo Bands which had been marked down to .99. I talked to my store manager, and they kindly returned 3.18 to me on a Rite Aid Gift Card.

After the+UPs and the gift card I received back, I spent a total of 4.17 for $80.49 worth of product. Almost 95% savings! This includes a $1 donation to charity! I was thrilled with the outcome.

Thank you for all you do to help us save!


Wanna score some of the same deals that Samantha did?!  Check out my posts about the deals here and here!

This week’s Cuckoo Shopper of the Week won a Cuckoo for Coupon Deals T-shirt!

KEEP SENDING IN YOUR PHOTOS! Thanks to everyone who submitted photos of their hauls!  If your photo wasn’t chosen this week, please keep sending in your hauls!

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  • DeAnna Guetterman

    I was wondering if I entered for next week if I would need to post all the coupons used. I have rather large shopping trips, and since the deals I thought of entering were from last week, the transaction wouldn’t work this week, but I have some trips I’m super proud of :) Congrats to this week’s winner!

  • Cea taylor

    Congrates! Has any other Cuckoo shopper of the week receive rheir t-shirts yet. Im getting concerned about mines. :(

    • I sent yours a few months ago, it must have been lost in the mail. I’ll send out another one.

  • angie smith

    that is so alsome I’m trying. so hard. to learn to do this I fill like I’m in medical schooll but I’ll have my name in those brite lights on cookoo for coupons.thank you Angie smith

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