Posted: May 29, 2012

I have an update on last night’s episode of Extreme Couponing!  Jill Cataldo got an email from Angelique who did the Kmart shopping trip.   She answered the question on where she got her coupons for Free Quilted Northern TP, and said she is trying to help the CIC find out who made the fraud coupons.

In the comments of Jill’s site, she says “I will in no way EVER purchase a FREE item coupon again from anyone anywhere! This has definitely cured me from any desire to do so!”

Kudos to her for admitting that she used the coupons and then trying to help however she can find who is producing the fake coupons!  It takes a lot of courage to do that and I am glad she did.  It appears to me that she probably didn’t realize they were fraudulent when she bought them.  She says she bought them from a coupon clipping service.   Jill didn’t ask about the Doritos coupon, which I am still curious to see where she got it from as well.

You can read more info with some great pictures on Jill Cataldo’s blog.  She also has a screenshot of the other person on last night’s same episode, Cole, with more of the fraud Quilted Northern coupons.

Cuckoo’s Tip: I would say that most coupons for “free” items are released in the newspaper, like the coupons for free McDonald’s Cherry Berry Chillers we saw this week or the free starbucks refreshers coupons last month.  So if you see coupons for “sale” online, and the coupon was never issued in the newspaper, chances are it is a counterfeit.  Sometimes bloggers are given coupons for free items at events like Blogher.

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