Posted: September 28, 2011

Well, first I have to post this awesome comment reader Julie left on my site:

I don’t know if everyone knows this or if everyone’s local walmart has this, but mine has a basket they have sitting up front by the door with orphaned coupons. There is no sign or nothing to tell you they are fair game, but I asked one day, and sure enough…it’s something that I make sure and go through every time I go to wal-mart. I’ve found VERY valuable coupons in there and have used them to get things like free cat food, free febreze products, free diapers…and so so much more. I think I am one of the only people in my area. From what I can tell…not many people know about the basket, but it’s a great service walmart provides.

also, I hit the recycling center for coupons for the first time yesterday. I got there right before they closed and only had about 5 minutes to look through the massive newspaper bin, but the man working at the center stood there with a crazy look on his face and watched as I stood on tippy toes and leaned into the bin up to my elbows throwing papers left and right wildly trying to score as many coupons as possible before they closed. I was totally respectful of course…although my description doesn’t sound like it. In the end, I left with more coupons than I could clip and organize in one night. It was a major score!! I don’t know why I haven’t gone before…and if anyone is still holding on to their dignity and not going to the recycling center to get extra coupons…your missing out! My center also had a book bin overflowing with perfectly good books…and a magazine bin, with you guessed it…magazines with COUPONS in them…then there is also cardboard bins with coke points to be had. I could spend hours there really…and the workers there are very friendly and don’t mind if you browse for as long as you want…just as long as you aren’t in the way of people trying to do their jobs or drop things off there. YOU MUST CHECK OUT THE RECYCLING CENTER!!

I was shocked to hear someone else talking about the coupon basket, because we have those at my local Walmart too! It’s right when you walk in on a table with the sales circulars.  Anyways, you can take coupons or leave ones you don’t need, is this at your Walmart too?

And she made me want to visit my local recycling center!

And also, I really being a “coupon fairy” and leaving high-value coupons next to the items they are for, it’s so fun! I  challenge everyone to leave some coupons for un-suspecting “victims”.  It’s fun to give and receive!

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