Posted: October 31, 2012

First, I know a lot of people won’t be able to trick-or-treat this Halloween due to Hurricane Sandy, and our prayers are with them so that they can recover quickly from the devastation.

Just thought I’d share our family’s Halloween picture this year.  We took it last Saturday at our church’s Trunk or Treat Halloween Party – where everyone gets together and decorates their car trunks scarily (is that a word?) and kids go around the church parking lot getting candy.   There’s also games and activities.   We love the annual Halloween Party because it is not on Halloween – that way my kids get to trick-or-treat twice and dress up twice.  Once at the party, once on the “real” Halloween.

I am kinda a dork.  I have been sitting here for 5 minutes wondering if I need to say what each person was in the pic or if it is obvious.  :/

What traditions do you have for Halloween?  Are your kids able to go this year or did Sandy ruin it for you?

P.S: I think about 50% of the girls at the party were Cinderella this year.  I didn’t see any of the girl from Brave or Rapunzel.  Thought that was interesting.

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