Posted: January 10, 2011

I just wrote an article that got published on Yahoo! It’s 6 mistakes newbies to couponing make that can easily make them quit couponing.

Ask CCD Readers: I’d love for you to tell me what you think of it! Also, what mistakes did you make when you first started couponing?

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  • Renee

    I loved it. I loved that you supplied links. #6 was my favorite. It can be discouraging when you first start. Don’t give up! I remember being extremely discouraged when I first started. I kept wondering if I was doing something wrong. I also remember when I got my first really good buy. It was at Walgreen’s. I only spent a little over $5.00 for products that would have been near $50.00 full price. Just hang in there.

    I was proud of myself. I understood the lingo. lol!!!

  • Tyne

    This is so helpful. It is so easy to make the little mistakes that cost you! Thanks for the help!
    facebook follower!

  • Tonya James

    I love CCD! Great info!

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