Posted: May 28, 2012

After watching TLC’s Extreme Couponing trip with Angelique at Kmart, I am mortified.  It appears she used several high-value freebie fraudulent coupons, and isn’t it nice how she was able to double more than 5 coupons in one day?  Don’t you love (cough) how they bend the rules for that show?  That is exactly why I refused to be on this show when TLC repeatedly contacted me to do their Kmart episode.  That, and I didn’t want to be seen on camera preggo…. just kidding 😉  She looked great pregnant, much better than I do. But seriously, I was worried that store policies may change if this show aired, and now I am more worried than ever.  We all saw store policies change at other stores after being featured, so only time will tell what is going to happen next.

Here’s one deal that I think was fraudulent: Angelique buys 20 or so bags of Doritos on a BOGO free sale.  They are $4.29 or so for the bags that aren’t free (I didn’t record the episode so I don’t remember the exact numbers).  She then uses a high value $3.99 off Doritos coupon on 10 bags, so all 20 bags are $.15 each (thanks Harajukumini7)

Here’s the issues:

I spend hours each week couponing there and trying to teach people how to follow their rules and still get the best deals possible, and I hope that people don’t watch that episode and think somehow it is reality.   They might see my scenarios and roll their eyes because they look nothing like getting 100 freschetta pizzas for free.   I just wanted to vent a little. That show is not reality.  It is for entertainment; shock and awe. If you want to save money you certainty can, but it takes a lot of patience, learning all their tricky rules, and not all cashiers even know their own coupon policies.  It is not as easy as it appears and to be blunt, you aren’t going to have trips like Angelique did.

Here’s the list of coupon deals this week – they are doubling coupons everyday in June!

Here’s some posts with more realistic couponing trips, ones done with NON-fraudulent coupons, that I hope will help people learn how to coupon correctly:

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