Posted: December 13, 2011

There has been a fraud coupon circulating online for “1 FREE McDonald’s Value Meal”.  It says on the coupon “offer ends 1/21/2015”.  Please don’t waste your printer ink on that fraud coupon!

How to tell if a coupon is fraud: If you see a coupon for FREE with no purchase necessary, and it is a PDF, 99% of the time it is a fraud.   Legit coupons are usually offered on companies facebook pages, through, redplum or smartsource.   A pdf is a coupon that can be printed over and over with no print limits, and usually is not hosted on the companies website.   In very few cases, companies will release PDF’s, but the url of them will be their own website.  Like  Not  The part infront of .com is how you tell if it’s the real companies website.  Exception: sometimes if a company emails you a coupon it won’t be hosted on their site, but it should have been emailed from the real company so you’ll know it’s legit.

Example:  is the real website is not the target website, the part right in front of the .com doesn’t say Target!  Anyone can add Walmart, Target, or anything like that infront of their url and add a / to make it look more legit even though they aren’t.

Ok I hope that helps!  Leave a comment below if you are confused.

Thanks, Moms Need to Know!

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