Posted: January 26, 2012
Coupon Text Alerts

Sign up to get Hot Deals Text Alerts OR Emails! 

Text the words: follow cuckoo4coupons   to this number: 40404

These will be sent once or twice per day on the very best full-size product freebie coupons and insane deals.   You will still need to follow in other ways, and many days you won’t get texts.  This is just for killer deals that are high-value and won’t last long, that I don’t want you to miss.  The most I have ever sent is 3 in one week. To view exactly the types of deals I send, view all previous texts I have sent by viewing my alternative twitter feed here.

If you have free text messaging on your plan, there will be no charge to you!  If you don’t have free texts, then you may not want to sign up for this.

No free texting / prefer email? You can sign up for Hot Deal Email Alerts!

Unlike my emails which are sent once per day with all deals from the last 24 hours, this email has is sent randomly, about once per week, headline *Cuckoo Alert* to let you know there’s a deal or freebie so hot you need to hurry and get it! Sign up below:

Important: This is a different email subscription service then my once-per-day email alerts. Even if you are signed up for those, you will need to sign up for these separate ones.

Why are my emails from Cuckoo for Coupon Deals a day late?

My one-per-day emails go out at 11:30am MST, 1:30 EST, and the bottom post on that email is the last post I posted before the emails went out. Every post in the last 24 hours is automatically included in that email. Some that are extremelly great freebies may expire within 30 minutes of me posting them, so they won’t be available anymore, and I will update their title to say GONE. That is why you may want to sign up for Text or Email Cuckoo Alerts, because those are the deals that will be gone quickly. And I only send those out on the BEST deals or freebies, high-value ones that will be gone quick. That is why I only send them up to 3 times a week, so you aren’t bombarded with texts or emails.

In short, I recommend signing up for the once-per-day emails that cover all deals in the last 24 hours so you can quickly scan the list and see if you missed any deals. Also, one random subscriber from this list gets $100 per month (this is paid for by the ads on the sidebar of my website!)

I also recommend signing up for either text or email Cuckoo Alerts so that you don’t miss the hottest freebies that are gone before my emails go out!

Why is Cuckoo’s site so sloooooow?

This is due to a bad database and bad site design.  We have a new site launch coming up, it was supposed to be this week but it wasn’t quite ready.  I am hoping it is up next week.  It should be turbo-quick and load within about 1-2 seconds, even if there is a ton of traffic on it!  I am doing a big re-launch party when the new site is up, so if you’ve been wanting a Cuckoo for Coupon Deals t-shirt, that will be the time to win one as I will be giving 50 away + $300+ in other prizes!

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