Posted: April 25, 2011

There are some questions I’ve had readers ask about Nathan Engels, AKA Mr. Coupon, from We Use Coupons, after they saw him on Extreme Couponing.  Nathan asked if I wanted to do an interview with him, and I said sure!  I just went and asked him some of the questions my readers have been asking me:

How do you get a hold of the ads so early? In order to order a huge supply of the coupons you’re going to need, don’t you have to have the ad extremely early?

WeUseCoupons has thousands of members and often the ads are posted by them!  We sometimes get ads two or three weeks in advance.  If we order any coupons, we then have a chance to do that.

Where do you order your coupons from? Or do you get multiple copies of the Sunday paper?

I actually dumpster dive!  There are many coupon clipping services you could use if you don’t want to dumpster dive.

Thanks Nathan for clearing that up for us!  I personally get four copies of the Sunday paper at a sickeningly low price; it is just easier for me then worrying about ordering coupons and hoping they get to me in time for the ad not to expire.  I have never been dumpster diving but have no problem with other people doing it.

Ask CCD Readers: Do you have any questions after watching Extreme Couponing?

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