Posted: June 15, 2012

UPDATE: I also added a Cuckoo’s BEST Deals Facebook group, if you join it, you’ll get notifications when extremelly hot coupons and freebies are posted!  Only the time-sensitive ones, like first 10,000 get it, not all the deals I post will be posted on that page!

If you aren’t seeing my posts on facebook, hop on over to my page and make sure there is a checkbox next to “show in news feed”

Because facebook only shows posts with pages you’ve interacted with lately, by clicking the “like” or “share” button next to my status updates, you’ll also get to see them more in your feed in the future.

Facebook doesn’t show a lot of my posts, even on my own personal facebook page, so sometimes I think, why bother posting a status on facebook?!?!  So I often just list the hottest, most time-sensitive freebies and coupons on facebook, and the rest I put here and never on facebook.  So make sure to subscribe to my once-per-day email list to get a  list emailed to you of all the deals I’ve posted that day.

And if you want to never miss an extremelly hot freebie, like the ones that are the first 10,000 only, sign up for my free Cuckoo Hot Text Messages Alerts! 

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