Posted: July 11, 2012

This article I saw on one frugal chick and it made me happy that the bust was made, but SICK that this operation was going on at all!

Read the full article here – here’s some of my favorite quotes from it:

“Police seized boxes of coupons, vehicles, guns and other property. Investigators say those coupons are worth about $25 million dollars.”

“Police say the scope of the investigation and the economic impact are massive with hundreds of millions of dollars in losses.”

“We’re talking about anywhere from $400 to $600 million in loss,”

“This is to American companies who produced American products and hire American citizens.” – that is the saddest part of all!  This hurts American companies.  It makes stores not even want to accept coupons anymore.  Please do not buy coupons online, the worst offender of counterfeits is usually ebay!  Buy your local papers and get legit coupons in them, or print coupons from,,,, and from companies facebook pages!   I have a feeling some of the coupons used on TLC’s Extreme Couponing were from this counterfeit operation, although I can’t prove it.  They just seemed “too good to be true.”

In the article Miller says “If you’re a consumer out there and you purchased coupons from this website you certainly should not use them. You are subject to arrest.”

Do you buy coupons online?  How do you ensure you are getting legit ones?  Leave comments below to let other readers know!

I personally get 5 copies of the Sunday Paper delivered to my house, so I have never had to buy any coupons online.

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