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There are tons of survey companies out there where you can get paid for taking online surveys; and some are better then others.  I would love if readers could chime in and let everyone know which is their favorite!

Personally, my favorite is Pinecone Research as the surveys pay $3 per each one and you get paid every time.   And they don’t send you surveys you don’t qualify for! Currently, they are not taking applications – but as soon as they are again, I will let you know! They are finally taking applications again!

2nd Favorite: Another reputable one is Opinion Place: You are told up front how long the survey will take and what you will be paid.

UPDATE: My people have commented here and on Facebook that it is a great one too-  and they are taking applications now!  And Synovate I also recommend, which isn’t taking applications now either but I will let you know when they do again.

Opinion Outpost – this was not originally on my list, but people are loving it!

4th FavoriteSynovate!  Applications fill up quick when I post about them! Here’s what my readers have had to say about them:

I have been a member for 8 months now and love it. I get new products randomly-like pasta sauce, shampoo, paper towels. I also have take a two-week survey study where I got $25 at the end. I love it!

I joined them last time. I love their site, and they have EXCELLENT customer service. I was sent a survey for my 15 year old daughter to do, but when she clicked on it it said “Thanks for participating!” LOL I emailed Marie and she credited my account anyhow~!

That’s it.  I haven’t found anything else worth the time….

Ones with bad reputations:

  • Valued Opinions: Their claim “For every survey you complete you’ll receive up to $5 and if you qualify for specialist surveys, you can earn up to $50 for each.”  Review: “So my biggest complaint about this website, is getting numerous Emails about surveys. You go there, answer 2 dozen questions about certain items, and then at the end either tell you you don’t qualify, or no longer need any more applicants.”
  • Dollar Surveys: I wouldn’t recommend this one because you have to take surveys to see if you qualify for surveys, and it can waste your time.
  • Surveyhead: I wouldn’t recommend this one because it has bad reviews online; again you have to take surveys to see if you qualify for surveys.  And you have to reach certain payment thresholds, supposedly once you get close to cashing out, then no more surveys are available for you.
  • Toluna: This one also has horrible reviews and it takes several surveys to even make $1.
  • My least favorite is Inbox Dollars as they send you tons of annoying emails and you get like $.05 per click.


  •  I haven’t tried this one.  Please leave a comment and let me know if you’ve tried it out!

Ask CCD Readers: Please chime in if you have experience with these or any other survey sites!

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  • Kristi

    I like Opinion Outpost. I’ve only made about $20 in a couple months, but it is in Amazon gift codes. I do probably 1-2 surveys a week and I love getting free purchases on Amazon! :) Plus, unlike Swagbucks, you get your Amazon code send to you instantly! They have a great friend referral program too. If you don’t qualify for a survey you get an “instant win” option or you can donate .05 to the Red Cross. It’s a great way to donate money!

  • Emillie is a good one. They pay pretty well and tell you quickly if you qualify or not.

    • debbie

      I feel like you guys I have tried so many. My best one is PineconeCrest may pay only 300 points per survey but they don’t mess around paying you.. My is a good one but takes so long to build up and I have gotten kicked out many times till i unsubscribed from them a couple of time I now have 735 points over a long period of time and when I get 1100 i am going to get my paypal and unsubscribe.. A lot of these surveys are a waste of time.. I even now see on Craiglist where people put survey’s together like they made them available for you as a group.. As said you can find any surveys on your own it is a matter of geting the right ones that pay out instead of always kick out.. Inbox Dollar is a big joke, I quit Opion Outpost surveys are to long and takes forever to get money.. I would advise anyone before taking any surveys do reviews on them and hear what others have to say before signing up many are not what they claim

  • julie

    I love pinecone as well, but some good ones are Opinion Outpost and Survey Spot. They both offer cash payout, and you can make enough money to pay for a girls night out in about a month, depending on the number you do.

  • Kristie

    I just signed up for Pinecone a few days ago and luckily got in….the only other survey site I use is, it does take awhile to build up your credits but your credits can be used towards a host of different things, I turned mine in for a $25 itunes card.

  • dawn

    I like surveyhead I have been doing it since January and have earned 50.00 in Amazon gift cards, You do get disqualified for a lot of surveys but it never takes a lot of time and I have not had any problems getting paid. Though it can take a while for the credit to show up.

    • Rebecca

      I agree. I am signed up with just about every one of the sites that have been mentioned and Surveyhead is one of my favorites. I have cashed out a few times and continue to get surveys. There have been times where I was sent surveys that made me spend a little too much time before being disqualified/ qualified though. If I realize the qualification part is more than a couple of minutes (usually there is a progress bar so you have an idea how many more questions), I just quit the qualification. Although it can be irritating when that happens, the majority of the surveys have quick qualifications and I get decent rewards, so I still rate this site as favorable.

  • Chris

    I like Synovate (Global Opinion Panels). Got free tea bags to try on my first survey and have only done a couple, almost to 5.00 to cashout. Not much but 5 bucks is 5 bucks and I only recently joined.

    • deidre

      oh I forgot about them! I like them too and will update the list!

    • Alan

      I have been getting surveys from Synovate for two months, and just reached enough points to get $5.00. So, I disagree, and think it’s a waste of time. I haven’t been able to qualify for any survey. I have called and talked to customer service several times. The reply I get is, they have reached their special number of entrants. Please tell me what I’m doing wrong.

  • Mary

    I have signed up for several survey sites and now I’m trying to go through them and get rid of the ones that are a waste of my time. So far the ones I don’t like or understand are Get Paid To Try, Panda Research, and MyShopDiscounts.

  • Passionate Penny Pincher

    Thanks for sharing these Deidre! I always struggle letting readers know which ones really are worth it, and the only two that I’ve heard good things about are Synovate & Pinecone Research. Thanks for sharing your experiences on so many different sites!

  • Xavier Jones you can cash in for rewards cards. surveys are quick and painless and you don’t get spammed constantly. you get a limited number of surveys a month, maybe 6 total. it may take you about 5 surveys to get a $5 gift card but i like it still.

  • Susan Bywater

    I like, Global Test Market, Permission Research, Inspired Opinions (Schlesinger Research), Opinion Outpost,, American Consumer Opinion, and Testspin seems good, but most of the surveys seem to be about business and it, not my field.

  • omeshia

    i loved Pinecone! the 3.00 was great, even my husband began to inquire about my “consistent checks.”…E-rewards is great as well, i used my benefits at!!!

  • Kim

    Survey Spot is a good one. Opinion Outpost, Pinecone, Synapo.. (drawing blank on full name, will post later), and Global Test Market are other good ones.

    Toluna may be a known name, but NOT liking their surveys.

    It’s funny because I don’t really like InBoxDollars either, however, I ended up with almost $40 in there over a months time & just ‘cashed out’.. I have a check for $35 coming my way!!

    A new one I’ve really enjoyed is Hotspex. It’s very interactive.

  • JEN

    Thanks SO much for all the great info!! I am new to all this (“survey stuff”) having just lost my job a few months ago so I’ve been trying out different ones. This helps out A LOT! Thanks Deidre, LOVE your site!!! And thanks to everyone else too!

  • Debbie McLeroy

    Toluna is a waste of time! Valued opinions I have problems qualifying Survey savvy problems qualifying inbox,snapdollars,&send earnings take forever but I do them it takes seconds and adds up eventually I just cashed out $25.00 on each of their sites
    My favorites are Global Opinion,Hot Spex,Permission Research,Data Intelligence,Opinion Outpost,Survey spot I have 20.00 or more built up in three of them just hanging on to see how much more I can make over the next couple months
    I think the ones that offer cash or gift cards are the best to get involved with

  • Jo-Ann Brightman

    I hope to win

  • kim haynie

    i also do not like toluna. takes up too much of your time and then tells you that you arent qualified. what a waste! thanks for all of the other suggestions. Just started my survey. like it.

  • Janice

    I love pinecone (but loved it more when they used to pay 5.00 per survey!) I do inboxdollars and send earnings only for the pay per click- i don’t do their surveys because the time sin’t worth it, i also do my points for the pay per click but not surveys and have funded a few Christmases with the gift cards from them. I haven’t had any difficulty building up credits with valued opinions but so far it seems like there’s nothing they offer that i would use my credits for. Thank you all for the info on the best survey sites- this is very helpful!

  • Amanda

    I always wondered if other people had to deal with that crap from Valued Opinions! That drives me NUTS! Of all the surveys I’ve attempted, I’ve only ever actually completed TWO.

    Tried inboxdollars and learned quickly that it isn’t worth it at all!

    I’m about to try Opinion Outpost and I’m glad to see it has good reviews here in the comments. FYI they have an affiliate program.

  • Tera

    If any one gets sent one from knowledge panel they are wonderful! I have made over $50 in a little over 2 months u can take every survy sent to u and make money every survy

  • Tonya

    I have done testspin and I have earned some Amazon gc from them. Actually got Christmas gifts one year when I was really afraid I wasn’t able to get much that year. I am glad to get some input from others on these kinds of sites. I tried out A LOT of them throughout the years without any input from others and had to learn the hard way which ones weren’t worth the time. Thanks for everyone’s opinions!

  • ambernicole8484

    I agree…several are not worth your time, but there are a few that are…for me anyway! I love Opinion Outpost, Reward port, inbox dollars, send earnings and SWAGBUCKS (they have survey’s now :D)

  • Jessica

    I agree, a lot of these survey companies are horrible. I like Synovate and Pinecone as well!

  • AdMan

    Hi – I’d like to pitch in here…I run a market research community and I understand your frustrations about surveys.  Most survey companies are all about volume and numbers so it’s a “numbers game” for them – they need to hit a certain number that is statistically valid…  The community I run is totally different – it has an emphasis on quality – so people will only be asked for studies that are relevant to them (i’m a parent of 2, soon to be 3 kids and married to a SAHM so I totally get how important relevance and time are!!).  We only invite people to studies that are relevant, and we usually pay people between $50-$100 per study for 30 mins a day logging in online for 2-4 days at a convenient time.  There is no guarantee that you’ll be contacted regularly, but, at the same time, it won’t be a hassle to be a member and you won’t get petered with irrelevant stuff.  Please sign up on the site I shared – we’ve a study all about cat litter coming up soon and there will be more in the future!  All market research companies are not the same!  Cheers!  Adam.

  • Marla88044

    Does anyone heard about yovia? Can you explain how it works if it’s worth ones time. I got an email fom them but it doesn’t explain how to earn please explain.

  • Amanda

    I wish I would of found your site sooner. I’ve been using inbox dolllars for like 5 months now and still havent made enough to payout. Thank you for taking the time and lettin me and other people know which survey sites are worth it and which aint.!

  • Heath

    Inbox Dollars is probably my favorite, though it does take time to build up enough to cash out, they offer a lot of ways to build up your earnings. ***They also give you 10 cents for every coupon you print from their site and redeem***

    Opinion Place is a close second.

    Surveyhead has been good to me also. I always cash out at $50. I once requested my payment (in the form of an Amazon gift card) and then life happened and I didn’t check my email for a few months. When I finally did check it and tried to put in my code at Amazon, it said that the code had already been used. I emailed them and they sent me another $50 code that did work.

    Here are some others that I currently participate in:

    Global Test Market
    Valued Opinions
    Opinion Square
    Harris Poll
    Ipsos Isay

    Don’t expect to make a lot of money from doing surveys. It does take a lot of time and a lot of surveys to build up points/cash. Some survey companies are definitely better than others. Be patient and stick with it. I’ve been doing surveys off and on for about 10 years and its nice to try out free products and/or get an Amazon gift card or a check in the mail from time to time.

    I’ll list the few that I know without a doubt were no good for me:

    Panda Research
    Big Buck Survey
    Survey Spot (It has been a few years since I dropped them. Maybe they’re better now? I see a few positive posts about them below)

  • cindy

    I’ve been using Surveyhead since January and I’ve earned and cashed out $500 in Amazon gift cards so far (and received all of them). You have to earn at least $10 to cash out, but I can do that within a week. typically, I am cashing out $25 every week, so $100/month, if I do surveys everyday. Yes, you have to see if you qualify, so it can be frustrating, but based on my experience I HIGHLY recommend Surveyhead!

  • Kat

    Does anyone have any experience with Marketview Research? I get emails from

  • deb

    Opinion Outpost is excellent and they offer both a debit card for payment, and paypal.

  • personally i love survey spot…i havent had any issues yet…oh and harris poll is pretty good!

  • Tasha

    I love Inbox dollar have got a check over 50.00 before. Inbox dollar is way more than just reading emails.

  • Nina

    When you register to any survey site, always check its legitimacy.Sites like: always reveal the truth behind the scene.There are still many scam surveys.You have to be careful.

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