Posted: November 19, 2010

I recently attended SaveUp in Chicago.  The conference was for bloggers who love to get deals on a variety of products, and we are the DealPros.

I have a confession.  Shhhhhhh!!! Don’t tell, but I am a blogger who does not own a laptop.  Going to a blogging conference, I knew laptops would be vital and I asked to take my husband’s. My husband’s Macbook Pro.

I took my mouse from my desktop computer.  You know, the kind with a right-clicker.   But there were times during the conference when I just wanted to pull up my computer and do some quick work, not fumble and plug in the mouse.   But work was not quick.  Command+C was bugging me – I really like the way I copy and paste quicker with dragging my mouse and right clicking.  I know this sounds like a little deal but it annoyed me the entire conference.  I am a blogger who genuinely missed her PC.

I am also a deal blogger.  I looked at deals for HP laptops on vs. Mac laptops.  For less money, you can get a lot more upgrades (larger screen, more RAM, more hard drive) on an HP laptop.  Plus you’ll get a right-clicker.  I just logically can’t see any reason to go with a Mac.  I never even had a reason to use the drag-around-the-screen feature on Macs that my husband thinks is glorious. Now my husband is going to hang his head and sob at this post; he is a die-hard Mac lover.  But I’m a lover of deals, and HP is not only a better deal, but much easier for this mommy to use.

Speaking of deals, Walmart will have HP laptops starting at $298 on Black Friday.  The one I think is the best deal though, is the $398 HP with Windows 7 Premium Home, 3 GB memory, 320 GB hard drive and 17.3″ diagonal HDdisplay.   Now I’m just drooling, excuse me…

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