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Posted: June 23, 2011

I would love to go to BlogHer and learn more about how to make my blog better. Could you go to this BlogHer entry form page and look for my tip (as shown below) and click on it then click on Done. That’s all you have to do to vote for my tip, the top 6 votes get to go to BlogHer!

Vote for my tip:

Sales are seasonal! During the summertime, you can expect the following items to be at their lowest price throughout the year: Air conditioners, craft supplies, sodas, hotdogs, hamburger meat (buy in bulk and freeze it), condiments, fresh fish, vegetables, linens, and breakfast foods (cold cereal-juice-waffles-etc) to name a few. By knowing which time of the year items go on sale in stores and online, you can time your purchases and reap serious savings. — Cuckoo for Coupon Deals

This ends Sunday, June 26th at midnight. I am so thankful for your help! If I win I will announce it on my site and let you know if I learn anything exciting at Blog Her.

Posted: June 9, 2011

I heard about a new movie that was “family friendly” and on NBC, I thought “good for them!” I am so tired of the filth on T.V. these days! It seems like it is everywhere. So I embedded the tailor above, and if you are interested in watching the full movie, the premiere of Field of Vision is on Saturday, June 11 on NBC at 8pm ET/7pm CT and you can watch the trailer above.

What happened is Walmart got together with P&G and decided to sponsor clean, wholesome family films.  They created what they call “Family Movie Night” and I am really excited about it, because the movies are free and sometimes we can’t get a sitter and staying in and watching a movie works for us.  You can keep track of all the movies they are showing on the Family Movie Night Facebook page.

I got to watch a preview of the movie before I posted about it to make sure it was good.  It was!  I have experienced bullying before, so  the movie’s characters reactions.  Especially giving up on dreams because of bullying.  I guess you could say the movie really hit home with me and it is a great feel-good family movie.

Join @MomCentral on Twitter for the #FamilyMovie Twitter Party today from 3:00-4:00PM EST and enter to win one of six $50 Amazon gift codes!

Ask CCD Readers: Have you seen field of vision?

I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of P&G and received a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.

Posted: May 27, 2011

Every Friday I try to post a fun video to kick off the weekend. Email me any suggestions for next week!
I love wedding proposals!!!!  If you can’t view the video above, view it here.

Posted: May 19, 2011


I guess this is a real craze, I thought it was a joke from The Onion!

Posted: May 13, 2011

USPS and the National Association of Letter Carriers are hosting their annual Stamp Out Hunger National Food Drive this Saturday, May 14.  USPS Mail Carriers will collect non-perishable food donations left by mailboxes and will deliver the items to local community food banks and shelters.

This week is Couponing for Community week.  We all try to donate as much as possible.  I often get dog food cheap/free and I don’t have  a dog – what a great item to donate!

All you need to do is place a box or can of non-perishable food* next to your mailbox before your letter carrier delivers mail on Saturday, May 14.  The carrier will then take all the food collected back to a postal station, sort and then deliver the items to an area food bank or pantry.

What can I donate to Stamp Out Hunger? Please donate items like canned meats, fish, soup, vegetables; bottled juice, pasta, cereal and rice that do not require refrigeration.  Please do not include items that have expired or are in glass containers.

Thanks for the reminder, Madame Deals!

Posted: May 13, 2011

I post a lot of Utah deals, but keep my homepage full of nationwide deals anyone can do.  So click on Utah Deals on my sidebar to see Utah only deals, or click on Maceys, Fresh Market, or Smiths on the Stores area of my sidebar to see the deals!

I posted some new Utah deals today!

Posted: May 13, 2011

Video Courtesy of

If you just heard about couponing on my KSL News shopping trips, and you are ready to get started, I’m here to help!

I post all the coupon deals stores in Utah are offering each week!  In order to understand how to get the deals, read below.  To view the deals this week, go to the Walmart deals post, Walgreens Deals post here, the Rite Aid post here, the Smiths post here, the Maceys post here, and the Fresh Market post here.

If you want alerted each week of what the hot deals are, then sign up for email alerts!


First, this is my in-depth coupon clipping slicing & organizing  video.  It covers:

  1. How to get the LOWEST prices on multiple copies of the Sunday paper so you can get a lot of coupon inserts (I just renegotiated new lower prices – read how to get them here!)  I have massive discounts on The Daily Herold (only paper in Utah with the Red Plum Insert coupons!) The SLC Tribune, The Desert News, The Ogden-Standard Examiner and The Herold Journal.
  2. Coupon binder vs. filing method
  3. Slice Coupon Cutter (no more scissors for me!)
  4. Pre-sorting categories as you slice coupons
  5. Showing my coupon binder & categories I use (view them HERE)

I have gotten so many emails asking about my Slice Coupon Cutter – you can scoop up a slice safety cutter here on for just $6 plus free super saver shipping!

Since I made that video, I got a new binder cover from Coupon Clutch !

After watching the video, and you have more questions, read below to learn all about extreme couponing:

Posted: May 12, 2011

1. Regal cinemas is offering some movies at $1 on tuesdays/wednesdays at 10 am!

2. Barnes and noble has a reading program where u get a free book if you submit this journal if ur kid has read 8 books..

3. Cinemark theatres has 75 cents admission on mondays if ur a group of 3 or more…

4. Factory tours are available for kids, find one in ur area here

5. Borders earn a free book kids program.

6. Free Online activities for kids

7. has some creative ideas on what kids can do.

8. Free crafts for kids every saturday at lakeshore learning 11 – 3 pm

9. First saturday of every month, free workshop for kids 5-12 at home depot

10. Lowes has free fun clinics for kids every saturday at 10 am.

11. Free events in various cities sponsored by Target.

12. Half price books has a reading program where kids can earn ‘back ot school bucks’ by reading more.

13.Kids eat free (list of places where kids eat free and which day of the week those are)

If you want to search daywise, say where kids can eat free on , say, tuesdays, then you can search by zip code on this other Kids Eat Free site.

14. AMF bowling has free kids bowling ALL SUMMER

15. Free bowling for Non-AMF bowling at Kids Bowl Free

16. Sign up for the free sports fan packs of various teams, here…(some are email, some are postcard, some are online signups) some of them have free coloring books or magnets, crafts etc as part of the kit…that’ll keep them busy!

17. Carmike Cinemas has a kids $1 movie days

18.  Lot’s of libraries have free summer reading programs.

Don’t forget my Birthday Freebies list!

Ask CCD Readers: Please add more activities in the comments below! Thanks to SD for help with this list!

Posted: May 6, 2011

We just switched servers and a bunch of posts were lost, plus the new server is much slower to the point where I can’t do anything on my site.  So sorry but we will be back up as soon as possible.  I am trying to figure out what to do at this point.

Posted: May 4, 2011

When thinking about their next vacation destination, most people are eager to dismiss Honolulu, because they erroneously believe that a Hawaiian vacation must be expensive. Ranging from free block parties to inexpensive hotels to affordable meals, Honolulu offers several budget friendly options to its visitors. Here are 3 tips to save money in Honolulu, HI.

Inexpensive Hotels

When visiting Honolulu, the Waikiki district is a great place to book a hotel because there are so many restaurants, clubs, bars and amenities within walking distance, that you will not need to rent a car. Avoid hotels that are on Kalakaua Avenue and in front of the beach because these are the most expensive ones. Look for hotels that are just 1 to 3 blocks away from the beach on either Kuhio Avenue or Ala Wai Boulevard. Not only will you avoid premium prices, but also you will find plenty of free street parking in the event that you decide to rent a car. Some of the most inexpensive hotels are the ones from the Aqua Hotels resort chain.

Also, members of the Hostelling International network have access to 2 hostels in Honolulu that have rooms starting at $20 per night. One is located near the campus of the University of Hawaii at Manoa and the other is nearby Kalakaua Avenue. If you don’t mind sharing a room with 7 other guests, then this is the lowest price possible for a room in Honolulu.

Block Parties

Honolulu’s downtown is know by locals as “Chinatown” and is also known for its free block parties, where hundreds of locals gather to celebrate a special occasion such as Cinco de Mayo, Halloween or St. Patrick’s Day. From Waikiki, there are several bus lines that you can take to Chinatown and the bus fare each way is just $2.50 (with one free transfer). Additionally, every first Friday of the month, Chinatown’s art galleries and restaurants host a celebration called “First Friday Art Walk”, which includes wine tastings inside the art galleries (free, but a $2 tip is recommended), art exhibitions, and live performances on the street by musicians and other artists. First Friday takes place between 5 and 9 p.m. and the locals usually head after to dance clubs such as Soho Media Bar on South Pauahi Street and bars such as Bar 35 on North Hotel Street.

Affordable Meals

Honolulu is a foodie’s paradise. According to the 2010 U.S. Census, this city has the most culturally diverse population from the United States. With a strong influence of cultures from Asia and the Pacific, Honolulu offers amazing and affordable restaurants.

If’ you’re looking for Chinese food, Chinatown has great places for sit-down dinners such as Little Village Noodle House on Smith Street or quick on-the-go snacks such as the food court inside the Maunakea Market Place on Maunakea Street. If you’re looking for Japanese food, Ideta Restaurant on Kohou Street is a great option, while any of the more than 10 locations of Genki Sushi in Oahu Island are the best option for affordable sushi and sashimi. The closest Genki Sushi location to Waikiki is the one on Kapahulu Street.

Most Hawaiian food places are not in Waikiki. While there are many options, 2 of the most popular and affordable ones are Helena’s Hawaiian Food on North School Street and Yama’s Fish Market on Young Street. Keep in mind that both places have a very small dine-in area (2 tables at the most) and are mostly for ordering take-out. Out of the 2, Yama’s Fish Market is the one closest to Waikiki area. While Ono Hawaiian Foods is popular and closer to Waikiki, most locals avoid it because it is a tourist trap.

Bonus Tip: Ask for Discount

Most restaurants, hotels, shops and bars will offer some discount but will not let you know about it unless you ask for it. The social media scene is very active in Honolulu and many businesses are offering discounts to users of Yelp, Foursquare, Twitter and Facebook, so make sure to check the online presence of the business that you’re visiting.

Additionally, most business offer discounts to military personnel, senior citizens, and children. So, it is a good idea to check for these discounts.

Ask CCD Readers: Have you been to Hawaii? Do you have any more tips?

Posted: April 29, 2011

I didn’t wake up early or anything, but I just watched clips on yahoo of the Royal Wedding.  I am not one particularly interested in that type of thing, but you wouldn’t believe how excited my four year old was.  She kept thinking we were watching me and my husband get married, I thought it was hilarious.  She thought the little flower girls were her.   That was a fun Mommy Moment!

Well then I saw people are selling rings that look like the Princesses!  I guess I am out of the loop I didn’t realize how excited people were about this.   Did you watch? Do you care?  I just thought my daughter’s reaction was so cute I wish I had recorded it.

Posted: April 27, 2011

When I said I get long-lasting food storage (that tastes great!) for when there are natural disasters and emergencies, such as job layoffs, another time is for when food prices soar.  And they aren’t going anywhere but up this year.

Read this post by my friend Roland, prices on Pampers, Bounty, Charmin, Huggies and more have been raised, and Walmart said their foods will increase this summer.

Ask CCD Readers: What are you doing to prepare?  And don’t forget about my two posts on saving on gas!

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