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Posted: March 10, 2011

Most of you know I am quite frugal, so up until about a week ago I never had paid to have any design work done on my site, I always did it myself.  Part of the problem was finding someone to do it for cheap!

I found this new site called where you start a competition to have your logo made, or site redesigned, or any other design work you need done.  I ran a contest for my site header.  During the contest, you can submit feedback to each designer on things you’d like them to change.

One designer was very quick to make the changes I requested, and I ended up loving his design.  I think it’s unique and not like every-other-site out there.  His name is Agustin and he is offering CCD readers 20% off any of his design work – just mention my site!

He was super easy to work with and his prices are crazy low compared to some of the quotes I got from other designers!

Here’s a little more about Agustin:

My name is Agustin Etchegaray and I’m 23. I have a degree in Graphic Design & Audiovisual Communication. I work as a freelancer but also for a Design & Communication studio. I’ve worked for the studio at distance (in different cities) and the work group dynamics is great, so being far away from the client isn’t a problem. Checkout my portfolio: People can also contact me via e-mail: agustin.etchegaray.dg@gmail(DOT)com
His portfolio is extremely impressive!  He only did my site header, but I feel like it has really changed the entire look of my site.  He also does print design too, not just web design.
Posted: March 9, 2011

I’d like to leave the house today, but I can’t.

You see, there are some things you never imagine happening when you aren’t looking.  Like the time my 2-year-old went potty in my vent.

And the same 2-year-old is at it again.  I was so excited to see some sunlight outside, finally, that I wanted to take my girls for a walk.  But when we got to the door, there were no shoes in our “shoe area”.  We have a set area right when you walk in from the garage for shoes.  They are always there – we don’t wear shoes in the house.

But they aren’t there today.  I’m talking about 10 pairs of shoes (about 3 per family member) just gone.

I searched in cupboards first.  Then closets. Then under beds. Then the basement.

Now I’m getting desparate.  I really want to know where all those shoes could have gone! It has to be a pretty big area for that amount of shoes.

Yes, I checked our freezer and the vents.

I’ll update the post when (if?) I find them and let you know where they are…

Ask CCD Readers: Has anything like this happened to you?

Posted: March 7, 2011

TLC has picked up the series Extreme Couponing for another 12 half-hour episodes!  Set your DVR’s for 9 PM EST on April 8th, 2011.  You can checkout a trailor for Extreme Couponing here.

I love watching all the totals and savings, what about you?  Many people think the show extreme couponing is unrealistic.  Here’s my two cents:

The average couponer can expect to save 50%: Some items, such as drugstore items and hygiene items, couponers get for free at CVS, Rite Aid, and Walgreen’s.   Other items, such as fresh fruit and produce, have much less coupons and unless you can roll catalinas to pay for these items, you’re not going to get huge discounts on them.  Your best bet is to watch weekly ads for the best sales on produce.  So an average couponer will average out at about 50% savings.

This also largely depends on your area; some areas of the country have a plethora of great stores to shop at, while others have slim pickings.

If you really want to learn how to coupon properly, read my free 10-page how to extreme coupon guide.

Ask CCD Readers: How much has couponing cut your grocery bill?

Posted: February 28, 2011

Guest Post by Living on Love and Cents

Each week I search online and in stores for the best deals on diapers. These are the best deals I see for this week 2/27/11 – 3/5/11.

Walgreens– The BEST DEAL!

Huggies Jumbo Pack Diapers, Pull-Ups or GoodNites 12-50 pack for $2.99

How to get this deal:
Get 1 Jumbo Pack Diapers for $8.99
$2.00/1 – Huggies Pull-Ups Training Pants – ( OR $2/1 Huggies Diapers 2/27/2011 SS
-$2.00/1 Huggies Diapers Big Pack or Wipes 184 or 216 ct – Walgreens Infant Care Booklet UPDATE: Looks like this coupon won’t work on this size of diapers, darn!
=$6.99 Out of Pocket
Receive $2 Register Reward when you by 1 (limit 1)
= $4.99 After RR and Stacked Coupons
*NOTE- The Walgreens Infant Care Booklet should be found in your store near the weekly ad. These coupons should be considered as Walgreens coupons and can stacked with manufactures coupon. Be sure to grab a filler item. You must have one item per coupon or it will not work. Also this is limit 1 per transaction. So to get several packs at this price you will need to do several transactions.

Huggies Wipes, 184 or 216 pack $3.99

How to get this deal:
Get one Huggies Wipes for $5.99
-$2.00/1 Huggies Diapers Big Pack or Wipes 184 or 216 ct – Walgreens Infant Care Booklet
= $3.99 Out of Pocket


Be sure you have signed up for a FREE Amazon Moms membership to get these discounts.
Deals on Diapers:

Deal on Wipes:

Please visit Living on Love and Cents for more baby deals!

Deidre’s Note: Kmart’s got some great deals too!

Spend $35 On P&G Products, Get a $10 Catalina at Checkout Scenarios!
Pampers Easy Ups Big Boxes $18.99
Buy 2 packages
Use 2 of the $1.50/1 Pampers Easy Ups or UnderJams, exp. 2-28-11 (P&G 01/30/11)
Pay: $31.98 OOP (remember they are doubling coupons $2 this week!)
Receive a $10 catalina
Final Price= $10.99 each when you buy 2!
Pampers Diapers Big Boxes $18.99
Buy 2 packages
Use the $2/1 Pampers Diapers or Pants, exp. 3-31-11 (P&G 02/27/11)
Pay $29.98 OOP (remember they are doubling coupons $2 this week!)
Recieve a $10 catalina
Final Price= $9.99 each for the biggest size packages!

Also, a Walgreen’s note:

If you’re planning on buying Huggies at Walgreens this week, look for the Bonus Pack of Huggies with over $30.00 worth of Walgreen’s store coupons:

$2.00/1 Huggies Big Pack
$1.50/1 Pull-ups
$1.00/1 Huggies baby wipes, tub or refill
$1.00/1 Goodnites Underpants, jumbo pack
$3.00/1 Enfagrow product
$1.00/2 Gerber Graduates puffs or lil crunchies
$1.00/1 Kotex pads, tampons, or liners
$1.00/1 U by Kotex, pads, tampons or liners
$1.00/1 Poise pads or pantiliners
$2.00/1 Viva towels (6 pack)
$1.00/1 Scott Naturals Towels
$1.00/1 Cottonelle Toilet Paper
$0.50/1 Cottonelle Fresh moist wipes (tub or refill)
$1.00/1 Kleenex one bundle pack (4 x 60 count) OR any three packages
$1.00/2 Palmolive Dish Liquid, 20 oz+
$1.00/1 Colgate Total Toothpaste
$1.00/1 Colgate 360 Toothbrush
$1.00/1 Colgate Wisp mini-brushes with freshening bead
$1.00/1 Softsoap brand Body Wash
$1.00/1 Irish Spring Body Wash
$1.00/2 Softsoap brand Liquid Hand Soap Pumps
$0.50/5 PowerBar Pure & Simple Bars
$1.00/1 MAM Product (picture is of pacifiers)
$1.00/1 Flintstone Vitamins
$1.00/1 Aleve Product
$1.00/1 Midol Product
$1.00/1 Citracel Product
$1.00/1 One a Day Product

Ask CCD Readers: Where are you getting diapers at this week?
Posted: February 25, 2011

Hi guys! I just wanted to let you know that my blogger friend Dear Crissy noticed some pages simply gone from my site – ack! I fixed it though!

I added some tabs at the top of my site- “Popular Posts”  which shows the top 10 posts people have been visiting on my site in the last 24 hours, “Recent Comments”, and a Grab Button tab.  When I did this, things got messed up, but they are fixed now.

Also, I’m adding a really fun feature to the Popular Stores area on my sidebar.  You will like this I’m sure, so look for that later today/tomorrow!!!   I hope it will be so much easier to find the deals you are looking for!

Posted: February 25, 2011

Watch this video! Too frugal for me!  Stirring soup with a fly swatter…  I think this is mocking coupon dumpster diving, but it’s still funny.

Posted: February 24, 2011

Remember when I posted the deal for $11.55 for the 2011 entertainment coupon book? Mine just came and I was happy to see FOUR coupons for $5 off any $50 purchase at ANY Kroger or affiliates, like Smith’s!

It’s as thick as a phone book!

There were a few bonus coupons too, plus TONS of amazing restaurant deals and oh boy am I excited!

Right now these are $19.99 + free shipping, and you can get 30% cash back if you go through ShopAtHome. I’ve seen better deals, but no matter what you pay you are going to easily get your money back in this book!  I’ll keep you posted if I see any more great deals on these!

Printing copies of coupons is illegal, so I put red lines through the barcodes in photoshop so no one could photo-copy them

Ask CCD Readers: Did you get yours? Any great deals you found?

Posted: February 23, 2011

Vote for me – there is no prize, but I do get to share my cuckoo deals with their readers if I’m voted one of the top 25 money saving mom blogs!  It just takes one second, click the thumbs up button here.


Posted: February 22, 2011

Today I got a strange phone call – “We’re from Lowe’s home delivery and we just wanted to make sure your home, we’re on our way there with your new freezer.”

I was like, what?!?!?!!?

It turns out, that today is my 26th birthday.  I had forgot, but my mom didn’t.  She got me a freezer for my birthday!  I have seen so many awesome deals on frozen juice, ice cream, frozen chicken, etc… and wasn’t able to stock up because I didn’t have a separate freezer (just the one that is with the fridge – and mine is unusually tiny).

I am so excited! I’m already planning on doing freezer jams and feeling so blessed today.   What a great unexpected surprise to make my day!  And it’s the standing-up kind that take up less space, how thoughtful is my mom???

Ask CCD Readers: Has anyone ever surprised you on your birthday?

Posted: February 22, 2011

Sell Used  Books Online - Quick Cash, Free Shipping, Free Quotes!

I posted about over here last year, and I am still getting emails from people telling me how much they got paid to sell their books!

Mari Bell said:

“I just sold 7 textbooks and got $90!!!! They ranged from $3- $35. I was just glad to get rid of them!!!”

Cahs 4 Books is mostly looking for books 2007 or newer, any type of book. But enter in all your un-wanted books ISBN #’s just in case they will buy them from you!

Just enter in your ISBN #, if they want the book they pay for your shipping label and deposit money directly into your Pay Pal account.

Scan your books with your iPhone iPod Touch!!!!

Now they have an iPhone/iPod app that let’s you scan the barcodes of your books, and it tells you how much they are buying them for!   Tip: Scan books at garage sells! They might be $.25 at a garage sell, and $5 on!

Ask CCD Readers: Have you tried Cash 4 Books?

Posted: February 21, 2011

I’ve posted so many deals this morning already, you’ll need to scroll down to the bottom of my site and click on page 2 to see them all!

I’m off to Target now… wish me luck! I’ve done 3 posts chalk full of deals and am ready to go do them!

Posted: February 18, 2011

I used to post funny videos every Friday, and have been slacking! So here’s a funny one I posted a long time ago, but I know my new readers will have a good laugh!

Imagine a similar version of this “Coupons, what have you done to my wife?” Talking about how anything full price makes her sick lol!  That would be funny too. 

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