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Posted: August 19, 2017

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Woot! This is a rare deal that EVERYONE, new and old TopCashBack members can do! From now until August 20th, 2017 23:59 PT, you can get an EXTRA $3 cashback when you do your shopping and click on a link through
TopCashBack. All you do is go to TopCashBack’s special $3 activation page and click “activate” to activate the offer. Then click on TopCashBack’s links to go do your shopping you’d normally do. Spend at least $10. If you normally would have gotten $.50 back on say a purchase, you’ll get $3.50! Such an amazing promo!!! Target, Walmart, Bath and Body Works, and tons more stores are participating so this is a stellar deal.

All major merchants are participating!

This is capped at one bonus per member and members are required to opt into the promotion via the activation page to qualify for the bonus.

Never heard of TopCashBack? It’s like Ebates, except you get your money sooner and there is no minimum to earn to get your money back! It’s FREE! You can get paid via paypal, check, or even Amazon gift cards. If you are new, sign up for TopCashBack then click on the link you are emailed to activate your account.

Transactions with the following merchants are excluded from this promotion: 123 Copy DVD, 4 Wheel Parts,, Angara, B2C Jewels, BigAl’, Black Halo,, Canvas People, Defender Pro, Fiverr, Flora2000, Fly Again, Footwear etc., Gray Line New York, Hansen Surfboards Inc.,, IHG, iStock, Journey, KingIce, Link-Assistant, Metal Mulisha, Netflix, PRWeb, Serif,,, The Popcorn Factory, TopCashBack – SignUp Bonus

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Posted: August 18, 2016

Walgreen's Points Main & Social Image

Calling all Walgreen’s shoppers! If you shop at Walgreen’s, then more than likely you are a Balance Rewards Member!  Many times in the ad, you will see different offers to earn points (buy 2 – get 1,000 points, buy $20 – get 5,000 points, etc.), but do you know how to maximize your points?  Once you have earned 5,000 points, you can start using your points in these increments, so make sure to plan your shopping trips accordingly! Please note that you can only do a maximum for $50 (40,000) points in any one transaction.

Here’s How Points Equate to Dollars:

  • 1,000 = $1
  • 2,000 – $2
  • 3,000 – $3
  • 5,000 – $5
  • 10,000 – $10
  • 18,000 – $20 (a $2 savings)
  • 30,000 – $35 (a $5 savings)
  • 40,000 – $50 (a $10 savings)

Recently, Walgreen’s added the BEST feature with their Balance Rewards Points…you can now ROLL YOUR POINTS.  That means that you can use points and still earn points!  Walgreen’s deserves a round of applause for that awesome addition to their policy!

Additionally, EveryDay Points is a new way to get rewarded for every purchase made using you Balance Rewards Membership, where you earn 10 points for every $1 on almost everthing. You will need to log into your account to start earning EveryDay Points. Then, you are ready to earn!

Walgreen's 5X points

Make sure to watch for bonus points like 5X EveryDay Points wyb $10+ In-Ad/Digital Coupon, 50 Bonus EveryDay Points per $1 In-Ad/Digital Coupon, etc. to get even more points!

Walgreen's Prescriptions Pic for pOst

If you get your prescriptions filled at Walgreen’s, you can earn 100 points per 30-day prescription or 300 points per 90-day prescription! However, you will not earn EveryDay Points for your pharmacy transactions.

Walgreen's Healthy Choices Points

Did you know you can earn points just by making healthy choices in your life?  At Walgreen’s, they want you to “Be Well” and you can earn points by doing just that!

Here are the Ways to Earn Points for Healthy Choices:

  • Set a Healthy Goal – 250 points per New Goal
  • Achieve a Healthy Goal – 250 points per New Goal
  • Link an App or Device Goal – 250 points per Device or App
  • Walk, Run, or Cycle – 20 points per Mile
  • Exercise Activities – 20 points per Daily Log
  • Weigh-Ins – 20 points per Daily Log
  • Test Blood Pressure – 20 points per Daily Log
  • Monitor Blood Glucose – 20 points per Daily Log
  • Quit Tobacco with NRT – 20 points per Daily Log

Please note, that points expire 3 years after you have earned them OR if your account goes inactive for 6 months! Don’t lose your points!

If you want to learn more about using coupons at Walgreen’s , make sure to check out the updated post, Walgreen’s Coupon Policy 2016!

If you would like to see more ways to maximize your shopping experience at Walgreen’s, make sure to check out the 16 Amazing Walgreen’s Shopping Hacks!

Don’t forget to check out our Walgreen’s Weekly Matchup Lists!

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Posted: June 30, 2016

FrappacinoYum!  Check out the participating local Starbucks from 7/2 to 7/4 and pay only $3 for any Grande Frappuccino blended beverage from 12 PM – 3PM. Make every sip more rewarding by joining the Starbucks rewards program to earn FREE products!

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Posted: March 13, 2016


  1.  Add me as your Personal Shopper on – you’ll have to login first, then click this “become a client” link.
  2. Go to the Instant Win Games at Shop Your Way Rewards. Up for grabs is a 60″ Smart TV, a 2016 Pickup Truck, a Pro Series Mower and more!
  3. Just click on the instant win button to find them.

There are 116 Sweeps to enter and you can enter these daily to increase your chance of winning! All of these are FREE to play!

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Posted: February 19, 2016



You may want to sign up for Opinion Outpost to easily earn extra cash; if you are on a desktop or laptop computer, sign up here.  IF you are on a mobile device or tablet, sign up here.  Opinion Outpost conducts surveys and product tests. The more they know about what customers and citizens think, the easier it is for them to improve and adapt what they supply. Take Surveys to give your opinion and shape the future.  Above is a picture of $10 that Couponing on Coffee’s reader emailed to her for doing a washcloth product test from Opinion Outpost.

Rewards include get cash, gift cards, game points, donations to your favorite charities, and more. Everyone is also automatically entered to a $10,000 sweepstakes by joining and taking surveys.

The minimum cash out for Paypal is $10 and only $5 for gift cards – so if you’re ready, sign up for Opinion Outpost (it’s easy!)

Here’s what Cuckoo for Coupon Deals readers have said in a previous post about Opinion Outpost:

  • Kelcey – I love opinion outpost and u get ur amazon code within minutes of cashing out been using it over a year.
  • Trish –  I don’t do surveys much anymore, but I had a really good experience with Opinion Outpost. They had a lot of surveys and I got to the payout threshold pretty quick.

Photo Credit, Couponin’ On Coffee

Posted: January 19, 2016

UPDATE: This is back!

Apply for Pinecone Research! It is hard to get in to,  and usually isn’t taking applications, but they are right now. I got in it years ago when it was easier.  It’s my favorite survey site on my list of good vs. bad survey sites.  Mostly because it pays for every survey, there are no “filler” surveys to see if you qualify for a survey.  If they send you a survey, you’ll get paid for it.

I am a member and you get paid $3 per survey via check or paypal.  No annoying pre-screeners, you just get sent ones that apply to you.  You take them and get $3.  Very simple, I love them!

Leave your experiences with them below if you’re a member!

Jennifer says “I’ve been a member of this site for about a year and I love it! I do about 2 surveys a month and sometimes I get to try out the product…how cool is that! It’s well worth the wait to get in! :)”

Apply now for Pinecone Research

It’s ranked as the #3 US survey site on Survey Police!

Right now, you can also apply for Your Word, which is number 5 by Survey Police and I’ve had a few readers let me know they like it as well.  UPDATE: I’ll let you know when Your Word is accepting new members again.

Thanks, Josie and Ember!

Posted: November 29, 2015

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It’s back! Right now with every $10+ purchase you get TWO secret rewards cards, and they can be $10-$500 value each! Must use code SECRETBONUS at checkout!  It will just show one reward card in cart, that is the bonus one and the other one will be coming too. Reward cards valid to use 12/1-12/17 in stores (excluding outlets), online, or by phone.

Here’s the deals going on today:

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 12.02.25 PM



Deidre’s Deal Idea:

Remember to be over $10 not including taxes & shipping.

Posted: October 4, 2015

download (1)
Did you know that Kmart/Sears have a program that lets you earn points (which convert to money) just for getting and staying fit?  The program, FitStudio, is FREE to sign up for and use – and you can earn up to $2 weekly!  If you are already a SYWR member then you just use your email and password to sign in and create your profile.

Deidre’s Video Tutorial:

To easily earn your first points you can do this:


  • Sign up for FREE = 2000 Points ($2)
  • Complete your profile = 2000 Points ($2)
  • profile
  • Connect a Device = 1000 Points ($1) connect
  • You will be able to connect via several fitness and health tracking apps.  Link to the one that you use.  You can use Fitbit Tracker and other ones. *We use My Fitness Pal.  We personally have tested it and get our SYWR points daily!  It’s a little complicated to setup, details on this post: Syncing My Fitness Pal with Map My Walk and SYWR FitStudio.
  • Connect Activities can be completed once per account. Use points within 7 days

To continue earning points you do this:

Get Active

  • Walk or run 2 miles a day = 100 points (limit 100 per day)
  • Share Fitstudio content = 100 points (limit 100 per day)
  • Burn 200 Active Calories = 100 points (limit 100 per day)
  • Share your progress = 100 points (limit 100 per day)

You can Redeem Points at Kmart or Sears for purchases like cash!

After I signed up it had me set a goal.  Once I hit my goal I get another 5,000 Points ($5)

Points are injected in your account, they are NOT surprise points!

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 11.01.58 AM

These points can be used on anything!  And you can earn up to $2 per week, just for walking 15 miles.  (it used to be $5, it is now $2)

It will keep track of your points and activities after you have your device connected in one easy place (Dashboard)


You can also check My Library, under My Profile, to easily save FitStudio programs, workouts, exercises and articles for quick access later.  You can check out he the Programs


and Workout Gallery


and customize it to the type of workout you want to do:


The points you earn are automatically added to your SYWR account and ready to spend – no restrictions!  Use them on anything you want!


Posted: September 9, 2015

Kelloggs Family Rewards Image

Sign up for Kellogg’s Family Rewards if you haven’t already – you can use codes from products to earn high-value coupons.  We got 100 NEW points today with the code BONUSCODE4MOMMAS.

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Posted: September 7, 2015

Cartoon Lady Pampers codes

Pampers Gifts to Grow is a program where you enter codes found inside pack of diapers, training pants and wipes. Save the points up, until you can get cool prizes-like free diapers and wipes. Enter the code FBBV8SE35YM8D15 to earn 10 points and TWBV8SE35YM8D15 for 5 points.

Sign up for Pampers Gifts to Grow for 100 points FREE if you are not a member yet.

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Posted: August 31, 2015

Kelloggs Family Rewards Image

Sign up for Kellogg’s Family Rewards if you haven’t already – you can use codes from products to earn high-value coupons.  We got 100 NEW points today with the code SAVINGSREWARDS4U.

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Posted: August 31, 2015

Cartoon Lady Pampers codesPampers Gifts to Grow is a program where you enter codes found inside pack of diapers, training pants and wipes. Save the points up, until you can get cool prizes-like free diapers and wipes. Enter the code FBH73RD8AWAHH15 to earn 10 points and TWITWO4CD3RGA15 for 5 points.

Sign up for Pampers Gifts to Grow for 100 points FREE if you are not a member yet.

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