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Posted: May 8, 2010

I am so excited to announce that Cuckoo for Coupon Deals now has a full Coupon Database on my site! Just click on the Coupon Database button on the sidebar of my site, or on the top menu bar, anytime to search it.

What does this mean for you?

Let’s say you need to buy juice. But it is not on sale, so no coupons are listed on a coupon match-ups list! Just go to the coupon database and search for “juice”.  All the non-expired coupons from Sunday coupon inserts, online printable coupons, drug store in-store coupon booklets, and magazine coupons will appear!  You can print printable coupons from inside the database to save you time.

This is also a great resource for bloggers doing coupon match-ups.

Bloggers – want the database too?

You can get the full coupon database on your site, with your own affiliate links, here. You only have to insert your affiliate codes once, and from then on all links are switched to yours.

Posted: May 6, 2010

What are Walgreens, CVS, & Rite Aid Coupon Booklets?

Most drug stores offer monthly coupon booklets. These are mostly store coupons that can be “stacked with” manufacturer’s coupons for huge savings.  Check the coupons to make sure they say “store coupon” and not “manufacturer’s coupon” if you want to stack it with another manufacturer’s coupon you already have.

Where can I find these coupon booklets?

You can find these in-stores.  Check by the circular’s when you first walk in.  If they aren’t there, check by the pharmacy or ask a store clerk.  Keep the booklet and use it over and over during the month.

What are Reinventing Beauty coupons at CVS?

Reinventing Beauty is a magazine sold for around $.99 at CVS stores which has coupons in it, both CVS and manufacturer’s coupons.

Posted: March 30, 2010

View the other posts in my ABC’s of Couponing series

I receive emails daily from people with questions.  Here’s  a new video I made today to go along with my others store Videos that answers a lot of stacking coupon questions and printable coupon questions.

In the video I talk about coupon policies, view each stores coupon policy.

I also teach how to “stack” a manufacturer’s coupon with a store coupon.  You can read a text walk-though of how store coupons and manufacturer’s coupon work.

In the video I talk about these sources of coupons:

Rite Aid Video Values No Longer Available

I didn’t mention eCoupons: but I should have! These do “stack” with coupons from above.  You don’t have to print them, you just type in your rewards card number for your grocery store and when you swipe your card at checkout it will deduct your coupons. Learn all about eCoupons now!


Posted: March 8, 2010

View a video here on how to decide if you should file coupons or use a binder, plus how to sort, clip slice, and organize your coupon binder if you decide it would work better for you then filing.

Posted: February 23, 2010

Use eCoupons at Smith’s, Albertson’s, and the following stores:

What is an eCoupon, Loadable or Clipless coupon?
An eCoupon is an electronic coupon get online in a similar manner to a printable coupon.  Instead of printing the coupon, you load it onto your store loyalty card.  When you scan your loyalty card at the cash register, or give your phone number, you will automatically receive the savings if you’ve made a qualifying purchase.

Go to and enter in your store loyalty card #, then click on the new eCoupons to add them to your card.

Go to and enter in your store loyalty card #, then click on “coupons & deals” then “Grocery eCoupons”.  Then you select ALL the eCoupons.  I try to do this the 1st day of every month since normally that is when their coupons re-fresh.

Rite Aid now accepts Upromise!

These offers have all been added to the Cuckoo Deals Coupon Database as well to make matching them with store deals even easier!

Posted: February 23, 2010

Save up to 30% at your favorite stores.

Gift cards are ca$h (to stores)
+ you can combine them with coupon$
= save huge $$$ at retail stores and restaurants.

Example: Foot Locker $200 Gift Card selling for $160 at

If someone gives you a retail, restaurant, or movie theater gift card you don’t want, you can also sell or trade it at

Prices vary from $30-400. Plastic Jungle has Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Kohl’s, JCPenny, American Eagle,  just about everywhere I could think of except Home Depot which is where I need one for!  Luckily, I was able to set up an “alert” and as soon as they get one I’ll get an email.

We just bought a house last year with no yard (I mean, it is just dirt with no trees or anything) so we have a massive summer coming at us and I’m sure a discount at Home Depot would be used up quick.   Last year we installed the sprinkler system ourselves (6 week project, 50% savings over hiring a landscaper to do it) and we are doing a garden plus all grass ourselves this year too.  Pictures and updates to come!

Posted: February 5, 2010

Sell Used Books Online - Quick Cash, Free Shipping, Free Quotes!

I just found out about and I am so excited! I have so many books lying around I hope they buy them all up.  It works super simple:

  1. Enter books to sell with their ISBN’s
  2. They pay for your shipping label — which you print right from your computer
  3. They pay you via paypal or check, whichever you prefer.

So go get em’ sold ladies! Please let me know how much $$$ you make! Go here:

Thanks, Ali!

Posted: February 4, 2010

I just found out some exciting Target news… they are going mobile and with that I mean you can now score mobile Target coupons! Just go here to sign up and check out all the details. Basically you will start receiving exclusive Target store mobile coupons that can be stacked with manufacturer coupons for even more savings!

Once signed up, you will start receiving monthly offers via text message (standard text messaging rates do apply) with a link to a barcode that can be scanned at checkout. All the cashier needs to do is take your phone and scan the barcode. It’s that simple! Plus, the same barcode can be used for multiple one-time-only coupon deals throughout the month. I’m assuming these coupons will be the same as the ones on their website, but that’s not too clear yet.

How awesome is this?! The first thing that came to my mind— I will be able to use less of my oh so precious printer ink! Yay! Yay! Yay!

What do you all think? Are you as excited as me?

Posted: January 12, 2010

Part of the ABC’s of Couponing Guide

Target Holiday Clearance Schedule (most stores are similar)
50% off – marked down on the day after the holiday, usually lasts for three days
75% off – marked down on the fourth day after the holiday, usually lasts for three days
90% off – marked down on the seventh day after the holiday, usually lasts for 1-3 days

JANUARY – Historically, Quaker has hot deals on cereal/all items. We see Pepsi/Tostitos go on sale mid-January (again, rebates abound for these). Other items of note this time of year are chili, side dishes, anything for hearty/warm meals.
• Post-Holiday Sales
• White Sales
• Sports and Weight Loss Equipment
• Computers
• Winter Apparel and Accessories
· Organizers, Rubbermaid totes, shelf organizers, planners, filing cabinets

FEBRUARY – many of the same food items as January
• Electronics
• Floor Coverings
• Housewares
• Furniture
• Candy and Chocolates

MARCH – Frozen food month. You’ll find many stores are offering free freezers or fill-a-bag deals. Between March and April, look for spring cleaning deals, so many cleaner items will be on sale. With Easter, looks for eggs, ham, Kraft products to cycle into good sales. Paper products like towels, napkins, plates are starting to come on strong. Beverage items.
• Spring Apparel and Accessories
• Winter Sports Equipment
• Gardening Supplies
• Luggage

• Spring Apparel and Accessories
• Coats and Hats
• Paint
• Wallpaper
• Jewish Foods and Eggs

MAY – get ready for summer! Here come loads of deals on BBQ sauce, frozen veggies, baked beans, and condiments of all kinds, summer-time meats (ribs, hotdogs, and ground beef). Also with all the holidays, look for tons of paper goods that match the holiday and pick them up after clearance. These deals generally continue through September!
• White Sale – Linens and Towels
• Spring Cleaning Supplies
• Auto Maintenance
• Home Maintenance
• Sodas & Bottled Water, Hotdogs, Hamburger Meat, Condiments, Paper & Plastic plates & cups
* Raid/Off bug repellents and sunscreens

• Summer Apparel and Accessories
• Pianos
• Television Sets
• Building Materials and Hardware
• Dairy Products

• Air Conditioners
• Summer Sports Equipment
• Sportswear
• Craft Supplies
• Sodas, Hotdogs, Hamburger Meat, Condiments

• White Sale – Linen and Towels
• BBQ and Patio Equipment
• Back to School Supplies
• Bathing Suits
• Fresh Fish and Vegetables
• Breakfast foods (Cold cereal-Juice-Waffles-etc)
• Cold lunch items for in lunch boxes

SEPTEMBER – back to school; time to fill up on snacks! Pudding cups, Capri suns, fruit snacks, cereal sales start up hard again, peanut butter/jelly. Also, like clockwork, there will be Prego coupons in August, and plan on getting lots and using them in a hurry before they expire in September when the spaghetti sauce goes on sale. Sauce wars between Ragu and Prego this month. Campbell’s soups will go on as well and there will be coupons in the end of August for these as well. Lunchables are on sale this time of year, too.
• Back to School Supplies and Apparel
• Gardening Supplies
• Housewares
• Bicycles
• Canned Goods

Stock up on holiday foods – Stove Top, turkey, instant mashed potatoes, broth, cranberries, marshmallow, ice cream, pie shells, whipped cream, pudding. Look for great Kraft deals again this time of year. Piggyback those Kraft coupons when you can. Crackers are a biggie – going on for $1 or less a box. Lots of extra deals like $ off cheese WYB crackers. The real kicker is the after Christmas food deals! Save your coupons because pie fixings, fried onion, broth and canned green beans will be on deep discount. I got those onions for .50 a can, normally almost $4. These generally continue through December.
• Cars
• Houses
• Fishing Equipment
• Crystal, Silver, and Glassware
• Candy
· Baking/candy-making items (choc chips, sprinkles, vanilla, corn syrup, nuts, etc)

• Winter Apparel and Accessories
• Quilts and Blankets
• Heating Devices
• Turkey, Sweet Potatoes
• Canned goods (soup, chicken broth, condensed milk, veggies etc)
• Baking goods

• Toys
• Gift Items
• Party ware
• Post-Holiday Sales
• Party Foods, Baking Goods, and Various Meat
• Canned goods (broth, soups, etc)

Year-round: after a holiday, you can always pick up cheap cookie dough and any food related to a holiday.

Continual sales: candy, popcorn, chips, anything snacky, cereal (heavier in the fall/winter, but still around in the spring).

Produce: Cheapest when they are in-season  (see picture above).  You can stock up and can what you don’t use for later. I am new to canning but I have done strawberry freezer jam – its the easiest! I personally don’t can food as except this and Huckleberry jam… Wow just typing the word Huckleberry has my mouth watering!

Frozen food sales: seem to centralize on a brand and the switch brands the next month. I think the manufacturers buy slot time for sales. So last month, Stouffers was on sale hard, now lean cuisine is. Save the entire frozen coupon and then keep checking back for the brand of the month.

Frozen pizzas: go on sale in the fall and then again the spring; not often in the summer because people don’t want to turn their ovens on in the summer.

By all means, this isn’t everything that you can get on sale, but if you follow the cycle and stock up (I never buy BBQ sauce in the winter), then you can get where you have enough on hand and only need to refill when the items are in season. The result is that you spend less and less with each successful cycle.

Thanks for the tips PYP!

Posted: January 7, 2010


This Giveaway has ended: Winner was Entry #23, Ashley.

I received a copy of Pick Another Checkout Lane, Honey.  Other then the free copy of the book for me to review and the free copy they gave me to give away to one of my readers, I was in no other way paid for this review and this is my honest opinion of the book:

You should read the FREE 26 pages of ABC’s of Couponing eBook!

I wish I would have bought it to give to my sisters-in-law for Christmas instead of giving them the gifts I got them.  I used coupons to score amazing deals on their presents; but those are only going to last so long.  This book would do much more to seriously change their lives.  You see, even though I coupon and have tried to explain to them the dramatic savings I score, there is really so much to couponing you need to be taught it in a class (as I was), watch training videos, or by buying and reading this book.

Pick Another Checkout Lane, Honey is loaded with funny comics showing how Krazy coupon shoppers live.  I related to all of them and my husband agreed I could be the lady in the comics. The book starts out explaining the why of couponing.  This is why this would be a great gift for people who are not couponers yet.  There are some people who don’t understand that you can get name-brand cereal for drastically less then generic.   Or they don’t believe it, until the read the in-depth how.

Every trick it took me months to learn the hard-knock way at the checkout lane was laid out in this 250 page book.  I wish I had read it before I started couponing to save me massive amounts of trial-and-error and the many times I had coupons denied or spent more then I was planning.  One example is their list of categories for coupon binder organization.  I had 10 broad category tabs in my coupon binder.  I have skipped out on deals because I couldn’t find a coupon; for example, a coupon for Ranch dressing could have gone in my old system under my canned/boxed foods tab or my produce tab, but it really didn’t fit in either.  I recently bought more tabs and used the categories they suggested.  I no longer have problems finding coupons because they only fit under one category now, and the categories are organized similar to most grocery stores aisles so similar coupons are by each other.  For those of you who don’t know what a category tab is, the entire way to clip, store, and organize coupon binders is also laid out in the book.

Overall, I loved the book and was pleased with all their real-life experiences that I could relate to.  This is the best present you could ever give someone who needs to save big money in their life with money-saving tips on groceries, children’s clothes, and even gifts.  You can buy this book at  Right now it looks like it is about $15 including shipping.  Worth every penny.

I have also just learned that we have decided to give me one more copy of this book to giveaway to my readers!


1) Leave a comment telling me if you want the book for yourself or to give to a friend in need of a shopping intervention. Be sure to leave your first name & email/blog address.

After that, here are other ways to enter: (Please, make sure that you submit extra comments if you do these.)

2) Subscribe to my email newsletter

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5) Blog/Tweet/Update status on Facebook/Myspace about the giveaway.

6) Grab our button and place it on the sidebar of your blog/site.

7) Email this page to a friend by clicking here (your email client should open)

There are now a total of 7 entries per person! (Please be sure to leave separate entries for each one.)

Entry is open to US residents only through 11:59pm MST on Thursday, January 14h. Winners will be chosen using and contacted by email. If you’re the winner, you’ll have 48 hours to respond or an alternate will be chosen.

Good luck to all of you who enter!

Posted: December 8, 2009

Look how many coupons expired before I could use them! And this is just what I pulled out of my binder this week, I pull expired coupons out every 2 weeks!

What am I going to do with them? Coupons may be used up to six months past their expiration date at overseas USA military commissaries.  At the end of each month, send your coupons to an expired coupon rep who’ll mail them to Japan once per month.

I think this air force base gets a LOT of coupons, so I am currently looking for another military base to send coupons to, if you know of any that need them please let me know!

Posted: December 3, 2009


Wow, have you activated your December UPromise eCoupons yet? 42 new coupons worth $48.55.

Here’s how eCoupons work: You login to and click on “coupons & deals” then “Grocery eCoupons”.  Then you select ALL the eCoupons.  Make sure to type in your rewards card #’s for Smiths, Albertsons, and more. Once you do that you won’t ever have to do it again. That’s it. When you go shopping and swipe your members card, your eCoupons will register to your UPromise account and you can use that money for your children’s college.  I have my Debit card added as well so if I am shopping at other places I can get rewards using it as well.

Really, I don’t bother matching these eCoupons up to sales because I just activate them all in about 1 minute and if I happen to shop at Smith’s or Albertson’s when I swipe my card I just automatically get those savings in my daughter’s college account.  Sometimes I use a lot; sometimes none. Never hurts to have them activated though!

There are some hot ones this month, including $5 for 2 Similac Baby Formulas,  $1 off Nestle Chocolate, $.75 for Little Debbie (combine this with the $.75 on right now or the FREE coupon they recently sent their Facebook fans in the mail.)

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