Posted: December 1, 2012

UPDATE:  Readers have been very generous helping! Thank you!  We are still looking for some specific items like a jacket for the 12 month old little boy and some more toe socks for the 15 year old boy!  Also, I will begin wrapping them soon so if anyone wants to donate wrapping paper it would help a lot!  Any online orders can be mailed directly to me!  Email for the address!  In a few weeks I will be posting more pictures of all the items we received!

Last year readers helped make some families Christmas’s very special!  Thank you to everyone!  This year we have picked another family to help!  Read below to get all the details.

About the Family

This is a really good family having a hard time.  Mom and Dad both worked and they were making ends meet.  However some circumstances have changed since the economy went down and mom got sick.  Dad has a job, but is continually being laid off.  He works for a good company that is losing business and they are laying him off for a few months, then providing work for a few months.  This cycle has continued for a long time now not providing a steady income.  He is also working odd jobs in between, but need to keep the job for benefits.  They live in a small town where work is not easily found.
Mom worked, but started having health problems.  Now she is unable to work until she can have surgery.  She has been waiting a long time to get approved and has been in and out of the hospital.  Their bills have really added up! She is a good person trying to raise a family. Update- Mom had her surgery a few days ago and will have an 8 week recovery.
This is a humble family who doesn’t live extravagantly at all.
They are hard workers and humble and don’t ask for anything.  They are going without a lot of basic needs.  They live in a really cold climate and would appreciate any items that could help the kids stay warm (snow boots, snow pants, jackets, mittens, hats, etc).  The teenage boy has the most needs.    He does great in school, is in ROTC and stays active.  He likes to run and do outdoor activities.  It’s easier for people to look at the little kids and help so he is often overlooked.  He won’t say anything and is very humble about their circumstances.  With his mom sick there can often be a heavy load on him to go to school and help with his siblings.

  • YOU can submit items to our Christmas Service Project and we will cross them off the list.  Maybe there will be a cuckoo sale on Socks for $1 shipped and that is just what the winner needed!  You can mail the items directly to Helper Jen, just leave a comment on the list post and we’ll cross needed items off the list!  Contact directly to get a mailing address.
  • We will try to get whatever is left on the list – using revenue from ads on the site.   We couldn’t do it without all my great readers visiting my site!
  • We will also try to get sponsors to donate items to the family.

You do not have to donate exactly what is on the list.  If you know what a kid that age likes then go ahead!  I can add it to the list of items donated at the bottom.

Here is a list of their family needs.  I am only listing the kids.  If someone wants to donate to the adults in the house please email Jen at directly for sizes.  There are some family needs if anyone wants to donate as a whole.  We’ll list them at the bottom.  We are doing my best to get great deals and help donate as much as possible to this family, but cannot do it alone.  If you can help, please do.  We are having all the items shipped to Jen’s house and delivering them to the family in person. We will keep you up to date and post pictures later!

Child, Boy, 12 months old (mittens have been received) – Footie Pj’s and Old Navy Baseball Cap have been received!
Tops, 24 months (3 Long Sleeve Shirts received)
bottoms, 18 months (a pair of jeans received)
Shoes, size 6
Would like Teething Toys, likes pretend watches and phones
Baby Wipes, Diapers (size 3) (baby wipes received!)

Child, Girl, 3 years old (boots have been mailed) – jacket has been received!
Tops, size 5 (a few tops have been donated)
Pants, size 5 (a few pants have been donated)
Shoes, size 9
Would like toys, likes dolls, horses and ponies.  Very Girly. Likes wrapping up in blankets.

Child, Girl, 4 years old  (boots have been mailed) – jacket has been received!
Tops, size 6 (a few tops have been donated)
Pants, size 6 (a few pants have been donated)
Shoes, size 10
Would like toys, likes dolls and ponies. Very Girly.

Child, Boy, 15 years old
Warm Winter Jacket, Men’s Medium
Gloves, Hat (he’s very fond of those hats that have a part on the face with a beard, called Beardos) (gloves & hat have been received!)
Top, Medium 3 button down shirts + 2 T-Shirts received + 7 More Shirts received!
Pants, size 32 X 34  3 pair jeans + 3 Dress Pants have been received!
Shoes, 11 ½ (Received!)
Dress shirt, 167 Dress Shirts have been received! (3 more Dress Shirts have been ordered?
Dress Shoes, Wides 11 ½ (Received!)
Ties, black socks (Ties have been received!)
He also would like some toe socks, the kind with each little toe wrapped in a sock. Can anyone find these?? People are having trouble finding them. – 2 Pair toe socks have been received! – more would be appreciated
He’s not asking for anything, but I know things he’s interested in – some suggestions I have are: Gamestop Gift Card, Walmart Gift Card or Kmart Gift card.   You can email me directly for more detailed ideas at

Family needs:
Dishwasher Soap/Tabs, Dish soap, Laundry Soap, Bathroom Soap for hand washing and showering, shampoo, deodorants, shaving supplies, towels, lotion, toothbrushes.  Basically you can donate anything that will help them get through the year. (several boxes of household items have been received!)

Contact to get an address to mail the items.  After you send the items make sure to contact OR

Items Donated:

Personalized books for the little girls
Slippers for the 3 year old and rain boots for the 4 year old
Prima Princessa DVD
Fisher-Price Bright Beginnings Baby Basketball for the Baby Boy – mailed
Arkham Asylum for PS3 for the 15 year old – mailed
Nail Polish Set for Mom – mailed
Ariel & Belle Dolls for the girls – received
Princess Dress Ups Sets for the Girls – mailed
Horse Doll sets for the girls – mailed
Bouncing Colors Turtle for the 12 month old – received
Gloves & Hat (adult size) have been mailed
Ladies Scarf – mailed
Pony Set & Dress Up Set – received

Sponsors: has donated a set of Barbar 180 Professional Trimmers ($110 Value!) – RECEIVED! has donate a Tornado Black Panther Model with cutters and glue ($45 Value!)- RECEIVED!

We know not everyone can help.  Please keep this family in your prayers this holiday season!

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  • Kate

    This story brought tears to my eyes, very touching. This is very nice of you. I def would love to help, i need some empty space in my stock pile

  • kelsey

    I can send girl toys and personal care items!

  • Liz

    What big heart you have! Thank you for sharing this story and opportunity for us.

  • valerie

    I would be more than happy to help with the boys: teen and the baby. I will send Jen an e-mail now as to specifics that are needed.

  • Nita Todd

    I used receive items from a local agency in Waukesha, wi. When I was single parenting. Then years later at my place of work i started them to adopt several families to buy for. Then on Christmas eve my boyfriend would dress up as santa and we delivered them. It was so exciting for everyone involved. I have not worked since I became disabled so this will he a great ways can help again. Will be in contact with you for more details.

  • Chicora76

    Just an Idea last year you had a link, on the right side of the page. It was much easier to find the post, keep updated on what is still needed and a reminder items are still needed.

    • I’ll see if I can get my husband to add it back, I don’t know how

  • Ashley

    Do the clothing items/toys have to be in new condition or will used but like new work? This is such a great idea to help out a family in need! :)

    • HelperJen

      Nothing needs to be brand new. Used and loved is good!

  • Waychu

    The donated blankets are amazing for the hospitals. My son recently had to have a minor surgery and was given a homemade quilt to use and take home. The gesture was beautiful and my son felt so comforted. Thank your all that you do and keeping up with this site. Happy Thanksgiving!

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