Feb 16 2010
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Would you like to get your product or website out in front of thousands of moms and families across the country? Look no further!

My site info:

Google Page Rank: 3

Facebook Fans: 290,000+

Twitter Followers: 11,000+

Visits Monthly: over 700,000+

Deidre and Jen both do giveaways and reviews, here’s some testimonials:

Testimonial from for this giveaway I ran on my site: “We received 282 newsletter signups. I think that is pretty good. We will definitely keep you in mind as we are planning upcoming promotions.”

Testimonial from Lugz Shoes for this giveaway we ran for them: “We have worked with Cuckoo for Coupon Deals twice so far, and both times was a success. The review of our shoes done by Jennifer Olson was spot on. The Giveaway helped our brand awareness, driving traffic to our website, our Facebook Page, along with creating interest in actually purchasing our product. In addition, Jennifer was able to turn around the review and giveaway in an extremely timely manner. Great success and we will be back!”

Testimonial from Vamplets giveaway: “Hi Deidre, Just wanted to let you know we got a huge response to your giveaway and our Facebook page was swamped!
Great working with you. Regards, Jay (from Vamplets)”

Testimonial from DormCo giveaway: “Working with Jennifer Olson on our Giveaway Contest was a great experience. was able to achieve excellent brand awareness, interaction and purchasing interest. We often team up with blogs and have found to provide the most value in return for our Giveaways provided.” – Jeff Gawronski / CEO

Testimonial from Sissy Little giveaway: We are SO happy with the giveaway that Cuckoo for Coupon Deals held for Sissy Little!! They were so nice and helpful in the planning process, and timely in getting the giveaway up live. We absolutely loved the write up and how informative it was to anyone who may want to purchase one of our decals. This was a fun and extremely beneficial partnership for Sissy Little and we definitely want to work with Cuckoo again in the future!!! Thank you!!

If you are interested in sponsoring a giveaway, please send an email to Deidre(AT) with the product and what you want me to review as well as giveaway.

For giveaways valued at over $150 (I do not do less than that without special permissions):

    1. I will Tweet about the product/company.
    2. Add the giveaway to the Cuckoo For Coupon Deals Facebook page.
    3. Add an extra entry that my readers become a fan of your company’s product/page on Facebook or Twitter.


    1. Add an extra entrythat my readers view your website and comment on your products (your choice)
    2. Example of previous giveaway for Barber Trimmers – over 6800 entries!
    3. Example of iPad Mini $499 value giveaway from Ebates – over 15,000+ entries!


  • OPTIONAL: Everyday the giveaway is open, I will list it on these giveaway linkys & directories to drive extra traffic to the giveaway, for $30.50 paid via paypal. If you do a giveaway $150 or over value, I throw this in for free.


If you product is under $150, you must giveaway enough of your product to my readers to reach a $100 value. So if your product is $10, you’d have to offer 10 to giveaway to my readers.

I’m also available for blog sponsorships, events, consulting, and other opportunities.

So, what are you waiting for? Send me an email at Deidre(AT) introducing your business and what kind of promotion you are interested in and we’ll go from there.

Please note: As I see any link or ad on my site as coming with my stamp of approval, I will only allow advertising from companies I feel I can wholeheartedly endorse.  I don’t want to post falsely positive or mean reviews on my site; I will kindly email you to give your company’s product constructive criticism and cancel the review and giveaway. I will not return the product unless you pay for return shipping.

  • jeri

    I am thinking about advertising a giveaway with you, I am a Tupperware consultant, would that be something you would be interested in that?


    • Eliza

      I’m a seller on amazon and I have some coupons for my products. I wonder if I could post them on your site. If so, how can I do it? thanks.

  • krishna

    Respected sir/madam,

    I saw your site asking for a review in to bloggers for some pay of USD. I have more than 600
    sites/blogs in which i’m ready to do a review for your site. And i can
    do it for your interested price. If you are interested in doing this
    please reply to this email. I will send you my list of sites where i
    can do a review of your site. And i also sell links/banners in those
    sites. The important feature is we can do 600 unique reviews in our
    600 unique sites in 24-48 hours since we hold some 80+ workers in our

    Direct chat:

    skype: krishna kumar

    Waiting for your reply !!!

    Thank you !!!

    • deidre

      I actually don’t know what you mean by review – you want me to pay for people to review my site? I don’t think so. Thanks for the offer though, although I am not sure I understand it fully.

      • deidre

        That is a scam – I had the same request and started getting lots of junk mail! Just letting you know 😉

  • Mallory


    I am writing on behalf of Netvantage Marketing and our various clients. We are always looking to engage bloggers for our clients by sponsoring giveaways in their names and giving out freebies for individuals to try their products. We currently work with quite a few Mommy bloggers and find them to be an asset to obtaining valuable links.

    I currently have eGift cards in $10, $20, and $50 amounts. serves as a portal to the web’s eGift cards, promoting greener gift giving and seeking to save shoppers precious resources. just launched their Greener Gift Giving movement in response to the 75 million lbs of PVC dumped into landfills each year due to plastic gift card waste. Retailers include Sephora, Amazon, Ugg Australia, Home Depot, Kohl’s, Bloomindale’s, Walmart, Kmart, Meijer, etc. Your readers or yourself would be invited to pick out an eGift card to any of the retailers. wants to promote a family summer photo contest that launched today: The Winner of the contest will receive a Kodak digital camera. The blogger that refers the winner (We will be selecting 20 qualified bloggers to participate) will receive a Kindle or a $100 amazon gift card. I welcome you to share this information with any interested parties. A $25 giveaway would be made available as a part of advertising this giveaway/the company. I am aware the aesthetics of the site are lacking, however, they offer high quality products at low prices and are willing to extend this offer to your readers exclusively.

    All links would be asked to be DoFollows.

    I also have hats, t-shirts, and coozies from They are a page rank 5 and their name carries quite a bit of weight if looking to add to a resume. Manitou Pontoon Boats specializes in high end pontoon boats that rival speed boats in their speed and the ability to participate in water sports. They are one of the only pontoon boat manufacturers that are approved by USA Water Sports.

    Please let me know if you think your readers might find any of these these offers interesting. They would all be offered separately.

    Mallory Woodrow
    Netvantage Marketing

  • Heather

    I am an independent chocolatier with Dove Chocolate Discoveries. I would love to work with you and develop a great deal for our Mother’s Day truffles special for April. I am willing to give away 2 boxes of truffles since the value is on $39.
    I have a website but can not track the number of people who visit my site. I will create an independent Dove Chocolate Discoveries facebook page if we can create a giveaway together!

  • Melissa Kelley

    HI Deidre, My name is Melissa, I am the owner of Sew Shabby Quilting in American fork, UT…I am having a grand opening sale, and I want to get some followers on my fb page.. I would like to give away 50 dollars worth of Machine Quilting. Wanna help me? Thanks!

  • Rebecca Shockley

    This is a really unique and intelligent way to get business and followers to your site, I loved reading the comments.

  • Brenda Flood

    I have been a member of your site for quite awhile. I love all the deals you post to your members. I really appreciate your time and effort helping to save my family money I work with a wonderful group of Moms and we are partnered with a 25 year old honest and reliable company that is BBB accredited. I am inquiring as to how much it is to advertise on your site and look forward to receiving your media kit.
    Thank you again,

  • Catrina

    Thank you

  • Laura

    I missed this post when it came out…. where was I????

  • Catrina

    Like :)

  • Patsy Rivera

    I am an avid fan of yours and have saved so much money with your tips – so thank you. I have written a children’s book and I am doing a giveaway on my Facebook fanpage. The contest ends on 08/27/2011. All the person needs to do is like my page and then click on the giveaway tab on the left hand side of the page to enter. If they refer someone, if that person wins; they win too!

    Winner gets an autographed copy of my new children’s book coming out in the Spring. They simply need to go to:!/pages/Patsy-Rivera-Author/185888618132564

    Please pass the word as I am building my fan base and want to share this with everyone! There is also an additional contest for the pne person who refers the most people….details are on the fan page 😉

  • tanya underwood

    i just had gotten back from dollar store and the covergirl foundation is on sale for .50 after you use your 8.00 coupon from today p&g 10/1/11 coupon is for save 8.00 and then it’s just .50 whoohoo thanks

  • Amy T.

    Hi There! I work with a company named Grocery Smarts that has contracts with select newspapers in a few Western states, including California, Nevada, Idaho and Utah. We can offer highly discounted multiple newspaper subscriptions.

    Feel free to contact me about this. SoCalCouponGal(AT)hotmail(DOT)com. CA Papers: Orange County Register, Los Angeles Daily News, San Gabriel Valley Tribune, Inland Valley Bulletin, Pasadena Star, Torrance Daily Breeze, Long Beach Press Telegram, San Bernardino Sun, Redlands Daily Facts, Whittier Daily News, Press Enterprise, San Diego Union Tribune, Sacramento Bee, Fresno Bee, Modesto Bee. NV Paper: Las Vegas Review Journal. UT Papers: Salt Lake Tribune & Deseret Morning News, Herald-Journal, Standard Examiner. ID Paper: Idaho State Journal.

    We also offer FREE in-home coupon classes in the areas where we offer these newspapers. Thanks!

  • Ashlee

    HI I work for Utah Kids Club. We offer a monthly membership to family’s that has discounts all over utah. If you could email me and let me know if you are interested in working with us. We could get you free memberships also and work on some really good deals that would benefit both of us!

  • Nadine

    Hello! My name is Nadine and I am a huge fan of your site – I am also an independent insurance agent in Illinois that represents many companies and we offer AAA Memberships for lower prices etc.. how can I get in contact to see if we can partner up together?! Thank you for your time.


  • Hi i was originally planning a 3 day 2 night Golf giveaway, but i see your fan base are moms. I could probably do a Spa for the Lady Golf for the gentleman giveaway in Mazatlan Mexico worth $ 500 us dls. what kind of response do you think i could get if i choose your $80 dls deal? Thanks

  • Clue

    I just wanted to give a tip on a great deal I found. Helsinki Formula is having a deal on their new formula that was tested to show 80% thickness and 300% regrowth. They give a 3 month supply for $7.95 you have 90 days to use it, you then can return the empty bottles without being charged a penny more or pay $69.95 and continue to be a client.

  • clue

    Forgot to mention you have to call them 1-800-424-7349
    I would order it and use it then send it back unless I really like it, can’t beat 3 months worth of product for 7.95

  • Tammy Pottorff

    My name is Tammy Pottorff I am a stay at home of 4 kids I coupon all the time and I watch your site a lot too get some amazing deals and you seem to have a lot that other bigger sites do not have which is nice because when I go to the store the deal is actually in stock :) . My husband is the only one that works due to having 4 kids 13,10,4,and 20months and I make these really cute Tutus and bows and I usually advertise on some local sites like face book and craigslist and I started my own website so that I could reach out to a bigger crowd I keep my prices very affordable and am reaching out to some of the coupon websites I follow and offering free shipping promo codes specifically for your followers. I have heard back from some big sites already and they said no but I can post on there Facebook page the website is will you please consider running my website with promo code “CUCKOO” to your followers thank you so much for your time

  • Hi,
    We are an online greeting card shop that sends printed greeting cards all over the world at very reasonable princes. We have great coupons that can be added to your site. Please let us know how this can be done?

  • topaz isachar

    Hi, I’m a seller on Amazon and I have coupons for some of my product. I was wondering if I could put my coupons on your website? and if the answer is yes then how am I doing that? thanks

    • check your email I just emailed you

  • Sheena

    Hi we do sell online, Like eBay and Amazon.. and we are offering discounts to customer through voucher.. would it be okay if we could also post some coupons in your website?..Please advice..Looking forward for a reply.. Thanks..

  • Enya

    Hi Deidre, we are a seller on Amazon. We have a wide selection of accessories for smartphones, tablets and PC. May I know if it is possible to share our coupons and products on sales with your fans and readers?

  • Hi Deidre, i have kinds of popular fashion women clothes sell on my website, how can i share my coupons in your website?

  • Milena

    I’m a seller on amazon and We have some good coupons for our products. I wonder if you could post them on your website. If so, how should I do then? Will be happy to hear from you. thanks.

  • Lynn


    This is Lynn of Tiergrade writing to you. Tiergrade specializes in manufacturing and selling electronics, households, beauty and clothing. We have developed a sales service platform at amazon. We have launched some new products and are looking for advertising partners. I visited your website and found it a good place to promote our products.

    So I am writing to ask some questions about advertising on your page. Here are my questions:

    1. Can we advertise item deals on your frontpage?

    2. How much do you charge?

    3. How long does a promotion take?

    Please remember that we are not looking for a one-time advertisement. If the profit from the promotion can cover the advertising costs, we are willing to remain long-term cooperation with you. Please provide us with an affordable price. I am looking forward to your answer. my email is

    Best regards,


  • kkbbss

    Hi we sell different products on Amazon, eBay and Aliexpress. We are offering great discounts every month. Wonder if it is possible post some coupons in your website? Looking forward to your reply. Thank you so much.

  • huiminwu1111

    Hello. I have kinds of product sells on sites , We can offering great discounts for your readers . Can I submit a coupon in your website ? looking forward to your reply .Thank you so much .

  • meena

    Hi My name is Meena. I own a online kids clothing store. We are interested in joining with you to market our website and products. My email id:
    Contact ASAP plz

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