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Jan 22 2010
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On each post on my site, look for this image: cuckoo-favorites-2 click on it, and it will save that post to this page.  Come here to see all the deals you have saved.

Deals Search:

Simply type in what you are looking for in the search box below and it will pull up all current and upcoming deals for you to easily compare them and find the best price. Example, type in any of word – these are examples, you can do anything else too:

  • Tide
  • Laundry
  • razors
  • shampoo


Provide search term and click 'Search'

  • judy green

    Hi, I love your coupons deals that you find for everyone. i am new to couponing. i want to get into it more because i want to spend less because the economy just isnt right where it should be. i want more for my money. how often do you do the k-mart and wal-green and walmart deals? can you do pickn save too. thanks for your time and keep up the great work. p.s. i bought a binder, where can i find the pages to put in my binder? thanks!! Judy green, Ciintonville, Wisconsin 54929

  • Keegan

    I love your site! I live in Northern California but soooooooooo much of the information you get applies and can be used at stores here, I’ll be reading an subscribed to you permanently. Do you or any of your other readers know of any couponing blogs from my area? Thank you!

    • SarahW.

      I also live in Northern California and I believe that author of the is from here too. Both sites have such $valuable$ information!

  • melanie

    Hello, I would love to get this avid coupon How do i get one? Many Many Thanks
    Looking Forward to hearing from you:)

  • Breeanna

    Hello I love your site. I have been working hard on trying to use coupons to save my family money. I have been on the and I have printed my shopping list, but I am not sure what to do with it after that. Is that what I would take to wal-mart and price match it? Also do you ever shop at winco? I just shopped there for the first time and I am not sure if they saved me a lot or not. I did use my coupons though. I did notice that a lot of there items were a lot lower than wal-mart. I would appreciate your help.
    looking forward to hearing from you. :)

    • deidre

      You would need to take the ad to price match it. Keep in mind some items, such as BOGO and +UP rewards and catalinas can’t be price matched, so sometimes you will have to go to Rite Aid and Walgreens to get the best deals. Make sure to click on my “coupon training” tab on the right hand sidebar to learn more!

  • Annette

    I love you site too! Thanks for all the great coupons, this is a big help.

  • Jane Forgey

    You have a great site and I love the instructional videos.

    Question – Did you buy a regular coupon clutch or a custom 3″ clutch?

    Thanks in advance for your help.


  • USHA

    I cant find the price points list tab list.It ll be nice if u post in some tab

  • Sheila

    who has Efferdent on sale my mom has a 75 cent coupon where is the best deal for her ???

  • Tisa

    Hi, I’ve been using and now it says I have to install the coupon printer. I’ve tried this several times and it’s not working at all….any suggestions?

  • Valerie

    Where is the best place (meaning cheapest of course) to buy the baseball card holders to hold all of my coupons?

  • sherri

    I just started couponing with a friend and I came across your website and fell inlove!! I told my friend and her and I are always on your site checking for any new updates. I’ve learned so much in the passed 2 weeks off your site than anyones elses. I can’t seem to find the video on how you organize your coupon folder could you email me or post where I go to see the video please. Thank-you so much for the hard work you do to make it easier for all of us to coupon it is so appreciated!!

  • Lindsey

    Okay I found you on youtube searching out how to coupon… you were the first person to make all this coupon craziness make sense to me. I wasn’t aware that you had your own website till I saw you turn your back to the camera and saw it plain as day…. I instantly went straight to your website and found the unthinkable… WHOLE FOODS COUPONS!!!!!! I love you now!!!! This is my go to website from here on out! Keep up the good work!
    Yours truly,
    A New Fan!

  • Linda in Indiana

    Thank you for all your hard work to provide us with a gide line to saving money. I am new at couponing but with your help I purchased 93.68 at my local CVS and paid only $12.22. I got a $10 ECB for next week. I bought Christmas gifts that I would not have been able to afford with out Cuckoo for Coupons.

  • angela

    walmart has the blue ray movie Matrix and with it you get 7.50 off your next movie tic. the movie is only 8 bucks.

  • martha

    By the time people go to
    the store they all gone

  • lilly

    How does the P&G mobile app coupon work? Or where do I find it. Thank you for your coupon tutorials!:)

    • HelperJen

      You can get the CVS mobile app for exclusive coupons/in-store deals:

  • Rhonda

    Does the word “remove” typed in after an offer above mean the deal has been removed or I remove it after I’m done with it?

    • deal has been removed

      • Rhonda

        Ok thanks

  • Tracy Jacobs

    What happened to the option to ‘add to cuckoo favorites’?? I used to be able to scroll thru and add things ( to my favorites) then when I have more time I’d go back and see what I added- the option to do that is missing now :(

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