Posted: June 22, 2010

The Coupon Bloggers Dilemma: The Duplicate Content Issue

Straight from Matt Cutts, head of Google’s Webspam team: You don’t want duplicate content within your own site.  You may notice, on my Pampers codes posts I don’t copy and paste my explanation of how the program works on all new posts.  I link back to my Pampers page.

Also, as Matt Cutts explained, you don’t want too much information on one page because Google won’t know what that pages main topic is.  I used to have all my store’s policies on one big long list.  Now, if you click on Store Policies on my menu bar, it goes to a page with a list of stores, and you click on them to go to each individual stores policy. It’s easier for Google to index this!

What about duplicate contect across sites? There’s a reason people do press releases and submit their articles to article submitters – they want their content pulled up on search results, even if it’s not from their page, because when someone clicks on that page it will have a link to their page – “the second link”.   I have read multiple articles on Google Webmaster, the official policy source from Google, that iframes do not deteriorate your rankings unless they are used in excess.   And duplicate content is fine as long as the content links back to your site. And the duplicate content is not within your own site.

Now you don’t want to copy people’s content word for word! Don’t get me wrong – you want to have your own voice on your blog and be unique.  But if someone out there puts your content on their site, as long as there is a link back, you are fine.   This is a “hot” topic – many people will disagree with me. I am just stating what I’ve found from my research and what’s worked for me – if you don’t believe me, look at the search I did in Wanna Be A Blogger (Part 3) when I searched for Shopko.

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