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Sep 12 2010
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Your favorite posts are saved to your browsers cookies on your machine. If you clear your cookies, your favorite posts will also be deleted.

To add blog entries to your favorites, go to any post on Cuckoo for Coupon Deals and in the left-hand corner of the post, under Posted By, click the “ Add to cuckoo favorites” next to the entry.

Then just come back to this Cuckoo Favorites page to find all the posts you have “favorited”!

  • lizzie

    how do i use html thanks ever so much for all the coupons could’nt pull the little debbie for 75 cent on little mint swiss cake

    • deidre

      ok I am sorry, I don’t understand what part of html you want to use.

  • Edith Reardon

    Love the SFO magazine idea and might get it. My husband is thinking of buying stocks and seeing how his investments might pay off.


    Got to research this!

  • Mommy B

    I love this favorites thing!! Every page should have one!!

  • Modesty


  • Yanick

    Very cool!

  • Shar

    You are sooooo thorough – thanks!

  • thilak

    i think i still get to know a lot about ur site.your contest is really useful to get know the site well.

  • Shar

    I am sooooo glad I found your site. (What took me so long? I don’t know but I could kick myself!)

  • Tyne

    Too many favorites

  • Tonya James

    What a nice feature!

  • Nicole


  • Lynn Perry

    great feature.

  • IBserenity

    aww why is this empty?

  • rebnaz

    Very cool!

  • Danielle

    great feature your site is huge and this will save me alot of time after I look through all of it.

  • Danielle

    Thank you Freebies2 deals for having this great giveaway and sending us on this new adventure. love your site Cuckoo

  • keely hostetter

    Thanks for hosting these giveaways.

  • Amber Gi

    love all your deals! thanks!

  • Kari Keller


  • Eileen

    Just came back tonight to check out how this works. LOVE this way of “bookmarking” our faves. thanks!

  • Tawnya S

    I am going to start using this! Thank you!

  • Deb K

    Great feature I agree!

  • tera evans

    cant wait for you to add more favs!!!

    • deidre

      You add the favorites – just click on “add to cuckoo favorites” to put your favorite posts on this list

  • Jackie

    I’m new to couponing and am having a hard time seeing the savings. Most of the things I see coupons for are for things I don’t use. I cook from scratch alot and there seem to be alot of ready made items with coupons. Tell me what I am missing please.

    • deidre

      The thing I personally save the most on is cereal. Sometimes, watching for sales and knowing when the items you normally buy are at their lowest point is another way to save if there aren’t coupons for the items you buy.

      • deidre

        I forgot that baby items, particularly diapers, and all personal care items and non-prescription pharmacy items you can also save the most on with coupons. I get many of these items 70% off or free.

  • nancy therien

    I have a question. If there is a sale bogo, can you use two individual dollar off coupons?

  • nancy therien

    Just found out that the Extreme Couponing show is airing TONIGHT at 10 pm and again at 1 am! If you haven’t seen it yet, tune in to TLC for some great couponing entertainment. that is east coast time

    • deidre

      oh thanks! will tell my facebook readers!

  • nancy therien

    how does the BOGO for air wick spray at rite aid constitute 2 free, not getting it. how do you get the second free?

    • deidre

      They are on sale for BOGO free, and so when you use the BOGO free coupon with the sale, you end up with two for free.

  • keely hostetter

    Not sure I understand the favorites thing, maybe I need to reread what it does.

  • Jennifer Phillips

    I love being able to do this favorites! It helps so much on other things that coupons is a wonderful way to use it.

  • barb haley

    favorites are a life saver thanks so much

  • sandy weinstein (eview)

    love the freebies and coupons matching….

  • rebecca shockley

    They say you learn something everyday, thank you, I did.

  • Angela S.


    • Lisamarie099

      i agree.. this has made me want to be more organized and also helped me with math and paying attention to all sales more!!

  • Michelle E.

    I am having so many problems get and finding what I win and my coupons I just wish it was a better way..Thanks

  • Ken & Peggy

    why are there no responses to asked questions? AUGH!!!! we have dozens of questions, some have been asked here, but no replys…so wondering if asking will get a response.

    Ken & Peggy

    • Chris G

      What question do you have?

      • mommy of 5

        i have a question!! how can i get more than 5 coupons doubled?

        • deidre

          If you are referring to Kmart’s double coupon event, this time around they are allowing ANY amount of coupons to be doubled in one transaction

  • berta

    o my gosh i’m having a hard time finding the coupons that match. I am very new to this couponing thing and confused and very excited please help me please

  • mommy of 5

    can i do mor than one transaction to get more than 5 doubled?

    • mommy of 5


  • Connie

    I don’t understand how to print these coupons. I have tried and tried, only prints out the information that I read. Never no coupons. Please let me know what I am doing wrong.

  • Gen

    Wonderful Recipies !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jennifer

    I used the bogo for shick razors at Wal-Mart. They have a 12pk + 3 bonus for $4.97 each package has a peelie and a coupon on the inside. If you use the bogo and the $3 peelie you should only pay $1.97 for 30 disposable razors.

    • radrob

      IS this still going on?

  • USHA

    price point list in a tab

  • julie

    I buy the early Sunday edition of the Star Tribune (MN) on Saturday and pay only 0.50 cents instead of $1.75 on Sunday! Yeay! LOVE your site!!

    • Kate

      Good deal, I pay $2 in Cincinnati

  • Leslie B

    So I go to Wal-mart on Saturday and give them a coupon that says that it’s good for “ONE Tide detergent…it does not say excludes travel…it does not say a certain ounce…but it does have a picture of the jug and that was the reason why I couldn’t use it on the travel size…I don’t understand why if it does not state that on the coupon…

  • Leslie B

    Sorry….$1.00 off coupon

  • amy Bullano

    I got the Kroger .18 cent Dial soap deal!!! five of them for a grand total of $1.08
    .88 on sale with Kroger card plus .35 coupon doubled =.18 a piece :)

    Thank you so much!!!

  • Denise Of Modesto, Calif.

    First of All , Love all your coupons and your game plans and all the info you all provide. It has helped us out tremendously. Today I noticed you had an insert for You might be a cuckoo couponer if: When you get a fantastic deal or make money on a deal and you insist upon taking pictures with your cellphone and sending it to everyone you know!!lol my daughter just laughs at me but she also coupons NOW!!!! anyway thanks ladies

  • Arcy

    Is there an “official” kmart coupon policy I can print out from company website? I’m having trouble with my local kmart not wanting to accept coupons that exceed amount of purchase. Cashiers are nice but they dont even want to try to scan coupons.

  • J.P.

    Rite Aid deal of the week:

    buy (6) products of cover girl $30.00 worth
    use (3) $8/2 coupons – 24.00
    $6.00 cost
    Rec. $10.00 up rewards -10.00
    $4.00 profit
    I like getting paid to buy products

    Bonus: when you have $50.00 in receipts send in for a $10.00 rebate.

  • kim haynie

    Thanks for all of the info you give us, love it!

  • Kaye Albright

    I tried the with the cottonelle bath tissue, but I could only get mine down to $.30/ea. roll. I am not sure what happened–but mine came out at $33.00 with tax. Did you happen to miscalculate? Please let me know. Kindly, Kaye Albright

    • deidre

      I always calculate per-roll as per single roll, to keep things in perspective and compare apples to apples. Did you calculate per single roll?

  • Jill

    OK..I’m not sure if I’m posting this comment in the right spot.. but I wanted to talk about Black Friday price adjustments.. I saw your comment about buying the Kindles from Target early, and then getting a price adjustment on BF.. and I started thinking if that worked for Kindles, it might work for other items. I called Target and she told me that clearance items cannot be price adjusted and most of the items sold on BF are “clearance status” so the price wouldn’t be adjusted down for that reason :( ..wondering what your opinion is on that.. also, don’t even think about getting a price adjustment at Best Buy, that lady practically laughed me right off the phone :(

  • Coupons For Groceries

    Thanks for some other informative site. Where else may I get that type of information written in such an ideal method? I’ve a venture that I am simply now operating on, and I’ve been at the look out for such information.

  • There is a super hot deal right now on ”
    Olay Luscious Embrace or Silk Whimsy Bar Soap wyb Olay Product”.  On sale at Smith’s for $5.99. You get $1 off when you buy 4 P&G products.  Plus, there is a $4/1 coupon in the RP from 12-11-11.  HOT! HOT! HOT!  Thanks for all your tips Deidre, you have helped me save hundreds just since August!

  • Lisamarie099

    has anyone found the robitussin singles??? if so where?

  • Ffivekids

    I was wondering if you have a master stock up list, like what price to buy products at. thank you

  • Deeanah

    I am new to this and was wondering if anyone scored the 8 slot protectors and would sell some to me?  I am single and had no idea what I would use 100 for.  Thanks!

  • Vester27t

    where is the toilet paper, dishsoap  and laundry soap list?

    • to find the latest lists, go to the bottom of my site where it says “Weekly Deal Roundups” 

  • Ronangel94

    Hi I know that in one of your daily emails I saw a link for getting local papers (sacramento Bee) but now that I just bought my house and moved in cant for the life of me find it in my email, so you think you could send me that link? thanks in advance, Im a newbie and really enjoy all of your tips and LOVE the  ABC’s guide you have created!

  • Ms.Deidre, I have tried to subscribe to your page, but it never works for me!!! What do i do?

    • Did you try the subscribe area in the top right-hand corner of the site.

  • crystal fuerst

    how and where do I go to ask for coupons, samples,ect. from major cmpanies? Im new at this

  • Katherine

    Do you know if Lowes Foods will accept the manufacturers coupons from their site that you add on your Lowes card and accept the paper manufacturers coupon as well? I think Harris Teeter does. THanks, Katherine

    • I think they do but I’m not sure

  • Rachel

    do you know what’s going on with facebook? I can’t get your post or 90% of my other posts. Thanks

    • HelperJen

      Yea it’s happening to bloggers all over! It the new FB policies:(

  • naz

    Is there a way to get specific pricing for south florida. I try to do the deals but when I get to the store the price is always 2x what it is on your site. Please help. It seems like no one in my area is doing the couponing.

    • Elizarae

      I live in CA, and we generally have higher prices than the rest of the country also. For national stores, I use their website to look at the price online for my zip code.

      • naz

        Hi Liz, I’ve tried that but the stores website doesn’t always show the prices in my area.

  • Doug

    So may I ask what y’all think the best Zip code to shop is???

  • kathy

    I was told there one site toget coupons for every store. Do you happen to know what that site is? They said something about it was on your site along with a post for Kmart. Thank you for all your help.

  • jessica

    I am so excited my favorite store was CVS to coupon at and since I moved they don’t have a CVS in my area so I decided to try Kmart and omg!!!! I spent $50 got a free $5 gift card plus only paid out of pocket .47 cents…..awesome!!!!!!!!!

  • Hi, My husband and I just had a baby and are on a pretty strict budget. How do I start stockpiling while still needing to do regular shopping. That is until I have a stockpile?

  • went to cvs today purchesed 3 irish spring products $3 ER, 3 advil products and 1 robitussin product, used $1 coupon on robitussin, and $1 on advil congestion got $3 ER, bought 2 mentos @.99 cents each $1 ER bought a caramex lotion used $1 coupon got $3ER 3 containers of spam @2.87 used $1.50 coupon on three.i colgate 360 brush 4.99 with $4ER Total came $55. used $10 off $50 coupon 5.50 in coupons, and i used 20.67 in ER from last week. roughly oop amout was $20.00, and I got $11 in ER for next week. This was one of my better runs with many transactions. I got a lot of good deals last week but this week was a little more trying.

    • Elizarae

      Thanks for sharing! You can send photos of your shopping trips to for a chance to be featured as the Cuckoo Shopper of the Week and win a FREE Cuckoo for Coupon Deals t-shirt!

  • Alma Garcia


  • Kita

    Anyone know where I can get coupons sent to my home? I am just now starting and looking fr suggestions.

  • great stuff!

  • Lisa Parrish Gowan

    Scored FREE Secret Antiperspirant at Dollat Tree! Use the P&G coupon from 6/2/13.

  • Sarah Burke Baer

    I promised the Target store on Warren Road in Westland that I would let everyone know their coupon policy is different and that extreme couponers are not welcome. They were the only Target that would not let me use (2) Buy 1 Febreeze spray get 1 Stick & Refresh free with (2) $1.50 off 1 Febreeze spray plus the Target B3G1 free car air freshener. I made $10 on the deal by doing it 3 times and getting the $5 gift card each time.

    • Elizarae

      The Target store you mentioned actually enforced good coupon usage. Febreze BOGO coupons (actually all P&G coupons) state “valid only on purchase of products and quantities stated”. So, the BOGO coupons apply to 2 items, meaning if you bought 5 items and used 2 BOGO coupons (applies to 4 items total), you would only have room for 1 more coupon in that deal, not 2. It’s not the store’s policy that makes it this way, it’s actually the coupon itself. Hope that helps for next time!

  • luz contreras

    I have downloaded ‘ibotta’ so I can get the coupon, but how do I use it or redeem it?

    • HelperJen

      Open your ibotta app. It will show the offers. Find the one you want and click on it. Then do what it says to get ready to redeem. After you buy the product then click Redeem and follow directions.

  • laura

    I have the ibotta app,and i’m having trouble with it,i shopped at Stop&Shop,and i scanned the receipt,and the it says i have to scan the bar code, Stop&Shop doesn’t have a bar code.I try to contact them but so far i got no response.

    • Elizarae

      It’s referring to the barcode on the item. Scan the barcode on the item and the Ibotta app will confirm whether the product matches the offer.

  • ben

    Please advised me of walmart coupon policy. I recently printed coupons from your web site found they would not process them.
    The M&M with the price match, they indicated that walmart does not allow me to pricematch & pay the face value of the coupon of $1,29, would be for the .49 only, they also indicated that its only one coupon could be used, (coupon states one coupon per purchase not transaction) also they advised me that they were not valid coupons anyway, for they do not have the (bubbles in the expiration date location) but it does have a watermark in them that I see. Need some feedback. thank YOU. Ben

    • HelperJen

      The employee you dealt with was wrong. You can see the coupon policy here: You can even print the policy at that post and see their policy from their site. They do price match.

    • mel

      one thing i learned very quickly with walmart, is its is almost always helpful to have a printed version of their coupon policy. Most cashiers are unfamiliar with it.

    • sriesyb

      Whenever I run into a cashier at Walmart like the one you describe above, I ask him or her to void the entire transaction and return all my coupons to me. Then I go to another Cashier and many times, the transaction gets processed just fine. Walmart does indeed price match, and they will accept more than one coupon in a transaction. You just had the bad luck of running into yet another poorly trained cashier, at least regarding the use of coupons. Definitely print and take their policy with you. I understand your frustration.

  • luz contreras

    What is the best day of the week and the best time of the day to shop using coupons?

  • Ben

    Can anyone tell me how many inserts that were in the paper for 10/13/13? I thought it should be 2 SS & 1 RP. Could this be a regional thing? I went to 2 stores and found the first there was only 1 RP and the second was 1 RP and 1 SS.

  • kim

    i dont have a printer…can anyone please tell me how to get coupons in the mail

  • Marva Jean Knudsen

    Love your daily emails

  • Mandy

    where do you get the align product insert?

  • Terry Lynn Skinner

    I have a hard time reeading the deals on these coupons such as OOP and others where can i find these definitions..

  • Janeth

    Went to walmart price matched angel soft 4 double roll from safeway at 1.00 (RP 2.00) and used the angel soft .45 cents coupon paid .55 cents per pack. I am happy because it was my second coupon purchase :)

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