Posted: June 7, 2010

After over a year of potty training, I have decided to throw out the books. Everything people told me to do simply didn’t work.

  1. Pull-ups didn’t work.
  2. “Potty treats” didn’t work.
  3. Time-out if she had an accident didn’t work.
  4. Giving her months at a time where we didn’t do anything, waiting for her to say she was ready to potty train didn’t work.
  5. Letting her pick out her own “special big girl underwear” didn’t work.
  6. Letting her pick out her own training potty didn’t work.
  7. Sitting her on the potty every 30 minutes didn’t work.

Four days ago I finally started something that did work.  We put her in the underwear.   If she wet it, we didn’t let her have a drink until next time she used the potty.  She loves juice and wants drinks all the time.  She was so upset not to have her drinks.  She threw tantrums, but I held firm.

Two days ago she started running to the potty when she had to go.  If she even tried to go, we’d give her a drink of juice.  If she went in the potty, we gave her a whole Capri Sun.

Yesterday she started making it to the potty, sometimes.  Every time we gave her juice.

Today she’s doing even better.   I think she’s only going because she wants juice, but it is better then not going at all.

I’ve know everyone says to let them do it on their own time. But when all the kids her age were potty trained over a year ago, I just started getting desperate.

Am I too harsh, taking away her favorite thing if she doesn’t use the potty? Maybe. But has anyone else had success with pull-ups?

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