Posted: May 19, 2010

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When I first saw these adorable felt playhouses, I thought genius:

  • They fit right over card tables
  • They can be easily taken down (perfect if you don’t have extra space in your house)
  • They can be indoors (perfect for the 7 months it is cold outside in Utah!) or outdoors during good weather
  • You can attach more toys to the outside for kids to move and play around with

I was given a copy of the 48 page pattern ebook.   It included the information on everything you would need to buy, how much to buy, and detailed pictures of how to do every step, including Heat N Bond (which I hadn’t even heard of, so I was glad there were step-by-step pictures).

I admit, I’m a newbie at creative anything. The tips are in-depth, and no detail is forgot, right down to how many inches the window should be from the top and bottom of the playhouse.  I need specific tips, so this is great for me!  I can not create on my own – but I can follow a pattern – sorta!

The pattern is made for a 34” square folding card table, but don’t fret, there is a section on sewing playhouses for larger sized tables, building PVC frames and using different types of fabric.

The pattern includes outlines so you can trace and cut every detail shown in the pictures above, including:

    • Flowers and window box
  • Windows
  • Door windows
  • Light
  • Flower pot and flowers and watering can
  • Address numbers
  • Kitties, Puppies, Owls, Birds & Birdhouse
  • Fruit tree, basket and fence
  • Grass and bushes and flowers
  • Apples, oranges, lemons and pears for the tree
  • Mail for the mailbox
  • Scalloped roof border
  • Felt toys to stick on the playhouse

The owner even leaves her email in the pattern book and invites you to email her any questions you have while making your playhouse! Perfect for ME!

You can purchase pre-made felt playhouses with tons of super cute themes at Imaginative Play Toys etsy shop.  Prices start at $90 for the Basic Bungalow playhouse with just windows, a door, and a mailbox.  My favorite is the 48″ tall Princess playhouse.  *Mention Cuckoo for Coupon Deals for free shipping.*

You can buy the pattern at Imaginative Play Toys etsy shop for $20.  Of course I found out how much it would cost you to make one, I’m a coupon gal after all.  I looked up prices for the amount of felt, Heat N Bond, and velcro you would need to make the playhouse, and my lowest price was $37.19, not counting curtain fabric for windows. I couldn’t find any great sales; these prices are from   That would make your final cost $57.19 for everything in the pictures above including the pattern eBook.

Imaginative Play Toys sell a Pattern and Pre-cut Fabric kit for $50. I think its a pretty good deal, but keep in mind all the extra decorations on the outside you would still have to buy and cut yourself from the pattern kit.

I am currently making one of these – follow my site as I post updates on my journey!

Giveaway:  Free Felt Playhouse Pattern 48 page eBook with all the cutouts and details to make a felt playhouse.


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  • Mandy Melton

    I like the CupCakery Card Table Playhouse

    I am a facebook fan and my name is Mandy Starnes Melton

  • Amanda

    My kids would love the “under the sea” one! They love all things ocean.

  • alison mulholland

    My boys would love the pirate playhouse!! My name is Alison Mulholland and I follow on facebook

  • Tiffany

    I have 3 little girls that would LOVE the Lavender Lane Cottage!!

  • Rebecca W.

    My little girl would love the Bluebird Cottage in Pink, White Scalloped Roof. She would go crazy over this!

  • Anna

    I’m not interested in the giveaway because I don’t have kids and I don’t want to take the opportunity away from the parents, but I just needed to say this idea is so clever! I used to build forts out of blankets and card tables all the time when I was little…seems like a million dollar idea to me! Good luck everyone!

  • lindsey

    The CupCakery is adorable!

  • Heather Smith

    My boys would love the all aboard train station.

  • BobbiK

    The “All Aboard Train Station” is too cute!

    Facebook Name: Bobbi Kilbarger
    Twitter Name: BobbiKilbarger

  • Emily

    I love the Busy Day Card Table Playhouse. All the activities are so awesome!

  • Pat

    My granddaughter would love “The Princess”

  • renee

    The adorable Sunshine Cottage

  • Heather

    I like the Little Red Card Table Playhouse.
    Facebook fan: Heather Bell Chappell
    Twitter fan: Hezchappell

  • Trish

    My boys would LOVE the King’s Castle, they are the perfect little knights!

  • Patricia

    My son would love the All Aboard Train Station Playhouse his room is decked out in Train gear and this would be the perfect thing to complete his room. :)

  • Jori Nash

    I like the starry night camp.
    FB Jori Nash
    Twitter farm_girl1

  • Katelyn G

    I love the pirate playhouse- perfect for the boy we are expecting!

  • Rachel

    I LOVE the king’s castle! The boys would love it!

  • Nicole Palmer

    I love the Busy Day playhouse. Ok, I really love them all. What a clever idea!

    • Nicole Palmer

      FB: Nicole Forbes Palmer

  • A. McDonald

    All of these cottages are amazing and such a clever idea. My little one (and I) would go gaga over CupCakery Card Table Playhouse!

  • Miranda Allen

    The princess!

  • Deb Vollink

    The Sunshine Cottage is so cute – we like gardening.

  • susan

    Bluebird Cottage in Pink, my daughter would love this!

  • Latoshia

    The Doubledelight cottage in the dark pink is a favorite!

  • Brea

    My favorite is the Double Delight Playhouse!

  • Liz Janousek

    My daughter’s would just LOVE the Fairy’s Tea Party. SOOO ADORABLE!!

  • Brea

    Facebook: Utah Gal
    Twitter: mommyinzion

    I’m not sure what you mean about a comment about what shirt I like? I like short sleeve shirts.

  • Karen

    I like the Our Local Library Card Table Playhouse.

  • sandra mitchell

    What a great idea! This would be a great summer project for me & my girls to work on! Thanks for the opport.

  • Kristen

    I love the double delight the most! They are ALL adorable!

  • Robin F.

    These are adorable and so creative! I like the Pirate, King’s Castle, and Camp Site ones for my little guy. I can’t pick so if I win, just surprise me with one of those!!

  • Courtney

    I really like the king’s castle – so cute! And my nephews would love it!

  • Alisa

    I’m torn between the Busy Day, and the Neighborhood Cafe covers. Those are absolutely AMAZING, and I can definitely see my children playing with that for hours!

    Blogged about you:

  • Sharon

    I love the Lime Double Delight!

  • Polly

    My favorite is King’s Castle. I can definitely see that having more than one would be awesome for switching things up, though. So cute!

    • deidre

      Yes, I am thinking of making one for each of my girls! Next week I’m on vacation at my parents house, so that is when I am hoping to get it done!

  • Jessica

    I know my daughter would love the library playhouse.

  • Clancypants

    We spent forever looking at the playhouses and my son loved the Not So Spooky Haunted House. What a fun idea!

    Facebook name: Clancy Passey

  • Susan

    I love the Pizza Parlor. I’ve seen these before and love the idea! I’m excited there’s a pattern out there!

  • Tanya

    I Love the busy day these are so fun thanks for posting about them.

  • Missy

    Wow! Very cool….My favorite one is the The Fairy’s Tea Party ! I would also love the Not So Spooky Haunted House for halloween!

    Facebook- Melissa S.
    Twitter- Missy_wpg
    Button –

  • Katie

    Bluebird Cottage in Pink,

  • Sharon

    I really love the nNot So Spooky Haunted House

  • Amy

    My son would like the Little Mechanic Card Table Playhouse
    facebook name Amy Fedorchak
    Twitter @highlight4u
    shared facebook

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