Posted: May 4, 2011

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Since I don’t have boys, I had my sister Alexis do this review:

Do you have a sports fan in your family? Have an 11 year old child that lives and breathes football, baseball, hockey, or basketball? How about a toddler that loves to play with characters and wants to be like his big brother? No need to buy more sport -themed shirts, we have found the perfect gift for you!

Lil’ Teammates are a hot, new collectible toy! They are 3” tall vinyl figures with rotating heads that are officially licensed with the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and over 60 colleges and universities. What makes these toys unique as sports collectibles is their playability. These are durable figures with moveable parts that are meant to be knocked around and played with. That’s what kids love about them. Their website,, is cool because kids and fans can go to register their figures, play games, win free prizes and learn more about their favorite teams. Lil’ Teammates are a big hit with kids ages 4-11, and more and more “big kids” are becoming fans as well.

The thing I love about Lil’ Teammates is the huge assortment of teams and that all ages of kids think they are “awesome”. So when little brother plays with them while big bro. is at school it doesn’t matter, he can’t hurt them!

But the best thing about getting Lil’ Teammates for my 5th grader son was getting to be the ‘COOL’ mom, all the other mom’s out there better stock up because

The person with the most entries wins:   Pick out their FIVE favorite Lil Teammates!     (winner chosen by having the most entries)

Regardless of # of entries, 1 other person will win: Pick out their FIVE favorite Lil Teammates! (winner chosen at random)

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Disclosure: My sister got Lil Teammates to review and Lil Teammates is providing the winners with their Lil Teammates prizes! Ends May 10th, USA only.

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