Posted: May 15, 2010


UPDATE: Giveaway has ended. Kimberly McLean Flack guessed within $5 of “Saved”.  I saved $63.12 + I got $10 back in catalinas.  No-one guessed spent – I spent $45.88 OOP – I didn’t have any previous catalinas to roll into this deal 🙁   Thanks for playing – see ya’ next Saturday for another round!

I haven’t done a Guess What I Spent & Saved for a few weeks!  This week I still haven’t made it to Walgreen’s to get my free razors, I’m guessing they are gone already.  But I still want to go!  I don’t need them; maybe I’m just a slight couponing addict? If its free, its calling to me…

Anyways, you know how this works:

  • First person to guess within $5 how much I spent OOP get $30 in clipped coupons.
  • First person to guess within $5 how much I saved (including catalinas) gets $30 in clipped coupons.

If no-one guess by tonight I’ll just tell you.

Link up your shopping trips this week below!


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