Posted: July 29, 2010

I use Comcast Internet and my 6 month low introductory rate had ended a few months ago. I heard from a friend that if you call and say you want your intro rate back or you will cancel, they give you the low rate back. So I just called and they set my rate back to the introductory rate – saving my $15 per month for the next 6 months = $90 saved!

Let me know if you try this if it works for other internet/cable service provides as well!

UPDATE: A facebook fan, Amanda said “I just did this with DirecTV – we have the NFL Sunday Ticket that auto renews each football season. The regular rate is 6 payments of $49.99 and I called to ‘cancel’ so they gave me a promo rate of 6 payments of $29.99 for the season. From $300 to $180. I’m happy with that!!”

Definitely worth my 10 minute phone call.

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