Posted: March 31, 2010

My goal was $200 but I spent $274.02.  I still consider this a victory, as long as it’s below $300. 🙂  We are a family of 4 with 2 in diapers.  We used to spend $600, and that was a good month.   Truth be told I’m not sure what we were spending.  I decided in January that we needed a change.  I had been doing really well with coupons for awhile so I thought I would just try and do $200 to see if it was even possible.  We ended up spending $218.66, that’s INCLUDING toiletries, AND I currently only have 1 newspaper subscription.   I also have a love for Costco.  It’s like Disneyland to me.  So I decided to make $200 my goal for odd months and $300 for even.  This makes it so I can still go to Costco and not feel guilty about it…although I have to be careful, very careful.:)

I’ve also been acquiring and using our food storage.  I always thought we needed more money to get a decent supply, but cutting our budget has increased our storage!  Of course this takes planning and couponing, but that’s all part of the fun.  The next biggest help is just writing it down.  Keeping a record of spending helps reign me in.

I also can’t believe how much better we eat!  Planning makes all the difference!  Less waste…. You can go here to see some of the recipes I’ve used.

What do you do??  I would love to hear your family size and your budget amount.

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