Posted: December 5, 2009

Total for this week: I paid $64.48 for$213.97 worth of groceries; I saved: $149.49 (70%!!!)

I am doing a new thing where at the end of the week I show all that I spent for the week. This way at the end of the month I can see how much money I am spending monthly.  I have  a family of 4, so anything under $100 per week for all food, drinks, eating out, toiletries, haircare products, diapers and baby formula is my goal. I have 2 kids in diapers, so this may sound ambitious but I accomplished it this week!

Here is my first weekly review:


$20.25, detailed breakdown here (saved $28.24)


$25, detailed breakdown here (saved $80.25)

Made $1, detailed breakdown here (saved $17)
$16.54, detailed breakdown here (saved $24)

+ I spent $3.69 on 2 gallons of milk at Macey’s

Total for this week:

PAID: $64.48

SAVED: $149.49

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