Posted: June 19, 2011

Last week’s giveaway winner: laurenchildre@….com

Let’s see those shopping hauls!  Wanna win the 7 coupon inserts from this Sunday’s paper (4 RP, 3 SS) above AND a Cuckoo for Coupon Deals T-Shirt (Women’s sizes S, M, L or XL – sorry I haven’t got my men’s shirts designed yet) Just submit a picture of any shopping trip this week June 19-25! One picture will randomly be selected as the winner.  Photos must be 1,000 KB’s or under to upload.  Or you could post  a receipt picture if you’d like.

Also comment on your picture- Where did you do the shopping trip at? How much did you spend and save? When was it?
BONUS ENTRY: Get one extra entry if you share any unadvertised deals you score so others can score them as well!  Just leave an extra comment for that entry.

Ready, set, let’s see your cuckoo shopping trip pictures!

*Don’t know where to get coupon inserts? Read this coupon insert deals post!

USA only – Ends June 25th midnight EST and announced when I post the next giveaway.  Winner will be chosen using and verified for entry requirements, and winners are announced on my homepage & giveaways feedgiveaways emails (subscribe now)!

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  • Shirley Guevara

    darrrn, i had a good haul yesterday. almost 80% savings. My coupons were going to expire yesterday so had to use them. maybe next time. This looks good.

  • lauren

    I WON last week?!?! I never got an email or anything! :(

    • deidre

      I post the winners here and on facebook so glad you saw it! I got your email you sent me and will be sending out your shirt and coupons :)

  • Lynn

    I am trying to figure out this whole couponing thing. I see people are saving
    Fortunes but I still have to learn. Lol. But I’m trying

  • Martha Snider

    My daughter has dubbed herself as a ECIT (Extreme Couponer in Training) and this would really make her day–so I really hope I win !!!

  • Tanya R Bates, International Grant Proposal Writer/Evaluator

    How/where do you upload the pics for the haul for consideration?

    • deidre

      sorry that option I forgot to add to the comments, it’s been added just now!

  • Lynn R.

    This is a picture of my CVS shopping trip yesterday, June 19:

    Retail: $75.25. OOP Cost: $1.88, for a 97.5% savings.

    So here’s how I did it. The Schick Razors were BOGO free, so I paid $9.99 for two of them. However, I had two $4.00/1 coupons to apply to those, so they only cost $1.99 (it would have been $0.99 if they had another Schick Hydro 3 razor, but there was only one left, so I had to get the Schick Hydro 5 for a dollar more, and that price prevailed).

    I had a store coupon for a free vitamin up to $9.99 in value. The store brand was on sale BOGO free (100ct Women’s multivitamin), and the one I’d be paying for was $7.49, so it was free as well.

    The Seattle’s Best coffees were free – I had coupons that’d let me purchase those free up to a $1.79 value (they cost $1.59).

    Finally, the Herbal Essences (yes, I bought 5 each of the shampoos and conditioners). They were on sale for 2 for $4.97, and I had $1.00/1 coupons for each to bring it down to 2 for $2.97. From previous trips I earned $9.99 in ExtraCare Bucks, and had a $5.26 store credit from being overcharged on my previous visit, totaling $15.25. When I applied this to the shampoos, I ended up with $1.88 owed. (June 19, 2011)

    • Lynn R.

      Deidre, I wasn’t able to upload the photo through this website, hence why I went to Image Shack – will this be a problem for this submission? Thanks!

      • deidre

        no a link to the image is as good as uploading it. So you’re okay.

  • Lynn R.

    I’d also like to let folks know of an unadvertised deal at CVS – they’re doing a 75% clearance on Expo Washable Markers (3pk) (I saw this at two of my local stores, so it might be widespread), which for me brought the price down to $1.24 per pack. If you go onto Expo’s website, as well as their Facebook page, you can score four $2.00/1 coupons that don’t have any restrictions (two from each site). Therefore, for each one you purchase, you’ll get a $0.76 overage to apply to the rest of your order. Happy deal hunting!

    • Lynn R.

      Sorry, the Expo website sends you to Facebook – so you can print out two coupons per computer. My mistake, I mixed it up with having printed from two computers.

  • Tiffany

    [img] 150.jpg[/img]

    This is from my shopping trip at CVS yesterday. I purchased 2 Kashi cereals, 2 colgate toothpastes, and 2 3pk expo washable markers.

    The Kashi cereals were on sale for 2/$6 and you get 1 ECB when you buy two. I was able to print (2) $2/1 any kashi product from

    The colgate toothpastes were $2.79 and you get back 2 ECB. I had (2) $1 off any colgate advanced toothpaste from last week’s Sunday insert, making it a $0.21 profit each.

    The expo washable markers were on sale at my CVS for $1.24 each. I bought 2 and used (1) $2/1 expo washable marker that I printed from several weeks ago. (It is no longer available).

    I used 5.99 ECB that I had from my last trip, making my oop cost $0.07.

  • Jennifer Caudle

    This is from my rite aid trip this week. Its not a lot but I’m very proud of it. I got all of it for $.87. The ziploc bags were on sale for 2/$5.00, I used a $1.25 coupon and got them for $3.75. (Thats about $1.88 a piece.) The Zantac was on sale for $7.99, I used a $5.00 coupon and they came up $2.99. I got a $1 Up reward for the ziploc and a $2.00 Up reward for the zantac. The milano cookies were $1.00 and I had a $1.00 coupon on them. My total was. $3.87- $3 Up Rewards received, I paid 87 cents.

    • Jennifer Caudle

      I also want to let you all know that I got some cover girl face powder yesterday for $1.19. It was on clearance for $2.19 and I used a $1 coupon. This was at walgreens and they had a bunch more on clearance.

  • Jaime


    This was my haul from Price Chopper, Rite Aid, and Walgreens. Overall retail value: $67.90, total paid: $20.56 = Savings of $47.34!!!

    Price Chopper: Before coupons and Advantedge card my total was $15.89
    Domino 5lb sugar – less 50c off Q doubled
    Chef Boyardee cheeseburger mac 99c (which I only got so I could use my egg Q)
    a dozen large eggs – FREE w store catalina on a purchase of @ least $5 after all discounts
    Pantene shampoo and conditioner 2/$7 – $3/2 PC ad Q – $3/2 Mfr Q= .50c ea!

    Rite Aid:
    2 Colgate toothpastes – $1/1 on each plus received $2.99 +Up rewards for each (doing seperate transactions)
    1 pkg Huggies Little Swimmers – $1.50 Mfr Q (I also had a SavingStar coupon on my card for $2 off but for some reason did not go through)
    travel pack of Pampers wipes 1/2 off w/ purchase of Little Swimmers – $1 Mfr Q
    2 boxes of Finish gel packs were BOGOFREE, plus I had 2 $1/1 Qs
    After applying all previous Wellness rewards went from $32.52 to $10.41

    KNEX Sesame Street playsets originally $6.99 were clearenced at $3.49 each and were B2G1 after applying previous RR went from $20.97 to $4.54

    I feel like I did alright this week but I still haven’t got down the extreme couponing to the point where it’s all free or the store owes me lol

    • Jaime

      also, by doing 3 seperate transactions at Rite Aid I scored 2 coupons by taking the survey to get $3 off of a $15 purchase next time I shop SCORE! Always check your receipts for those coupon surveys!

  • Christine Lentine

    This was my haul from Rite Aid. I walked in the store with a $3.00 RR if I spend $15. First purchase was 2 pair of children’s shades for $13.98 earning a RR $10, Second transaction was (2) Colgates for $3.99 ea. earning (2) RR’s for $3.99 ea. (2) St. Joseph’s Aspirin for a $1.50 each earning (2) RR’s for $1.50 each making these 4 item’s FREE. BOGO Purex 3in1 sheets for $7.99. Using $13.00 in RR I only spent $3.97 Third transaction was (8) Palmolive Dish Detergent and (1) small box of Goldfish and (1) small bg. of skittles(already ate before we got home) Using a combined total of $8.98 in RR’s OOP cost was $.18. Walked out of the store with another 3.00 off coupon and 1.00 RR that I forgot I had and because I was so excited with my savings forgot to hand the cashier my (2) .75 coupons for the colgate. This was my first trip to Rite Aid since discovering your site just a few days ago. I know I have alot to learn but It felt like Christmas yesterday with this haul. Thank you for sharing your gift with us so!

  • Jovan B.

    Went to Target because it was on the way back to my house yesterday. Didn’t really see any great deals anywhere else. A few decent deals at Target. It shows I saved $10.04. I’m still a beginner so that is great for me. I got my bacon I usually get for $1.99. I got Secret Clinical for $5.99 which is a good deal for me and I needed it anyways. I got an Herbal Essence shampoo for $.50 ($2.50 w/ two $1 off coupons – Target and Manuf.). $1 off Nexcare bandages = .87 cents. $3.00 off 2 compack tampax (after coupon $4.98 for 2). So these weren’t FREE deals but they were cheaper than I would normally would pay. Not bad.

  • Marella

    [img] 6-19.jpg[/img]

    Spent 9 cents plus tax. Saved $37.16. Received back $13.99 in EB. All sales had a limit of one except for toothpaste.

    Transaction 1:
    Bliss Chocolate $5.99 (rvd $5.99 EB)
    Used $6 EB from last week; reduced down to $5.99
    OOP: $0 Just paid tax & Received back $5.99 in EB

    Transaction 2:
    LA Looks Sport on sale $2.99 (rvd back 2 EB)
    Power Protein Bites $2.49 (rvd back $2.49 EB)
    Used $3 EB and $2.50 EB reduced down to $2.48 from last week.
    OOP: $0 Just paid Tax. Rvd back $2 EB for Gel; $2.49 EB from bites.

    Transaction 3:
    5 Teas 5/5 = $5.00 (Rvd back $2 EB)
    4 Lipton Teas 4/$5.00 (rvd back $1 EB)
    1 Candy Bar = $1.19
    Used 4 $1.00 Internet Q on Honest tea
    Used 4 Free Lipton tea Internet Q
    Used Free candy bar CVS Internet Q
    Used $1 EB from previous CVS trip.
    OOP: $0 Just paid tax. Rvd back $2 EB form Honest Tea; $1 EB from Lipton Tea

    Transaction 4:
    2 Colgate Toothpaste $2.79 each (limit 2) (rvd back 2 – $2 EB)
    Used 2 – $1.00 MQ
    Rolled $2.49 EB from Power Bites
    Rolled $1 EB from Lipton Tea
    OOP: 9 cents plus tax. Rvd back $4 EB from toothpaste.

  • Marella

    It was at Target today and they had slashed the price of Kraft dressing to $1.59. I used a Target coupon for $1.00/2 with a MQ of $1.00/2 and spent $1.18 for both. I also found benefiber for 6.99 and used a $3 Target and a $3 internet coupon for a total of 99 cents.

  • Heather

    Here’s what I scored today:
    WalMart:5 Benedryl sticks for $0.28/each. used 5 $2/1 Benedryl item
    CVS: 2 Cotenelle wipes and 2 Schick razors BOGO free. Used 1 Free Cotenelle for FB offer and 1 $1/1, 2 $4/1 Schick razors. Total OOP was $3

  • Jen

    I went to Rite Aid…my oop pocket was .73 cents after coupons, BOGO coupon and I had some +Up rewards….walked out with all these items for cheap and another $18 in +Up rewards! woot woot!

  • Angela Murry

    This was from walgreens (the two Proglide razors) and Target (the toothpaste) and Meijer (everything else).
    Retail price $143.59…total after QP’s…$42.17…71% savings (would have been higher but I had to buy milk and bread..and I HAD to have some chips for the dip…lol)

  • Sarah Martin

    This is my haul from 6-20-11 from CVS and a few things from Kroger. As I Figure it was a total of $84.99 before extra bucks and coupons, and after all those it was around $12 total!!!
    The G.U.M PerioBalance from CVS gave me $15.99 in EB’s, Plus the $5.99 EB from hershey bliss(and $1off coupon), and the Protien bites $2.49 EB….a total of $24.47 to spend for FREE!!

    I bought the Gerber Good Start formula for $22 and used a $15.95 mfcoupon from gerber=$6.05 ….then I bought the wipes for $6 minus a .50coupon= $5.50 ….then I got $10EB for a $25 purchase = $1.55 for both!!!

    Another good deal was the Turkey hill tea at KROGER. It was on sale for a $1 for a half gallon and I had a coupon for $1off2 making all 6 a total of $3 or .50pc

    All together I bought 2pkg Huggies little snugglers, 1 Gerber good start formula, 1) 216 ct huggie wipes, 6) 1/2 gal of turkey hill tea, 4 pints of lipton tea, 2 dove chocolate bars, 1 hershey bliss bag, 1 protien bites, and 1 g.u.m probalance.

  • MyScratchOff Giveaways

    Good luck everyone for this giveaway. Your giveaway is now live at

  • Marcia G


    I am very new to couponing.
    These items were 2 shopping trips…
    All the Schick items paid $15.12 at Kmart….Shick items were have price already plus the coupons gave me the savings
    The bics—$4.25…(Dollar General with 2 $3/1 coupon)…………………working on Christmas for everyone

    My daughter with twins, also new to couponing…………she went to the commisary(military base)….they take coupons………She used the Hydro coupons and got her shavers for .89!! I went there and they were out!! Sure we are not the only ones using these coupons, Huh?

  • Penny S.

    Giant Eagle shopping spree 6/14/2011 entry #1.

  • Penny S.

    Giant Eagle shopping spree 6/14/2011 entry #2.
    I live in NorthEast Ohio where Giant Eagle is prevalent. Sometimes they have alot of deals, sometimes not so much.
    Here is my take: Before coupons it was about $230, after coupons 83.93, minus tax = 76.13. A few items are not pictured was refridged.. About $153.87 in savings.
    Deals :
    Unadvertised; Brut deoderant 10/10 – $1/1 x 10 = free, Ban deoderant 2.09 – .75 coupon (Giant Eagle doubles up to .99) = .59, Clairol NiceNEasy sale 5.99 – ecoupon $1 -$1 manufact. coupon = 3.99 ea., Ronzoni Garden Delight pasta 3/$5 x 2 =6/$10 -( 6 )$1/1 = .66 ea.
    Advertised: Marzetti Dressing 2/$5 – (2) $1/1 = $1.50 ea., Colgate Toothpaste 2/$3 x 3 – (6) .75 doubled = free, Dial Bodywash $3/1 -$2/1 = $1 ea., Bic Shavers $3.99 – $3/1 = .99 ea.
    The 2 deals I really loved: Lipton Ice Tea 20 oz. (3) free, and Bayer Adv. 20/24 ct. $3.69 – sale .70 off – instant $1 – ecoup $1 – $1 manuf. = free!
    Awesome adrenal rush!

  • Kristy

    I guess I posted mine on the wrong one. So I’ll post again here.

    Walmart Trip 6/20/11
    Let me first say that I got the deodorant from Dollar General for FREE *siging the word free* lol. They are larger than travel size but a tad smaller than the regular size. They were in the $1 aisle and I had 6 printable Degree coupons, making them all free.
    Shout was $3.28 originally but I had (2) $1 off coupons making them $2.28.
    Soft Scrub was $3 a bottle but I has (2) Buy one, get one FREE coups PLUS I had (2) $1.50 off coupons making them each .75. (I love not using a $ sign)
    Gillette body wash was price matched to the Wags add for $2.99 but I had a Buy one, get one free coup making them $1.50 each.
    Zest was $1.98 but I had (2) $1 off coupons making them each .98.
    Benadryl Itch pens were $2.28 which I used this past weeks $2 off one Benadryl coupon making them each .28.
    Reynolds wrap I price matched to Wags again at .89 plus I had (2) save .75 off coupons making them .14 each.
    I had to get my dog some Dingo’s…she loves them and I never see these coupons. Priced at $3.28 I used (2) $1 off coupons making them $2.28. Not an amazing deal but I love my dog lol.
    Scotch brite sponges were .84 and I had save $1 on each making me a few cents.
    I should have paid about $60 for all of this but I only paid $16! wahoo!

    [img] Shopping Trip 6_20_11-1.JPG[/img]

  • Erika Brown

    [img] shopping trip.jpg[/img]

    This was my first really big try at couponing.

    2 Oscar Mayer hot dogs $2.19 each
    3 KC Masterpiece bbq sauce $.99 each
    2 Lipton Naturals Tea $1.00 each
    2 Nexcare StarWars bandaids $1.74 each
    3 Kraft salad dressing $1.59 each
    4 375ct Q-tips $2.39 each

    Total before coupons: $27.16

    Coupons used

    $1/2 Oscar Mayer hot dog + $.75 Oscar Mayer Target coupon = $1.32 each
    3-$1/1 KC Masterpiece bbq sauce = FREE
    2-free Lipton Naturals = FREE
    1-$1/2 20ct Nexcare bandages + 2- $1/1 Nextcare Target coupon = $.24 each
    1-$1/2 Kraft Salad dressing + Target sale of B2G1 = $.73 each
    Target Sale Buy 4 get $5 gift card

    Sub total: $16.77
    used $5 gift card from previous purchase
    OOP: $12.05 + another $5 giftcard for a future purchase!

  • Jen

    [img] You.jpg[/img]

    Check out this unadvertised sale: The All You Magazine June AND July have both been marked only $1.88 right now at Walmart. Woot Woot!

  • Lidia S

    cvs hawaian tropics lip balms buy 2 for 2.99 get 10 ECB…

  • Jennifer

    This is the first time I’ve actually set everything up to see for myself. Seeing is definitely believing!

    • Jennifer

      Why didn’t my pic upload?? Grrr

      • Amanda B.

        I had a lot of trouble uploading mine as well.. I had to resize mine to make the file size smaller and it worked! Hope that works!

  • Amanda B.


    I spent $12.80 on this today at Harris Teeter with Super Double coupons. Retail price was $54.21 – a total savings of 76.4%! Could have done better, but there was quite a bit out of stock this afternoon. Not bad for my first “big” couponing trip! Just started getting into this and usually have only used a coupon here or there.

  • Monica

    I went to a couple of places yesterday first up was Walmart…I was one of the lucky few who got $3/1 any ky so because it was a moneymaker I went ahead and got some personal products all for $.49 + tax. Second was Albertsons and lucky me our Albertsons is doubling this week so I picked up 10 Luna bars which were 10 for $10 and (sorry 2 are not pictured because they got eaten lol) a bag of wacky mac also on sale so that trip cost me $.25. So all in all I payed $1.64 with coupons, would have been $23.76.

  • Jean


    My deals for this week were bought at Dollar General. My total purchase was $40 and after coupons I spent $13! WOOHOO!

    BTW, my most photogenic cat was not part of the purchase but loves to get his picture taken!

  • Jean


    • Jean

      OOPS, my picture didn’t attach to my comment!

      My deals for this week were bought at Dollar General. My total purchase was $40 and after coupons I spent $13! WOOHOO!

      BTW, my most photogenic cat was not part of the purchase but loves to get his picture taken!

      • Jaime

        What a beautiful kitty! He looks like he’s advertising for the catfood you bought LOL

  • Jennifer Sullivan-Obrien

    Total $135.47 I paid $7.40 before tax! I got the Pampers for .97 cents! They were on price cut at Target, i had a $1/1 coupon :) No doubles here in FL so that was a good deal to me :)

    I shopped at Publix, Target, Walmart & Walgreens :)
    [img] 8.jpg[/img]

  • Andi S

    I went to Wal-Mart today. My subtotal before coupons was $56.69. After using coupons and a giftcard I won in a giveaway, I spent $3.38 OOP. after tax. I forgot to take a picture of everything before I put it away, so I took a picture of the receipt. I got 19 items! It was an awesome trip!

  • Andi S

    Oh my picture didn’t upload

    • Andi S

      I tried again but it still didn’t show up.

  • Danielle


    I went to Walgreens for this stuff :)

    I did 3 transactions, all the same:

    Buy 1 Huggies Jumbo Pull-Ups (8.99)
    Buy 1 Huggies 216 Wipes Pack (5.99)
    Buy 1 King Size Hershey’s ( .50)
    Buy 1 King Size Hershey’s ( .50)
    Total (with tax) before Q’s – 16.88

    Use MQ $2/1 Huggies Pull-Ups (Printed)
    Use WQ $2/1 Huggies Pull-Ups (Infant Booklet)
    Use WQ $2/1 Huggies Wipes (Infant Booklet)
    Use RR $10 from buying calcium pills week before.
    Total After Q’s- .88

    So I spent $2.64 for 3 pull-ups, 3 wipes & 6 candy bars :) I was super thrilled. PS- sorry there’s not 6 candy bars in the photo, hubby ate 3 before I could snap the shot haha- men….

    • Danielle

      For my second Entry— the unadvertised deal was the candy bars. For some reason the Almond Hershey KING Size bars were .50 each, I think they were on clearance because I went back to get more the next day and they were all gone (there was a WHOLE box when I left haha) and the spot was filled with different candies… Maybe you can find them at your store on clearance too??

  • Kristy T

    This is from a combination of stores:
    Nivea Body Wash for $3.04 with $2 off makes it $1.04
    Nivea Cellulite $9.54 Target coupon and Manufacturer makes it $3.54
    Herbal Essence 2 for 5 with $2 off coupons makes them 1.50 each
    Sweet baby rays on sale for 1.25 I had $4 off coupon makes them .25 each
    Suave lotion was 2.87-Target .75 off plus manufacturer 1 off
    All deodarant and shout wipes .97 with $1 off each!

    Puffs 2 for $4 with 2 .65 off coupons
    Tic Tacs 1.09 with .75 off coupon
    Johnson and Johnson wash 1.99 with .50 off coupon
    Angel Soft 1.49 with .55 off (Call the company they will send you these!)
    *This is when they did double coupons too so most of this was free!

    Dollar General:
    2 Lysol Hand Soaps $10 each stacked with 2 $5 off DG coupons and $3 manufacuter coupons only $.2.14 a piece.

    Free always with 1 off coupon
    Candy bars buy 2 get 1 free with a .35 off coupon

    Total was $81.95 and I paid $29.23!!!


  • Kristy T

    I dont think my picture posted!


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